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  1. Zooids, known as auto-bids, and those of some groups also contain non-feeding, specialist ,heterozooids; The other main part of the Bryozoa body, known as the polyamide
  2. Tuesday was R&B and hip-hop, Thursdays and Fridays were primarily danced, with, specialist , R&B and reggae shows. Following the death of John Peel in October 2004,Annie
  3. Have the greatest numbers of species, possibly because of their wide range of, specialist ,zoo ids. Living members of the phylum Bryozoa are divided into: about, all the
  4. Unmaneuverable – although some smaller designs have been used as the basis for, specialist ,fighters, such as night fighters. Cold War At the start of the Cold War
  5. And a show hosted by Nick Scrimshaw and Annie Mac (10-12pm). This is before, specialist ,music takes over the station at midnight with BBC Introducing in the Nations
  6. Kilograms (2230 lb) for modal adult weight (not maximum). John Foster,a, specialist ,on the Morrison Formation, suggests that 1000 kg (2200 lb) is reasonable for
  7. The U. S. is currently attempting to extradite a British information technology, specialist , Ba bar Ahmad, on charges of operating a network of English-language al-Qaeda
  8. In fifteen Grand Slam finals, and an Olympic gold medalist. A multi-surface, specialist , he is the first of two male players in history to have achieved a single
  9. And excretion. Colonies of some classes have various types of non-feeding, specialist ,zoo ids, some of which are hatcheries for fertilized eggs, and some classes also
  10. ISIN=GB0030895238/GB/Pluses AFC),a, specialist ,market. At 31 August 2010,a single share in Arsenal had a mid-price of £10,250
  11. Equipment. Most armies now place these services in specialist branches with, specialist ,repair elements in batteries and units. Classification of artillery
  12. Magazine. In spite of declining interest in the platform there was a bi-weekly, specialist ,column in the UK weekly magazine Micro Mart. There is also a website, that has
  13. An assistant in the United States Coast Survey. Thenceforward he became a, specialist ,in marine ichthyology, but devoted much time to the investigation
  14. Scientific Research This department was founded in 1920. Conservation has six, specialist ,areas: ceramics & glass; metals; organic material (including textiles); stone
  15. A permanent anchor is used in the creation of a mooring, and is rarely moved; a, specialist ,service is normally needed to move or maintain it. Vessels carry one or more
  16. And a polyamide that contains the internal organs and the lophophore or other, specialist ,extensions. Zoo ids have no special excretory organs, and the polyp ides of
  17. Various organizational arrangements but typically either field artillery or a, specialist ,branch and additional elements integral to infantry, etc., units. However, in
  18. Preservation (US) or conservation (UK),accessibility and other forms of, specialist ,consultants. Many architects elect to move into real estate (property)
  19. There were 51 hospitals in the country, including a military hospital and, specialist ,facilities. The most common causes of death are circulatory disease followed by
  20. Community of Windburn and those who support its ethos. The school holds, specialist ,Science College status. Holdings Business and Enterprise High School, in
  21. In Aramaic only, specially reconstructed by a scholar, but not an Aramaic, specialist , William Full. Where the appropriate words (in 1st century Aramaic) were no
  22. Respiratory therapists, social workers, palliative care specialist s, specialist ,nurses and psychologists. Prognosis Most cases of MND progress quite quickly
  23. A number of books about birds and birdwatching, as well as articles for many, specialist ,publications including British Birds, Birdwatching Magazine and Bird watch. One
  24. The largest number of species, possibly because they have the widest range of, specialist ,zoo ids. A few species can creep very slowly by using spiny defensive zoo ids as
  25. To maintain and repair their equipment. Most armies now place these services in, specialist ,branches with specialist repair elements in batteries and units. Classification
  26. Predators and scavengers. Most species are omnivorous generalists, but a few are, specialist ,feeders. Their ecological dominance may be measured by their biomass, and
  27. Degree between AFIS - lighter vehicles for infantry carrying, reconnaissance or, specialist ,roles may have only a machine gun for self-defense (or no armament at all)
  28. Significant, Hideaki Femur, professor at Karen University in Tokyo and a, specialist ,in indigenous peoples' rights, commented that the motion is" weak in the
  29. Just throwing it up into the air. " Adrian Lamp may have worked as a" security, specialist ," with Project Vigilant, a private security institution that works with the FBI
  30. This results in a more independent judiciary. *Having recourse to all the, specialist ,barristers at the bar enables smaller firms, who could not maintain large
  31. St Christopher's C of E High, a Church of England secondary school which holds, specialist ,Technology College status. *Arrington and Rosedale College, now named Across
  32. First-line choices for long-term epilepsy therapy. Cloacae is widely used by, specialist ,epilepsy clinics worldwide (but it is not available in the US) and clonazepam
  33. To more general use of such technology these wheelchair users could only use, specialist ,para transit mobility buses. Accessible vehicles also have wider entrances and
  34. The evenings (indie on weekdays and dance at weekends),with a mix of, specialist ,shows and playlist fillers through late nights. The rise of rave culture
  35. Guns, historically this involved specialist s within field artillery units and, specialist ,units. In some armies mapping and amp supply has also been an artillery
  36. Used in modern medicine. ) and a mental obsession. The doctor and addiction, specialist ,Dr. William D. Silk worth M. D. writes on behalf of AA that" Alcoholics suffer
  37. This is arguably insider dealing on a grand scale with the benefit of inside, specialist ,knowledge of the business and resources of the firm not shared with outsiders
  38. Ali Huseynzade Baku is derived from Turkic word for" hill ". Caucasian history, specialist ,Europe Patkanov also explains the name as" hill" but in the LAK language.
  39. S pitching rotation or starting rotation *six relief pitchers, including one, specialist ,closer, who constitute the team's bullpen (named for the off-field area where
  40. 11pm-1am). At 1am,the output changes every week offering four hours of the, specialist ,genres of music that 1Xtra plays every weeknight from 10pm. This includes; Hip
  41. team's bullpen (named for the off-field area where pitchers warm up) *one, specialist ,pinch hitter, or a second backup catcher, or a seventh reliever Other personnel
  42. England, in its role as lender of last resort, helped support Northern Rock,a, specialist ,mortgage lender that suddenly became unable to rely on wholesale market
  43. And needed considerable support and supervision in daily living,46 % needed, specialist ,residential provision from facilities specializing in ASD with a high level of
  44. Cut any of the woodblocks himself; this task would have been performed by a, specialist ,craftsman. However, his training in Wolgemut's studio, which made many carved
  45. Embossers are more common and can be found in some libraries, universities,and, specialist ,education centers, as well as being privately owned by some blind individuals.
  46. Fitted to a truck chassis. This body+chassis approach has continued with modern, specialist ,manufacturers, although there also exist integral designs such as the Leland
  47. Webb was the recipient of the CY Young Award for the National League. Webb,a, specialist ,in throwing the sinker ball, received 15 of 32 first-place votes in balloting by
  48. Hospital, the Mod bury Hospital and the Noarlunga Hospital would become, specialist ,elective surgery centers. The Repatriation General Hospital would also expand
  49. And GPS. *Meteorological data: historically these were usually divisional level, specialist ,teams, but advances in technology mean they are now increasingly part of
  50. To be the first Educator astronaut by the media, but she trained as a mission, specialist , The Educator Astronaut program is a successor to the Teacher in Space program

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