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  1. Distortion and overdrive: Distortion and overdrive units re-shape or ", clip ," an audio signal's wave form so that it has flattened peaks, creating " warm
  2. Two hijackings, claims by McCoy's family that the tie and mother-of-pearl tie, clip ,left on the plane belonged to McCoy, and McCoy's own refusal to admit or deny
  3. If the" e" in the staff is sagging in pitch, it may be necessary to ", clip ," the reed by removing from its length. Playing styles of individual
  4. S manager, Stig Anderson, realized the potential of showing a simple video, clip ,on television to publicize a single or album, thereby allowing easier and
  5. By New Zealand inventor Ernest Goddard. This was a predecessor of the hair, clip , The hairpin may be decorative and encrusted with jewels and ornaments, or it
  6. Weeks at a time. * Portable charging docks for small electronics (e.g. a belt, clip ,that charges your cell phone or PDA). * Smartphones with high power
  7. Clips that dotted the special (which curiously failed to include a single film, clip ,of Harriet Mac Gibbon. ) The special was released on VHS tape by CBS/Fox Video
  8. From Porgy and Bess; these were his last recordings. A 74-second newsreel film, clip ,of Gershwin playing I Got Rhythm has survived, filmed at the opening of the
  9. Seen on an episode of Bones, used as evidence to lead to a murder suspect. A, clip ,of this show hosted on YouTube became infamous because of the high number of
  10. Marsupials, such as kangaroos and wombats. They have sharp incisors to, clip ,leaves at the front of the mouth, separated from the grinding cheek teeth by a
  11. A loaded disk can remove manually by inserting a straightened paper, clip ,into a small hole at the drive's front panel, forcing the disk to eject
  12. A montage of faux news coverage of his bypass surgery, which included a, clip ,of Dave's heart for sale on the Home Shopping Network. Letterman became
  13. Exclusive to Luxembourgian. Selected common phrases Note: Words spoken in sound, clip ,do not reflect all words on this list. * Schwartz Dir
  14. Forces is http://www.youtube.com/watch? V=49JwbrXcPjc this animation, clip , Figure 3 is a graphical version. Here is a question: given the radius of the
  15. That proves this point. (See Muleshoe Experiment) He took an old film, clip ,of a headshot of a noted Russian actor and intercut the shot with a shot of a
  16. The oldest known anime in existence first screened in 1917 – a two-minute, clip ,of a samurai trying to test a new sword on his target, only to suffer defeat.
  17. Rifles of its era used an integral box magazine loaded by a charger or stripper, clip , the magazine of the Krag-Jørgensen was integral with the receiver (the part
  18. Was also launched on 15 December 2004,allowing fans to send in a minute-long, clip ,of video or audio or an image file. A viral marketing project named Reject
  19. In the movie Paiute Tang where he remarks that he saw" the longest damn, clip ,ever ". *Costs was" supposed" to appear in the fourth season premiere of
  20. Disband the office. On the U. S. news show, Countdown with Keith Hubermann,a, clip ,was shown from the Family Guy episode" Stevie Kills Lois" in which Stevie
  21. Which featured Adam Horowitz (Ad-Rock) as their lead singer. A one minute, clip ,of" Beastie" was subsequently excerpted and licensed by the Beastie Boys for
  22. But he pointed out that it was now a perfectly functional, if stylish, tie, clip , Falsifiability and experimental evidence Some critics, such as Jerry Cone (
  23. Into trying to kick that football. (After I left for college, my father would, clip ,out that strip each year and send it to me just to make sure I didn’t miss it.
  24. Effects to the video, in the case of a DUE unit. The digitized and processed, clip ,from these units would then be converted back to standard analog video. Later
  25. Auto-antonyms" or" controls ". Examples include cleave or, clip ,(joining things together or taking them apart),dust (remove fine particles
  26. Which begins each hour of Dennis Miller's radio talk show features a short, clip ,of Keillor introducing a broadcast of APC, followed immediately by snoring. In
  27. V Ux30pnqvQQE&feature channel_video_title Highlight, clip ,As official airline partner of the London 2012 Games, British Airways launched
  28. Men and robbed two women. Quinn Collar had previously appeared in a homemade, clip ,rapping on his love of violence. Gibbs was offered a motorbike ride by the
  29. Brain injury is not near the parts of the brain that control movement. A video, clip ,with a patient exhibiting Wernicke's aphasia
  30. Polyester material and are attached to a vehicle via a polypropylene pole and, clip ,window attachment. Swimming flags In Australia, Canada,New Zealand
  31. Provocative nature. Some shock sites display a single picture, animation,video, clip ,or a small gallery, and are often passed around via e-mail or disguised in
  32. The firearm's magazine. Examples include revolver speed loaders and the, clip ,used to store rounds for loading into the M1 Grand. In this sense," magazines
  33. Tradition – Before each kickoff at a home game, the Texans will run a short, clip ,of a raging bull thrashing the opponent of the week. The video is paired with
  34. And on television. The 2000 film High Fidelity mentions the band and features a, clip ,from the song" Seymour Stein" from The Boy with the Arab Strap. Also, the
  35. Giger's direct involvement. * Helped to design the first professional video, clip ,of" Boise One" called" Bunker ORT" ( dark location) from their album "
  36. Laparoscopy or tubal ligation. The introduction in 1990 of a laparoscopic, clip ,applier with twenty automatically advancing clip s (rather than a single load
  37. This was recorded for a Japanese documentary called Jazz Around the World. The, clip ,was also shown in a Bravo special, called Worlds of Harry Connick, Jr. in 1999.
  38. By the power available from the power supply. An amplifier will saturate and, clip ,the output if the input signal becomes too large for the amplifier to reproduce
  39. Brushing is too much effort, it is better to choose another breed rather than, clip ,the Respond short. History The Respond was named after the 18th-century Dutch
  40. And Amy Irving. The film was admired by Jean-Luc Godard, who featured a, clip ,in his mammoth History (s) Du cinema, and Pauline Karl who championed both
  41. Invested in it, as revealed in the game Escape to Plastic Beach. And a teaser, clip ,for Showboat to Hades appeared and could be played on a TV screen. The Phase
  42. Disadvantages compared with a top-loading" box" magazine. A similar claw type, clip ,would be made for the Drag that allowed the magazine to be loaded all at once
  43. Of the original input range of 0,255. If this occurs, the decoder needs to, clip ,the output values keep them within that range to prevent overflow when storing
  44. Tonight Show time slot conflict. Critics have pointed to a 2004 Tonight Show, clip , wherein Leno claimed he would allow O'Brien to take over without incident. At
  45. Walks by him - an in-joke to his previous role in Battlestar Galactica. The, clip ,is incorporated into the series' opening credit sequence from the third season
  46. Video 'I Touch a red button' has the Interpol Song 'Lights' accompanying the, clip ,throughout. Personal life Lynch has had several long-term relationships. In
  47. Elastic tension. To raise the guitar's pitch by one semitone, the player would, clip ,the capo onto the fret board just below the first fret. Its use allows players
  48. Computer animation to match lip movements with the new voice track. In a video, clip ,made using this technology, John F. Kennedy appears to be saying" Video
  49. Are internal to and inseparable from the firearm, and are loaded by using a, clip , which is a device that holds the ammunition by the rim of the case and is
  50. Other technological advances and new marketing strategies that include video, clip ,production have increased costs, and challenge the spontaneity and

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