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  1. In recent years have significantly improved transparency in this area. Parallel, legislative ,reforms have locked into place market-liberal policies, especially in the
  2. Are junior arc hons, not the jury. Here again it is not anything like a, legislative ,commission sitting down to discuss the pros and cons and drafting proposals
  3. Peace Implementation Council. The High Representative has many governmental and, legislative ,powers, including the dismissal of elected and non-elected officials. More
  4. Cities that serve as their administrative centers. Each region has a provincial, legislative ,authority, called a region council (, ),which is elected by its residents, and
  5. Drafted in 2006-07 and approved in 2009,provides for balanced executive, legislative , judicial, and electoral powers, as well as several levels of autonomy. The
  6. Of our nature. " The failure of the Peace Conference of 1861 signaled that, legislative ,compromise was implausible. By March 1861,no leaders of the insurrection had
  7. In the day signed the Loris-Melikov constitution which would have created two, legislative ,commissions made up of indirectly elected representatives, had it not been
  8. Tendencies innate to our species. He also defended the independence of the, legislative , judicial and executive branches of power, and a monarch as an impartial
  9. Legislative assembly, lower house) of 294 seats, and a Vidal Paris had (, legislative ,council, upper house) of 90 members. 31 members are elected from local bodies
  10. It was a" stride toward centralization and the concentration of all, legislative ,power in the national government. " Johnson, in a letter to Gov. Thomas C.
  11. Dropped his policy of a speedy union the topic quietly disappeared from the, legislative ,agenda. When the House of Commons attempted to revive the proposal in 1610,it
  12. Of Afghanistan is an Islamic republic consisting of three branches, executive, legislative , and judicial. The nation is currently led by the Karma administration with
  13. Health care plan. This was one of the most prominent items on Clinton's, legislative ,agenda, and resulted from a task force headed by Hillary Clinton. Though at
  14. Of the U. S. Supreme Court and the Died Scott decision. Though the Republican, legislative ,candidates won more popular votes, the Democrats won more seats, and the
  15. To the court's overriding constitutional or statutory right to determine if a, legislative ,act or administrative decision is defective for jurisdictional or other reasons
  16. Interests of children than a neutral arbiter of justice. In some adversarial, legislative ,systems, the court is permitted to make inferences on an accused's failure to
  17. Segregation and racism. Alabama is divided into three equal branches: The, legislative ,branch is the Alabama Legislature, a bicameral assembly composed of the Alabama
  18. And Religious tourism. Administration Andhra Pradesh has a Vidal Sasha (, legislative ,assembly, lower house) of 294 seats, and a Vidal Paris had ( legislative
  19. In most cases on that of the Church of England; and each church has its own, legislative ,process and overall episcopal polity, under the leadership of a local primate.
  20. And came to Athens about 589 BCE, at a time when Solon was occupied with his, legislative ,measures. According to the story recounted by Terminus, he arrived at the
  21. Representatives as a Whig representative from Salmon County. In the 1835–1836, legislative , session,he voted to expand suffrage to white males, whether landowners or not.
  22. All nontherapeutic uses. However, commonly there are delays in regulatory and, legislative ,actions to limit the use of antibacterials, partly attributable to resistance
  23. While the planter class had persuaded poor whites to support these, legislative ,efforts, the new restrictions resulted in disfranchising poor whites as well
  24. Of powers among the legislative , executive and judicial branches. The, legislative ,power is held by the unicameral National Assembly and the Supreme National
  25. Branch The Parliamentary Assembly or Parliamentary Kristina is the main, legislative ,body in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of two chambers: * the National
  26. A par with Argentina, Belize,Moldova, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu). Despite, legislative ,revisions in relation to elections and party financing, corruption either
  27. Generally done in defense of a belief. In politics, one may allocate before a, legislative ,body in an effort to influence their position on an issue. In law, it is
  28. The Kingdom of Poland) who feared the influence of Protestants in the Polish, legislative ,body. Albert Frederick initially refused to recognize the election of Stefan
  29. Branch of the regional authority has been located in Point Delgado,the, legislative ,branch in Aorta, and the judicial branch in Angry do Heroism. The islands of
  30. Years but may be called by the prime minister at any time. There are special, legislative ,provisions to account for Barbuda's low population relative to that of Antigua
  31. Of the seat of government inside the assembly, hoping the executive and, legislative ,branch could return to the city, but assembly and the government said this
  32. With the leader of the opposition. The House of Assembly carries out all major, legislative ,functions. As under the Westminster system, the prime minister may dissolve
  33. Such as a treasury. The Congress tried to handle administrative affairs through, legislative ,committees, which proved inefficient. At first, the Americans had no
  34. The Acting Prime Minister of Israel. Older and the Cabinet announced that the, legislative ,elections would take place on 28 March as scheduled. On Friday,6 January
  35. A broad cross-section of political points of view. In 2000,Marvin Johnson,a, legislative ,counsel for the ACLU, stated that proposed anti-spam legislation infringed on
  36. Standards, environmental conservation principles, and the integrity of national, legislative ,authority, independence and sovereignty. Recent developments, seen as
  37. Was formed in 1951,and the 1961 constitution established a consultative, legislative ,council. In June 1964,Britain accepted proposals for a democratic
  38. A substantial majority of the votes in Travis County. Of Austin's six state, legislative ,districts, three are strongly Democratic and three are swing districts, two of
  39. Jr. Randolph had succeeded John K. Snyder. The City Council serves as the, legislative ,branch. The five districts of the city are represented on the Council; in
  40. As a response to appearing the plenary FATF Blacklist, the government enacted a, legislative ,package to better regulate the financial sector, including creation of a
  41. The government of Azerbaijan is based on the separation of powers among the, legislative , executive and judicial branches. The legislative power is held by the
  42. And county government Alabama has 67 counties. Each county has its own elected, legislative ,branch, usually called the County Commission, which usually also has executive
  43. Legislative branch The Again Chekhov (or National Assembly) is the, legislative ,branch of the government of Armenia. It is a unicameral body of 131 members
  44. Is nominated by the premier and appointed officially by the governor. The, legislative ,branch consists of a bicameral parliament modelled on the Westminster system.
  45. Education. Prior to 1994 public and separate school boards in Alberta had the, legislative ,authority to levy a local tax on property, as supplementary support for local
  46. Legislators and lawyers always use the preposition of between the name of a, legislative ,act and the year it was passed; their British compeers do not. Compare
  47. Of Alaska and the other independently elected constitutional officers; a, legislative ,branch consisting of the Alaska House of Representatives and Alaska Senate; and
  48. But Australia's Constitution does not afford the territory government the full, legislative ,independence provided to Australian states. Laws are made in a 17-member
  49. The executive branch of government, although a few are part of the judicial or, legislative ,branches. In the federal government, the executive branch, led by the president
  50. Transport. Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century, as, legislative , bodies worldwide created more government agencies to regulate the increasingly

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