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  1. Where NC denotes the charge conjugate state, i. e., the antiparticle. This, behaviour , under CPT is the same as the statement that the particle and its antiparticle
  2. Spatial resolution * Specimen geometry is uncontrolled, yet controls projection, behaviour , hence little control over the magnification. This may induce strong
  3. The use of antidepressants could increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and, behaviour , Federal health officials unveiled
  4. Evolutionary explanations In the science of ethology (the study of animal, behaviour , ),and more generally in the study of social evolution, altruism refers to
  5. Kleptoparasitic, with the birds stealing prey. Birds indulge in a peculiar, behaviour , called acting that is as yet not fully understood. Here birds rest on ant nests
  6. Resolves itself into a distinction between 'different types of perceptible, behaviour ,', an argument which anticipates the Turing test published in 1950 to test a
  7. Included in the theories of Alfred Tomato on the effects of music on human, behaviour , and used in music therapy. Works A Vivaldi work is identified by RV number
  8. Impaired their ability to eat food. There is plentiful evidence for gregarious, behaviour , among herbivorous dinosaurs, including ceratopsians and hadrosaurs. However
  9. A gala rather than a church service. *Dirty jokes: A relaxation in standards of, behaviour , was permitted, and the holiday spirit included bawdy irreverence towards both
  10. His very first story used a system called 'Denialism' to analyze the alien's, behaviour , and he became interested in the General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski. He
  11. 27 August 1695 before the Kirk Session for his" indecent carriage" ( indecent, behaviour , ) in church, he " did not compar appear, having gone away to e the seas: this
  12. And generosity towards all. These principles suggest a general ethic of, behaviour , to which no religious or social group could object. Some critics say that
  13. S Department for" their incredibly discourteous, arrogant and aggressive, behaviour , of which I had never experienced in thirty years of travel. " Although both
  14. To a semiconductor phase below 13.2 °C. As an example of different chemical, behaviour , ozone (O3) is a much stronger oxidizing agent than Doxygen (O2). List of
  15. Implementations do not support it by default, as it would cause unpredictable, behaviour , in real-time systems. Ada does support a limited form of region-based storage
  16. Relatively improved in state). The increased risk for suicidality and suicidal, behaviour , among adults under 25 approaches that seen in children and adolescents. Side
  17. Out" these fluctuations. In some cases it may be possible to find asymptotic, behaviour , for the summation function for large x. A classical example of this phenomenon
  18. Apologised to the Democrats, Jeannie Ferris and the Australian public for his, behaviour , and assured all concerned that it would never happen again. On 29 January 2004
  19. The discovery of 22 individuals at one site provides evidence of pack, behaviour , and allows studies of ontogeny and population biology which are impossible with
  20. Found out about his relationship with his wife. In spite of her brother's, behaviour , Anne retained close ties to Elizabeth and Mary Robinson, exchanging frequent
  21. Aesthetic ethics refers to the idea that human conduct and, behaviour , ought to be governed by that which is beautiful and attractive. John Dewey has
  22. In the middle of the petrochemical series, and shows intermediate hard-soft, behaviour , For historical reasons, ammonia is named amine in the nomenclature of
  23. Food storage workers are called repletes. This polymorphism in morphology and, behaviour , of workers was initially thought to be determined by environmental factors such
  24. Judges' commissions are valid quasi see been dessert (during good, behaviour , ),and if they do not behave themselves they can be removed only by both Houses
  25. Into the nature of the victim or the psychology of the murderer. Central to his, behaviour , in the later novels is the underlying assumption that particular crimes are
  26. To feed on the insects that are flushed from cover by the foraging ants. This, behaviour , was once considered mutualistic, but later studies show that it is instead
  27. Represent temporary or unnatural aggregations. However, as the preservation of, behaviour , in the fossil record is exceedingly rare, these ideas cannot readily be tested.
  28. Blood of his predecessor; Tacitus, in writing of the occasion, believed this, behaviour , to be part of a beginning of" the chain of events leading to Agrippina's
  29. The black colored Masters of workers to turn red. The parasite also alters the, behaviour , of the ant, and makes them carry their Masters high. The conspicuous red
  30. Purposes, this type of abuse of payphones faded from concern. In Canada, this,behavior, has always been more difficult. As a matter of course, incoming calls to
  31. City of Byzantine (modern day Istanbul). The siege was successful, but the, behaviour , of the Spartan general Ananias alienated many of the Allies, and resulted in
  32. White women have been used against black women as a proof of their emasculating, behaviour , Bell hooks argues that black nationalism was largely a patriarchal and
  33. To be more isotropic, though they can sometimes exhibit significant anisotropic, behaviour , This is especially important in processes such as deep-drawing. Wood is a
  34. Was not empowered to inflict any punishment, and when she complained of their, behaviour , to their parents, she received no support, but was merely criticized for not
  35. Trilogy is divided between the worlds of ants and humans; ants and their, behaviour , is described using contemporary scientific knowledge. In more recent times
  36. Were of course treated by the Mongols as evidence of submission. This insulting, behaviour , and the language of the letter with which Andrew reappeared, marked the
  37. Of the Arno is irregular. It is sometimes described as having a torrent-like, behaviour , because it can easily go from almost dry to near-flood in a few days. At the
  38. The cult and use the shrine for the Roman St Sixths. Gregory legislated on the, behaviour , of the laity and the clergy. He placed the new mission directly under papal
  39. Most basal of ants. Like virtually all ants they are social, but their social, behaviour , is poorly developed compared to other species. Each individual hunts alone
  40. Whereupon their father died of grief. The murderand the general dissolute, behaviour , of Androids and his coterie, mostly the young scions of the Empire's great
  41. Have zero mobility in electrophoresis at their Selectric point, although this, behaviour , is more usually exploited for peptides and proteins than single amino acids.
  42. Or car setup is the set of adjustments made to the vehicle to optimize its, behaviour , ( performance, handling,reliability, etc.). Adjustments can occur in
  43. Several hadrosaurs. These findings may corroborate the evidence for social, behaviour , in Albertosaurus, although some or all of the above localities may represent
  44. The manuscript. Back at the milk bar, Alex punishes Dim for some crude, behaviour , and strains within the gang become apparent. At home in his dreary flat, Alex
  45. New trails are marked by returning ants and the scent slowly dissipates. This, behaviour , helps ants deal with changes in their environment. For instance, when an
  46. The unity of aesthetics and ethics is in fact reflected in our understanding of, behaviour , being " fair" - the word having a double meaning of attractive and morally
  47. And more generally in the study of social evolution, altruism refers to, behaviour , by an individual that increases the fitness of another individual while
  48. Stocking densities may be of concern. Crowding can constrain normal swimming, behaviour , as well as increase aggressive and competitive behaviors such as cannibalism
  49. To the establishment of the theory of wave optics. Fresnel studied the, behaviour , of light both theoretically and experimentally. He is perhaps best known as the
  50. Predators like Allosaurus and Mesosaurus. There is some evidence of gregarious, behaviour , in other tyrannosaurids as well. Fragmentary remains of smaller individuals

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