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  1. In 2008. Baena's ex-husband, Rogelio Buena, says that the child's birth, certificate ,was falsified and that he plans to sue Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife for
  2. Her for the next twenty years. When she died, he wrote on a copy of her death, certificate , Obit anus, abit onus (" The old woman dies, the burden is lifted" ). In 1821
  3. Just listed as an" FIPS approved: AES" notation (with a specific FIPS 197, certificate , number ) in the current list of FIPS 140 validated cryptographic modules. The
  4. Will declare an ethnicity other than what was written down on his or her birth, certificate , This is believed to be an attempt to intimidate minorities into declaring
  5. Residing at the home of one of the professors. He obtained the leaving, certificate ,(the Abitur) six years later. He had become passionate about the study of
  6. Way). However, a modern approach to define NP is to use the concept of, certificate ,and verifier. Formally, NP is defined as the set of languages over a finite
  7. In NP is clear; if m does have such a factor then the factor itself is a, certificate , Membership in co-NP is more subtle; one must list the prime factors of m and
  8. Name of Kirby. After Puckett reminded Costs of the agreement, the birth, certificate ,was changed to" Keith Michael Kirby Costs ". On March 12, 2004,Costs
  9. Members of the Yugoslav Committee. The Lansing note was, in effect, the death, certificate ,of Austria-Hungary. The national councils had already begun acting more or less
  10. Jefferson died in Chicago at 10 am on December 19, 1929,of what his death, certificate ,called" probably acute myocarditis ". Discography and awards Jefferson had an
  11. User interfaces (GUIs). It supports password authentication and digital, certificate ,authentication. Apache has a built-in search engine and an HTML authorizing
  12. The United States who, after 6 December 1941,was cited in orders or awarded a, certificate ,for exemplary conduct in ground combat against an armed enemy after 7 December
  13. Diploma, usually taken after a year or two in the field. Although the initial, certificate ,is available to anyone with a high school education, the diploma is meant to be
  14. Is more subtle; one must list the prime factors of m and provide a primarily, certificate ,for each one. Integer factorization is often confused with the closely related
  15. Class instruction, given just once every three years. Those who receive a, certificate ,are authorized to teach. Both Primary and Normal classes are based on the Bible
  16. LR is called a verifier for L and a y such that (x, y)\in R is called a, certificate ,of membership of x in L. In general, a verifier does not have to be
  17. And descendants, and can be sold to other Cubans providing the proper trespass, certificate ,is in place. Such transactions can be difficult, but in 2010,reforms approved
  18. Killings School of Global Public Health – UNC Chapel Hill online graduate, certificate ,program in Community Preparedness and Disaster Management (CPDM)
  19. With her unborn child, on 31 March 1855,at the young age of 38. Her death, certificate ,gives the cause of death as thesis (tuberculosis),but many biographers
  20. Charles River crossing design. It sued to revoke the project's environmental, certificate ,and forced the project to redesign the river crossing again. Swiss Engineer
  21. Are not offered at community colleges, though some community colleges do offer, certificate ,courses I to IV. Canada In Canada, the 150 institutions that are the rough
  22. Effect that he had been forced to abjure and do penance, Bellarmine wrote out a, certificate ,denying the rumors, stating that Galileo had merely been notified of the decree
  23. That Kelly had written for Aaliyah. Vibe magazine later revealed a marriage, certificate ,that listed the couple married on August 31, 1994,in Sheraton Gateway Suites
  24. That they were authentic photographs of fairies ". Kodak declined to issue a, certificate ,of authenticity. Gardner believed that the Kodak technicians may not have
  25. The Hostel, were exempted from paying a bridge toll by Count Flores V. The, certificate ,describes the inhabitants as ho mines mandates APD Amestelledamme (people
  26. Then 12 months and may be less, if the Official Receiver files in court a, certificate ,that his investigations are complete. It was expected that the UK Government's
  27. Organizational unit, as in the AND Colleges. * Most Takes, which offer, certificate ,and diploma vocational courses, are styled" TAKE colleges" or" Colleges of
  28. Alsatian dialect of German. At Mulhouse high school he got his" Abitur" ( the, certificate ,at the end of secondary education),in 1893. He studied organ there from
  29. For all sales personnel, after which they receive a certificate . While this, certificate ,has limited portability – to other corporations, for example – it is the most
  30. II species may be authorized by the granting of an export permit or re-export, certificate , In practice, many hundreds of thousands of Appendix II animals are traded
  31. Annually. History The earliest recorded use of the name" Amsterdam" is from a, certificate ,dated 27 October 1275,when the inhabitants, who had built a bridge with a dam
  32. Education, the Bermuda College offers various associate degrees and other, certificate ,programs. Bermuda does not have any four-year colleges or universities. In
  33. One correct answer is chosen at random, with the winner receiving a $26 gift, certificate ,to the Car Talk store, referred to as the" Shameless Commerce Division. " It
  34. Or have expanded their content. Others have expired and restructured their, certificate ,programs, and/or raised their fees to deter abuse. Certification programs that
  35. That made it possible to exploit collision attacks on hash functions. The, certificate ,issuers involved changed their practices to prevent the attack from being
  36. Effect. The Church of England refuses to take any action on presentation of the, certificate , while the Roman Catholic Church treats it as any other act of renunciation of
  37. The public for the first time. The 747 achieved its FAA airworthiness, certificate ,in December 1969,making it ready for introduction into service. The huge cost
  38. A proof-of-concept break of SSL using weaknesses in the MD5 hash function and, certificate ,issuer practices that made it possible to exploit collision attacks on hash
  39. Program (ANSI-CAP) to provide neutral, third-party attestation that a given, certificate ,program meets the American National Standard ASTM E2659-09. *In 2009,ANSI
  40. Been taken to the hospital in his hometown of Harlingen, Texas. Haley's death, certificate ,listed" Natural causes: Most likely heart attack" as the 'Immediate Cause '
  41. Attorneys. Some state appellate courts require attorneys to obtain a separate, certificate ,of admission to plead and practice in the appellate court. Federal courts
  42. Also behind the origin of the December 16, 1942 Act inventing the" prenuptial, certificate ,", which had to precede any marriage and was supposed, after a biological
  43. Schulz (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. Lacking the requisite Mature, certificate , he took an entrance examination, which he failed, although he got exceptional
  44. Said in an interview that he had heard Blake was killed by a streetcar. A death, certificate ,for" Arthur Blake" is listed by the Milwaukee County Courthouse (John La
  45. Benefit. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating, certificate ,or license issued by a governmental aviation body. Airlines vary from those
  46. A one-day training course for all sales personnel, after which they receive a, certificate , While this certificate has limited portability – to other corporations, for
  47. The nearby town of Plymouth. At age 17,Alcott passed the exam for a teaching, certificate ,but had trouble finding work as a teacher. At first, he thought it is an
  48. Training Center in Scottsdale, Arizona,earning his FAA commercial pilot's, certificate ,in April 1999. He had wanted to be a commercial pilot for the Saudi national
  49. Windows, they will need to have possession of both the OEM key and the digital, certificate ,for their SLIP in order to bypass activation; in practice this is extremely
  50. Be preactivated with an OEM product key, and they verify an XML formatted OEM, certificate ,against the SLIP in the BIOS as a means of self-activating (see System Locked

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