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  1. Ajaccio" includes about 100,000 people with all the medical, educational, utility , and transportation facilities of a big city. Up until World War II it was
  2. Online, usually expensive peaker plants. A 1995 meta-analysis of various, utility ,studies concluded that the average air conditioner wasted 40 % of the input
  3. The Austrian School rejects any neoclassical results that are based on cardinal, utility ,and criticizes mainstream economics for supposedly accepting cardinality
  4. To most high-level programming languages, which,ideally, are portable. A, utility ,program called an assembler is used to translate assembly language statements
  5. The tide-predicting machine conceived by Sir William Thomson was of great, utility ,to navigation in shallow waters. * The differential analyzer, a mechanical
  6. Purely defensive nature) that can move toward the enemy - hence its offensive, utility , Historically, tanks are divided into 3 categories: Light Tanks (small, thinly
  7. Balance and harmony (beauty),and therefore an aspect of being human beyond, utility , " Imitation, then,is one instinct of our nature. Next, there is the instinct
  8. Injuries and plagued by bizarre misfortunes. Otto Krueger, the team's only, utility ,player, was beaned on September 19 and never fully played in the series.
  9. With it. For example, many Austrian economists object to the use of cardinal, utility ,in microeconomic theory; however, microeconomic theorists go to great pains to
  10. Were reserved to store the operating system. (It was possible, with a special, utility , to reclaim most of this space for data if a disk did not need to be bootable.
  11. Manufacturer, formerly known as Atlas Aviation ** Atlas Onyx, a medium-sized, utility ,helicopter manufactured by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa **
  12. Public transit was administered by BC Hydro, the provincially owned electricity, utility , Subsequently, the province established BC Transit to oversee and operate all
  13. Flying boat operator (1948–1958) * Aquila, Inc., a former electric and gas, utility ,in Kansas City, Missouri,United States * Aquila Capital, an independent
  14. Used to replace an existing roof. Electricity Since electricity is an expensive, utility , the first step towards conservation is to design a house and lifestyle to
  15. Of a Workload Partition **A XML profile based system configuration management, utility ,**Support for export of fiber channel adapters to Wars **Role Based Access
  16. He believed that prices of goods and services are proportional to marginal, utility ,rather than to labor amounts in free market. And he did not think that there
  17. Very nature (i.e., no other species creates art),and is therefore beyond, utility , # Basic human instinct for harmony, balance,rhythm. Art at this level is not
  18. Financial Crisis has reaffirmed its status and, perhaps,cast into question the, utility ,of mainstream theories and critiques. Capital Austrian economist Eugen on
  19. Rendered bows obsolete in warfare. Despite the high social status, ongoing, utility , and widespread pleasure of archery in Korea, England,China, Japan,Turkey
  20. Compatibility with historic Burn (spacecraft) ALGOL software. The AWK, utility ,is a data extraction and reporting tool that uses a data-driven scripting
  21. Of the enormous revenues of the Roman Catholic Church to purposes of national, utility , These actions led to a serious diplomatic conflict between the pope and
  22. Law in Africa (OH ADA). While services remain underdeveloped, one state-owned, utility ,company run along commercial lines is emerging as one of the best performing
  23. Of form without any kind of worldly agenda, and thus any intrusion of, utility ,or politics would ruin the point of the beauty. It is thus for Schopenhauer one
  24. Equally likely. As a result, they vote for any candidate with an above-average, utility , Most voters vote for only their first choice. Only the Knoxville faction also
  25. Organisms. The chemical composition of the resin is, unfortunately,of limited, utility ,in reconstructing the phylogenetic affinity of the resin producer. Crustaceans
  26. Also be incorporated into facility energy management systems in which the power, utility ,customer may control the overall energy expenditure. In addition, a growing
  27. Then recognized as exclusive commercial property without sharing the private, utility ,thus derived. The writer Abu Dhabi Roy is famous for her anti-nuclear position
  28. Here. If my poor talents can be useful in any other land, they must be of some, utility ,to Italy; and ought not her claim to be preferred to all others? " Numerous
  29. Most famously identified with in classical economics, in favor of a marginal, utility ,theory of value on the demand side and a more general theory of costs on the
  30. This strategy is optimal in the sense that it maximizes the voter's expected, utility , subject to the constraints of the model and provided the number of other
  31. The voter's cardinal utilities, particularly via the von Neumann–Jorgensen, utility ,theorem, and the probabilities of how others will vote. A rational voter model
  32. The backbone of the city's energy grid. carmaker Daimler AG and the electric, utility , WE AG, are going to begin a joint electric car and charging station test
  33. Situations. For example: * Vote for the candidates that have above average, utility , This strategy coincides with the optimal strategy if the voter thinks that all
  34. Argued, building on Czech economist Francisco Fuel (1862–1914),that, utility ,functions are ordinal, and not cardinal; that is, the Austrians contend that
  35. Company run along commercial lines is emerging as one of the best performing, utility ,companies in Africa, the National Office for Water and Sanitation (ONE).
  36. For their lively debates. Eddington defended his method by pointing to the, utility ,of his results, particularly his important mass-luminosity relation. This had
  37. Bombs and mines. Bulletproof vests also began to be used, which were of limited, utility , restricting movement and leaving the head unprotected – so they only tended to
  38. The assistance of the French Air Force. After acquiring an initial fleet of, utility ,and transport aircraft, the squadron was attached to an interarmy support
  39. To show that their results hold for all strictly monotonic transformations of, utility , and so are true for purely ordinal preferences. The result is that conclusions
  40. Of production processes. Böhm-Bawerk also argued that the law of marginal, utility ,necessarily implies the classical law of costs. Economic calculation problem
  41. Foreign trade. They supervise the provinces, municipalities and intercommunal, utility ,companies. In several fields, the different levels each have their own say on
  42. Game of the series was determined by one run, and was highlighted by Braves ', utility ,infielder Brooks Conrad's 3 costly errors in game 3. After the
  43. Used mostly for liaison purposes, one twin-engined Aero Commander 500 light, utility ,aircraft, two Hawker-Siddeley HS.748-2A twin turboprop transport aircraft, and
  44. For the top half of the candidates, the candidates that have an above-median, utility , When the voter thinks that the others will balance their votes randomly and
  45. The recreation area camping area contains 109 campsites with conventional full, utility ,hookups,3 beaches for swimming, bath houses, a boat launch, and 75 picnics
  46. Moral sense ", as the third Lord Shaftesbury and Hutches on had done, nor on, utility ,as Hume did, but on sympathy. Following the publication of The Theory of Moral
  47. Course potentially confusing and ambiguous, since this is also the name of the, utility ,program that translates assembly language statements into machine code. Some
  48. United Nations, is held. * 1946 – Electricity de France, the world's largest, utility ,company, is formed as a result of the nationalization of a number of
  49. Force has 2,500 personnel and about 45 aircraft. All of its aircraft are, utility ,helicopters and basic trainers. The Air Defense Forces operate MANUAL hand-held
  50. Are true for purely ordinal preferences. The result is that conclusions about, utility ,preferences hold no matter what values are assigned to them. Another criticism

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