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  1. Choice but to continue to work in timber cutting. As a colony, Belize began to, attract ,British investors. Among the British firms that dominated the colony in the
  2. May be motivated to stop drinking before they participate in AA (2) AA may, attract ,the more severe and difficult cases. Controlled experiments with AA versus
  3. Then will not search this far north, and they are in a good location to, attract ,ships coming south from the Alaskan gold fields, Begbick decides that they can
  4. Sales figures questioned the viability of Atari's business; Atari failed to, attract ,many third-party developers already committed to other game platforms. In
  5. The aircraft would not require new engines, reducing development costs. To, attract ,potential US customers, American General Electric CF6-50 engines powered the
  6. The pheromones emitted by insects that find those plants, which would otherwise, attract ,more pests. An axon is a long, slender projection of a nerve cell, or neuron
  7. And torture. Topics like racism, slavery or human sacrifice, therefore, attract , anthropological attention and theories ranging from nutritional deficiencies to
  8. TCS-BIN is only used by the cordless telephony profile, which failed to, attract ,implementers. As such it is only of historical interest. Adopted protocols
  9. Largest state-owned enterprise. In recent years, the government has tried to, attract ,private investment to this sector, with some success. Efforts to privatize
  10. Cambridge, which made the income of professors independent of their ability to, attract ,students, and to the fact that distinguished men of letters could make an even
  11. By Ottoman Turks A beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to, attract ,attention to a specific location. Beacons can also be combined with semaphore
  12. Game Boy. However, the Lynx failed to achieve the sales numbers required to, attract ,quality third party developers, and was eventually abandoned. Today, as with
  13. Called The Christian Social Party (Germany). However, this party did not, attract ,as many votes as the Nazi party, which flourished in part because of The Great
  14. Television and greater media coverage in magazines and newspapers trying to, attract ,a new generation of non-readers also brought in the sponsors, and even more
  15. Economic growth, the government set up several export processing zones to, attract ,foreign investment. These are managed by the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone
  16. New downtown. The street's location was chosen by two landowners who wished to, attract ,tenants and development to their land. As a result they designated their mutual
  17. Ifriqiya, the Fatimids had created an independent caliphate that threatened to, attract ,the allegiance of the Muslim population, who had suffered under the harsh rule
  18. Of tension. For the author to reach his or her audience, the work usually must, attract ,the attention of the editor. The idea of the author as the sole meaning-maker
  19. Quarters. The 2006" BMW Performance Series" was a marketing event geared to, attract ,black car buyers, and featured the" BMW Pop-Jazz Live Series," a tour
  20. On television, with a future DVD release possible. Salary has even begun to, attract ,some attention from Hollywood. In 2001,his triple concerto was used in the
  21. Government land to settlers; it was defeated by Southerners who feared it would, attract ,to the west European immigrants and poor Southern whites. Name "
  22. By 8 % in 2007 to 10 million carats annually. The government is trying to, attract ,foreign companies to the provinces of Be, Malanje and Urge. The Angolan
  23. He is the first to seduce one of them. Bauer describes Leer's ability to, attract ,women by saying" Leer is an old hand at the game ". In chapter 11,Leer is hit
  24. Hikers, mountain bikers, paragliders, and mountaineers, while many alpine lakes, attract ,swimmers, sailors and surfers. The Alps are usually prominently featured in the
  25. For amber and come from William Gilbert's research showing that amber could, attract ,other substances. The word" electron" was coined in 1891 by the Irish
  26. A record five times. Basketball, volleyball,auto racing, and martial arts also, attract ,large audiences. Brazil men's national volleyball team, for example, currently
  27. Of non-readers also brought in the sponsors, and even more money, that would, attract ,players to new financial opportunities and bring in other elements to the
  28. As federal leader of the Liberal Party in 2009,the Democrats sought to, attract ,the support of" those Liberals who no longer feel they can support their party
  29. World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to, attract ,customers. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads that appear on
  30. Bear # Today Fairs and Festivals; Urs Another things that tends to, attract ,tourists in Ajmer is Urs. The URS, acommomerative celebration is held in the
  31. From the anode (even though it is negative and therefore would be expected to, attract ,them, this is due to electrode potential relative to the electrolyte solution
  32. One should wear only its skin. By eating the meat of the amphisbaena, one could, attract ,many lovers of the opposite sex, and slaying one during the full moon could
  33. He later goes on to claim that the anti-globalization movement has failed to, attract ,widespread support from poor and working people from the Third World, and that
  34. Circles as a martial artist. As a result of this exposure, he was able to, attract ,not only financial backing but also gifted students. Several of these students
  35. That with the help of the people in different parts of the country, we can, attract ,them to the peace process; provided, we create a favorable environment on this
  36. Also demonstrated before the Academy that parallel wires carrying currents, attract ,or repel each other, depending on whether currents are in the same ( attract ion
  37. Signed 75 % of the league's draft choices that first year. It continued to, attract ,top talent from colleges and the NFL by the mid-1960s,well before the Common
  38. Atmosphere. The difference seemed insignificant, but it was important enough to, attract ,their attention for many months. They concluded that there was another gas in
  39. Efficiency, alternative energy and environmental protection, and seeks to, attract ,private investment. Measures include a preferential solar-feed-in tariff and a
  40. Keep local police forces, some of them do not collect some taxes (to, attract ,investors or residents) and many of them do not have a flag (although they
  41. The hardware platform was already outdated at launch and failed to, attract ,both customers and software producers who had already been moving towards
  42. Causing capital resources to be allocated into areas which would not, attract ,investment if the money supply remained stable. Austrian School economists
  43. Antibodies that bind to surface antigens on, for example, a bacterium, attract ,the first component of the complement cascade with their FC region and initiate
  44. World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to, attract ,customers. Online ads are delivered by an ad server. Examples of online
  45. Of bridges all around the world are spots of prevalent graffiti. Some bridges, attract ,people attempting suicide, and become known as suicide bridges. To create a
  46. Beacons are rotating or flashing lights affixed to the top of a vehicle to, attract ,the attention of surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. Emergency vehicles such
  47. Number in the millions. Many homeowners erect bird feeders near their homes to, attract ,various species. Bird feeding has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry;
  48. And the northwest of Benin the Reserve Du W Du Niger and Punjabi National Park, attract ,tourists eager to see elephants, lions,antelopes, hippos,and monkeys.
  49. Its neighboring states. In order to raise growth still further, Benin plans to, attract ,more foreign investment, place more emphasis on tourism, facilitate the
  50. Common purpose appealed to Camus enormously. In match reports Camus would often, attract ,positive comment for playing with passion and courage. Any aspirations in

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