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  1. Corporation“ outsources” its labor not to other countries, but to the unpaid, consumer , such as when we do our own banking through an ATM instead of a teller that the
  2. Done against subscribers' wishes, or without their consent. Under the scheme, consumer ,service personnel received bonuses worth tens of thousands of dollars if they
  3. Was still used for this purpose. In the United States, the use of arsenic in, consumer ,products was discontinued for residential, and general consumer construction on
  4. Appreciation of the toxicity of arsenic resulted in a ban for the use of CCA in, consumer ,products; the European Union and United States initiated this process in 2004.
  5. To raise property taxes. Since Alabama's tax structure largely depends on, consumer ,spending, it is subject to high variable budget structure. For example, in 2003
  6. Warlock, who is also a graphic designer. In the mid-1980s,Adobe entered the, consumer ,software market with Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based drawing program for the
  7. Mac mini, consumer sub-desktop computer and server introduced in 2005. * iMac, consumer ,all-in-one desktop computer introduced in 1998. * Mac Pro, workstation-class
  8. By percentage share: lowest 10 %: NA % highest 10 %: NA % Inflation rate (, consumer ,prices): NA % (2003 est. ) Budget: revenues: $155.4 million (37 % in local
  9. Inc.) is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets, consumer ,electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company's
  10. Apply to imported almonds, or to almonds sold from the grower directly to the, consumer ,in small quantities. Nor is the treatment required for raw almonds sold as
  11. Kodiak. However, rural Alaska suffers from extremely high prices for food and, consumer ,goods, compared to the rest of the country due to the relatively limited
  12. Adding that Apple at the time was" a choice to avoid for the climate conscious, consumer ,". The Environmental Protection Agency rates Apple highest amongst producers of
  13. The exclusive domain of Department of defense R&D, but are now common place, consumer ,items and inexpensive intelligent toys. In common usage, the term" AI" no
  14. Production, estimated at about 30 million cubic meters, is sufficient to meet, consumer ,demands. Other natural resources include coal, bauxite,copper and iron ore.
  15. That new technologies are enabling the radical fusion of the producer and, consumer ,into the prosumer. In some cases presuming entails a“ third job” where the
  16. Provider’ ( pg 268) while the other party acts as the ‘ information services, consumer ,’ (Boldewijn and Kama,1986:268) The term allocation differs from
  17. On an aircraft at the highest price that can be charged without driving the, consumer ,elsewhere). The intense nature of airfare pricing has led to the term" fare
  18. Alberta is one of the prime producers of plains buffalo (bison) for the, consumer ,market. Sheep for wool and lamb are also raised. Wheat and canola are primary
  19. In December 2009 revealed safety concerns about the process as well as, consumer ,complaints about the taste and smell of beef treated at optimal levels of
  20. The health or production of these animals. The food industry is also a major, consumer ,of amino acids, in particular, glutamic acid, which is used as a flavor
  21. Of acupuncture is governed by a range of state / territory laws relating to, consumer ,protection and infection control. Victoria is the only state of Australia with
  22. Est. ); Household income or consumption by percentage share –; Inflation rate (, consumer ,prices) – 21.6 % (2008 est. ); Agriculture – * crops: cotton, grain,rice
  23. Apple announced that Jobs had died. Products Mac and accessories * Mac mini, consumer ,sub-desktop computer and server introduced in 2005. * iMac, consumer all-in-one
  24. Lighting poles, sailing ship masts, walking poles, etc. * Outer shells of, consumer ,electronics, also cases for equipment e.g. photographic equipment. *
  25. Road connecting Syntax Square to Monastical, has traditionally been a, consumer ,paradise for both Athenians and tourists. Complete with fashion shops and
  26. Induction technology. Fulton Innovation introduced the technology in other, consumer ,electronic products at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show.
  27. Operating system that was well ahead of its time into the hands of the average, consumer , It was one of the first commercially available consumer operating systems for
  28. Practices. The case was settled on June 8,2005. AOL agreed to resolve any, consumer ,complaints filed with the Ohio AG's office. In December 2006,AOL agreed to
  29. As a result of many influences. Today, Western influences, including globalized, consumer ,culture, are strong. National traditions are well-preserved in the country.
  30. Of arsenic in consumer products was discontinued for residential, and general, consumer ,construction on December 31, 2003 and alternative chemicals are now used, such
  31. On the voluntary trade of private property and services (including money, consumer ,goods, land,and capital goods) in order to maximize individual liberty and
  32. By representatives of standards developing organizations, government agencies, consumer ,groups, companies,and others. These standards ensure that the characteristics
  33. January 3,1977,to reflect the company's ongoing expansion into the, consumer ,electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers.
  34. Communication assistants translate between the signed/typed words of a, consumer ,and the spoken words of others. In 2006,according to the Federal
  35. Desktop computer introduced in 2006,replacing the Power Macintosh. * MacBook, consumer ,notebook introduced in 2006,replacing the iBook, now only being sold to
  36. Of the decade. " Research in 2002 by Nitrating indicate that the average Apple, consumer ,was usually more affluent and more well-educated than other PC company
  37. Feed—along with other ingredients which have safety concerns. Growing U. S., consumer ,concern about using antibiotics in animal feed has led to a niche market of "
  38. Of former farm lands, rising transportation costs, climate change, growing, consumer , demand in China and India, and population growth) to cause food shortages in
  39. Raymond Carver, American writer (b. 1938) * 1988 – Joe Carbine, American, consumer , advocate (b. 1914) *1990 – Norman Maclean, American writer (b. 1902) * 1990
  40. Is dysfunctional for self-determined learning and serves the creation of a, consumer ,society instead. Internal issues and debates Anarchism is a philosophy which
  41. How and how much information to give to the information services consumer . The, consumer ,has no control over it in this model. Examples of this type of communication
  42. Florida Attorney General. Account cancellation In response to approximately 300, consumer , complaints,New York Attorney General's office began an inquiry of AOL's
  43. Revenue. During this time Apple experimented with a number of other failed, consumer ,targeted products including digital cameras, portable CD audio players
  44. Decide when, how and how much information to give to the information services, consumer , The consumer has no control over it in this model. Examples of this type of
  45. Repeated disease outbreaks, and pressure and criticism from both NGOs and, consumer ,countries led to changes in the industry in the late 1990s and generally
  46. News America Marketing, Kroger,Safeway, and many more, Shortcuts. Com is the, consumer ,destination for free savings offers. Other developments * In late 2006,AOL
  47. Years, AOL had instituted minimum retention or" save" percentages, which, consumer , representatives were expected to meet. These bonusesand the minimum" save "
  48. Potential for economic growth, as more and more businesses relocate there and, consumer ,goods are becoming available from emerging market traders as part of the
  49. To small niches (see just-in-time production). The gap between producer and, consumer ,is bridged by technology using a so-called configuration system. “ Prosumers ”
  50. Lines is widely considered to be the catalyst which initiated the modern, consumer ,culture by making possible low unit cost for manufactured goods. It is often

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