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  1. The first clue to the murder method coming from the victims' loss of hair. So, accurate ,was her description of thallium poisoning that on at least one occasion it
  2. Image: Apollo17UV. JPG|A model of the UV spectrometer used to take the first, accurate ,measurements of the constituents of the Moon's atmosphere. Image: Challenger
  3. Campaign which followed the capture of that city. Ambrose is surprisingly, accurate ,in his chronology; though he did not complete his work before 1195,it is
  4. Components relevant to the accident: * a fan to stir the tank contents for more, accurate ,quantity measurements; The heater and protection thermostat were originally
  5. Were used to complete several sky surveys that make the data in USNO-B1.0, accurate , to within 0.2 arc sec. Applications Apart from the fundamental function of
  6. Was the use of Napoleonic tactics, such as charging. With the advent of more, accurate ,rifled barrels, Minié balls and (near the end of the war for the Union army)
  7. 755,000 km whereas the second translation comes to 148.7 to 152.8 million km (, accurate ,within 2 %). Hipparchus also gave an estimate of the distance of the Sun from
  8. Archer may look at the target but without including the weapon in the field of, accurate ,view. Aiming involves a similar sort of hand/eye coordination which includes
  9. The algae. Examples are as follows. Lichens (hence" photoing" is the more, accurate ,term). A photoing may be associated with many specific symbionts or live
  10. Used to refer things and persons from the United States, but this usage is not, accurate , because the term can also denote things and persons from Canada, Mexico
  11. Eggs at intervals to observe when visible organs were generated. He gave, accurate ,descriptions of ruminants' four-chambered fore-stomachs, and of the
  12. B = data - mean2 covariance += a*b / n return covariance A slightly more, accurate ,compensated version performs the full naive algorithm on the residuals. The
  13. Algorithms solve problems via guessing, although typical guesses are made more, accurate ,through the use of heuristics. * Exact or approximate: While many algorithms
  14. Films and production methods would be different. His prediction proved quite, accurate , Beginning in the late 1950s,television began increasingly to dominate the
  15. Those now accepted for this system. All future positions are now sufficiently, accurate ,for visual observers to determine the relative places of the stars from a
  16. Conclusions and inferences that must be true if the underlying assumptions are, accurate , Austrian economists hold that induction does not assure certainty like
  17. Out and 28 ft (9 m). For this reason it is important to have a reliable and, accurate ,method of measuring the depth of water. A cable or rode is the rope, chain,or
  18. Less sophisticated design than Calligrapher, but was sometimes found to be more, accurate ,and precise due to its reliance on a fixed, predefined stroke alphabet. The
  19. And Magog. On the other hand, the envoy's account of Mongol customs is fairly, accurate , and his statements about Mongol Christianity and its prosperity, though
  20. In the zoological sciences, some of his observations were confirmed to be, accurate ,only in the 19th century. His works contain the earliest known formal study of
  21. Deposit grams of silver per second from a silver nitrate solution. Later, more, accurate , measurements revealed that this current is 0.99985 A. Realization The standard
  22. Usually have to be calibrated using alignment stars in order to provide, accurate ,tracking and positioning. However, several telescope manufacturers have
  23. Privately controlled companies, and real estate holdings worldwide, so a more, accurate ,estimation of his net worth is difficult to calculate, particularly in light of
  24. Regarding Auschwitz was available to the Allies during the years 1940–43 by the, accurate ,and frequent reports of Polish Army Captain Wit old Pick. Pick was the
  25. The Battle of Mons Adonis. The lack of information for this period inhibits, accurate ,answers to these questions. Other accounts of Aurelia nus Bede follows Gilda's '
  26. Temporal relation between the cause and the effect. Optics Aristotle held more, accurate ,theories on some optical concepts than other philosophers of his day. The
  27. Much later, questions were raised whether the measurements had been, accurate ,enough to support Einstein's theory. ) In 1921,Einstein was awarded the Nobel
  28. Of a parabola with the summation of an infinite series, and gave a remarkably, accurate ,approximation of pi. He also defined the spiral bearing his name, formulae for
  29. 1.7320512). The actual value is approximately 1.7320508,making this a very, accurate ,estimate. He introduced this result without offering any explanation of the
  30. The circle. As the number of sides of the polygon increases, it becomes a more, accurate ,approximation of a circle. When the polygons had 96 sides each, he calculated
  31. This method is the same that Archimedes followed, since,besides being very, accurate , it is based on demonstrations found by Archimedes himself. " The Archimedes
  32. Has been verified in subsequent studies, astrometry is expected to be more, accurate ,in space missions that are not affected by the distorting effects of the Earth
  33. Do not closely resemble a planet's elliptical path in ordinary atoms. A more, accurate ,analogy might be that of a large and often oddly-shaped" atmosphere" ( the
  34. Predictions of line spectra are qualitatively useful but are not quantitatively, accurate ,for atoms and ions other than those containing only one electron. Amino acids (
  35. S knowledge of physical science was considerable and for the age remarkably, accurate , His industry in every department was great, and though we find in his system
  36. Increase agricultural productivity through tracking weather, enabling more, accurate ,forecasts. Two major predictions of Löffler’s—the paperless office and human
  37. Map probably inspired the Greek historian Hectares of Miles to draw a more, accurate ,version. Strabo viewed both as the first geographers after Homer. Maps were
  38. Made in a previous stage. It is not exhaustive, and does not give an, accurate ,answer to many problems. But when it works, it will be the fastest method. The
  39. Ptolemy's value was too low by a factor of at least eleven. A somewhat more, accurate ,estimate can be obtained by observing the transit of Venus. By measuring the
  40. And this shows in his work. Critique Edward Gibbon judged Minus" an, accurate ,and faithful guide, who composed the history of his own times without indulging
  41. Oil painting found in the Lice Musicale of Bologna gives us possibly the most, accurate ,picture and shows Vivaldi's red hair under his blond wig. Style and influence
  42. Escapement that provides us with the tick and took of a mechanical clock. " The, accurate ,automatic machine" led immediately to" mechanical automata" beginning in the
  43. Strike some universal chord by the rarity of the skill of the artist or in its, accurate ,reflection in what is termed the zeitgeist. Art is often intended to appeal to
  44. Not a delicate Diplodocus-style skull (which would later turn out to be more, accurate ,), but was composed of" the biggest, thickest,strongest skull bones, lower
  45. The ability to exactly replicate objectively similar events to obtain an, accurate ,understanding of the range of probabilistic outcomes of any event, and this is
  46. Applied to the other planets). The invention of the telescope allowed far more, accurate ,measurements of angles than is possible with the naked eye. Flemish astronomer
  47. S estimate shocked many at the time, but ultimately proved to be reasonably, accurate , The final cost of project Apollo was reported to Congress as $25.4 billion in
  48. The nations through which he imagined he was passing,to envisage as, accurate ,a picture as possible. Meticulously calculating every meter traveled, and
  49. Smith's economic thought and argues that a new name is needed to give a more, accurate ,depiction of the" Scythian" identity. Economist David Ricardo set straight
  50. 22,000 Earth radii. They were also the first astronomers to have access to an, accurate ,and reliable value for the radius of the Earth, which had been measured by

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