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  1. Values—what he called the" sheet anchor" of republicanism. The Declaration's, emphasis ,on freedom and equality for all, in contrast to the Constitution's tolerance
  2. Of reason as the" candle of the Lord," and the Evangelical Revival, with its, emphasis ,on the personal experience of the Holy Spirit. The Cambridge Platonist movement
  3. Another movement, Christian socialism. In this, Maurice transformed Hooker's, emphasis ,on the international nature of Anglican spirituality to an imperative for
  4. Above, many spoken dialects have a process of emphasis spreading, where the ", emphasis ," (pharyngealization) of emphatic consonants spreads forward and back through
  5. Managed to become a dominant society for years. The Romans were noted for an, emphasis ,on the cultivation of crops for trade. In the same region, a parallel
  6. In organization and language from those of Europe, has led to a continuing, emphasis ,on cross-cultural comparison and a receptiveness to certain kinds of cultural
  7. Inasmuch as in my philosophizing I have certainly not been under its influence, emphasis ,added. For up till 1818,when my work appeared, there was to be found in Europe
  8. Continues to be deeply influenced by the Asian tradition, especially its, emphasis ,on culture. Boas used his positions at Columbia University and the American
  9. Practices declined during the Ptolemaic and Roman eras, while greater, emphasis ,was placed on the outer appearance of the mummy, which was decorated. Wealthy
  10. By these principles tends to be significantly less elaborate, with greater, emphasis ,on the Liturgy of the Word (the reading of the scriptures, the sermon and the
  11. In a relative harmonious whole in late archaic period. In classical Greece the, emphasis ,is not given to the illusive imaginative reality represented by the ideal forms
  12. Or eco-anarchism) is a school of thought within anarchism which puts an, emphasis ,on environmental issues, with an important precedent in anarcho-naturism and
  13. Increasingly dominant and the IndyCar Series' split from CART in 1996 put more, emphasis ,on ovals regarding domestic open-wheel racing. Categories Formula racing The
  14. God. " The 20th century is marked by figures such as Charles Gore, with his, emphasis ,on natural revelation, William Temple's focus on Christianity and society, J.
  15. To those who seek to harm others. Aikido demonstrates this philosophy in its, emphasis ,on mastering martial arts so that one may receive an attack and harmlessly
  16. Is phonemically emphatic or not, especially in dialects with long-distance, emphasis ,spreading. (A notable exception is the sounds vs. in Moroccan Arabic, because
  17. Rounds. The IMA GT Championship had been prototype-based since 1983,with less, emphasis ,on production cars. Australian Production Car Championship was first contested
  18. Rhetoric focused on the sanctity of the Constitution, Lincoln redirected, emphasis ,to the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of American political
  19. Deftly advanced the abolitionist cause, as fast as politically possible. The, emphasis ,shifted away from Lincoln-the-emancipator to an argument that blacks had freed
  20. some teachers at Seaborne, whose definition of education placed more, emphasis ,on the classics. His headmaster wrote to his parents:" I hope he will not fall
  21. Computers were no longer the main focus of the company, which had shifted its, emphasis ,to mobile electronic devices. The event also saw the announcement of the iPhone
  22. Through their introduction of explicitly Marxist-informed theory, their, emphasis , on conflicts and conflict resolution, and their attention to the ways in which
  23. Many conventions from sculpture and tended to bright contrasting colors with, emphasis ,on outlines. China saw the flourishing of many art forms: jade carving
  24. Or non-materialism (Aparigraha) A major characteristic of Jain belief is the, emphasis ,on the consequences of not only physical but also mental behaviors. One's
  25. Pronunciation Vowels As mentioned above, many spoken dialects have a process of, emphasis ,spreading, where the" emphasis " ( pharyngealization) of emphatic consonants
  26. Na. **Dual endings will often drop out except on nouns, and then used only for, emphasis ,(similar to their use in the colloquial varieties); elsewhere, the plural
  27. And experience. Anglicans celebrate the traditional sacraments, with special, emphasis ,being given to the Holy Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, the Lord's
  28. Independence and strength of Anglican churches in the global south brought new, emphasis ,to issues of global poverty, the inequitable distribution of resources, and the
  29. Privatization of industry has been at a slower pace, but has been given renewed, emphasis ,by the current administration. Armenia is a food importer, and its mineral
  30. And triggering the back allophone in all nearby low vowels. The extent of, emphasis ,spreading varies. For example, in Moroccan Arabic, it spreads as far as the
  31. Who, in the span of one sentence," details vividly and with rhetorical, emphasis ,the grinding poverty" but feels emotion solely for members of his own class.
  32. Member countries conducted operative, strategic,and tactical training with an, emphasis ,towards furthering the efficiency of the collective security element of the
  33. About souls, are not regarded as science at all in modern times. He placed, emphasis ,on the type (s) of soul an organism possessed, asserting that plants possess
  34. As" Retracted Tongue Root" by phonologists. In some transcription systems, emphasis ,is shown by capitalizing the letter, for example, is written ‹ D ›; in others
  35. Picture space. In the east, Islamic art's rejection of iconography led to, emphasis ,on geometric patterns, calligraphy,and architecture. Further east, religion
  36. Grew in the art of Catholic Europe. Renaissance art had a greatly increased, emphasis ,on the realistic depiction of the material world, and the place of humans in it
  37. Major and minor subfields. Along with dividing up their project by theoretical, emphasis , anthropologists typically divide the world up into relevant time periods and
  38. Strongly determined word order, and alternative orders that were used in CA for, emphasis ,are rare. In addition, because of the lack of case marking in the spoken
  39. Local traditions, through their history, literature,music, and arts, with an, emphasis ,on understanding particular individuals, events,or eras. The social sciences
  40. Capacity for abstraction. Moi advocated frugality, condemning the Confucian, emphasis ,on ritual and music, which he denounced as extravagant. *Naturalism, the School
  41. Which was taught at universities. However,Boyle's biographers, in their, emphasis ,that he laid the foundations of modern chemistry, neglect how steadily he clung
  42. East, religion dominated artistic styles and forms too. India and Tibet saw, emphasis ,on painted sculptures and dance, while religious painting borrowed many
  43. Turkey, Pakistan,the United States, Iran Azerbaijan has placed a particular, emphasis ,on its" Special Relationship" with Turkey. Azerbaijan has diplomatic
  44. Over the world in a number of styles, with broad ranges of interpretation and, emphasis , However, they all share techniques learned from Yeshiva and most have concern
  45. The art of swordsmanship (). One of the primary features of Ōmoto-kyō is its, emphasis ,on the attainment of utopia during one's life. This was a great influence on
  46. Full-moon, all the fests of Apollo were celebrated at the seventh day and the, emphasis ,given to that day of the month (Mobutu),indicates Babylonian origin. The
  47. At the same time, however,some Evangelical Anglicans ascribe to the Reformed, emphasis ,on Sold FIDE in their doctrine of justification (see Sydney Anglicanism. )
  48. Hinduism, Islam,Jainism, Judaism and Sikhism, etc., place particular, emphasis ,on altruistic morality. Buddhism Altruism figures prominently in Buddhism. Love
  49. Sometimes specific body parts, like legs, are shortened or elongated for added, emphasis , Most super deformed characters are two to four heads tall. Some anime works
  50. Of Western alchemy was brought about by the rise of modern science with its, emphasis ,on rigorous quantitative experimentation and its disdain for" ancient wisdom "

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