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  1. The purpose of this kind of agreement is primarily to encourage discussion and, negotiation ,in advance, and then to document that understanding for the benefit of all
  2. During the previous effort to overpower them. The ELN rejected entering any, negotiation ,and continued to recover itself through the use of extortion and threats, in
  3. And decisively for the betterment of the league. His efforts in mediation, negotiation , persuasion, marketing,and leadership assisted in football's rise to become
  4. Any other, but not enough to form a majority government. After several days of, negotiation , the Liberal Democrats agreed to join the Conservatives as part of a coalition
  5. Claim that, in view of that pact, the only solution to the issue is mutual, negotiation ,between the two countries without involving a third party, such as the United
  6. Region, entirely within Azerbaijan. (The status of Nagorno-Karabakh was under, negotiation ,in 1994. ) Located in the region of the southern Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan
  7. To build their own criminal empires. His presidency was dominated by the, negotiation ,process, mainly between his NP government and Mandela's ANC, which led to the
  8. The mutineers demanded the discharge of the president. On 6 December,a, negotiation ,process started, facilitated by Gabon, Burkina-Faso, Chad and Mali. The
  9. Communication typically involves back-and-forth interactions similar to a, negotiation , Flaming incidents usually arise in response to a perception of one or more
  10. Terms of the Treaty of Union that had been agreed on 22 July 1706,following, negotiation ,between commissioners representing the parliaments of the two countries. The
  11. Reserves, prisoner support, expropriation,information, recruitment, negotiation , and treasury. ETA's armed operations are organized in different tales ("
  12. Of this Convention is the result of some three years of intensive debate and, negotiation ,at the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament at Geneva and at the United
  13. Many fans hoped the Dales would return once more to the program. After much, negotiation ,between the BBC and the Nation estate (which at one point appeared to break
  14. Cecil was obliged to proceed in secret. He therefore entered into a coded, negotiation ,with James VI of Scotland, who had a strong but unrecognized claim. Cecil
  15. Was left virtually bankrupt, with insolvency only averted in 1946 after the, negotiation ,of a $3.5 billion loan from the United States, the last installment of which
  16. Presence of the conciliator. Effectiveness Recent studies in the processes of, negotiation ,have indicated the effectiveness of a technique that deserves mention here. A
  17. A Ferrari-beater on the world endurance-racing circuit. To this end Ford began, negotiation ,with Lotus, Lola,and Cooper. Cooper had no experience in GT or prototype and
  18. Problems of the UN ECE region through scientific collaboration and policy, negotiation , The Convention has been extended by eight protocols that identify specific
  19. Mode featuring simultaneous movement, and introduces direct player-to-player, negotiation , allowing the unconstrained trade of technology, energy,maps, and other
  20. Hawks continued to demonstrate a preference for and considerable skill at, negotiation , and was generally liked and respected by employers as well as the unions he
  21. And Eddie. * Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment and Universal Studios are in, negotiation ,with the Smith estate for an 18-month film rights option on the series.
  22. Under compulsory license are specified by local law, but may also be subject to, negotiation , Compulsory licensing may be established through negotiating licenses that
  23. Of IFI to Morocco. Under Franco, Spain also pursued a campaign to force a, negotiation ,on the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, and closed its border with that
  24. The official German national anthem, as one element of a complex political, negotiation , In essence, the political right was granted the very nationalistic anthem
  25. Work part of their identity, and there is much at stake personally over the, negotiation ,of authority over that identity. However, it is the editor who has“ the power
  26. Markets and for the supply of raw materials and components. After initial, negotiation ,with the Russian Central Bank on monetary union, the Russian ruble was set to
  27. Or crawling is often necessary, and ropes are used extensively for safe, negotiation ,of particularly steep or slippery passages. Caves have been explored out of
  28. Believe that increased military action is a necessary prelude to any serious, negotiation ,attempt with the guerrillas and that the increased security situation will help
  29. Khan invited Mujib to Rawalpindi to take the charge of the office, and, negotiation , between Military government and Swami Party held on. Bhutto was shocked with
  30. A result of this operation, a few months later the Bosnian war ended with the, negotiation ,of the Dayton Agreement. A peaceful integration of the remaining
  31. The Extrajudicial Recuperation (" Recuperate Extrajudicial" ) is a private, negotiation ,that involves creditors and debtors and, as the judicial recuperation, also
  32. With Lincoln, Seward,and others at Hampton Roads. Lincoln refused to allow any, negotiation ,with the Confederacy as a coequal; his sole objective was an agreement to end
  33. Name cp14/> The 279-kilometer Burgas-Alexandroupolis Pipeline, still under, negotiation ,among Bulgaria, Greece,and Russia in 2006,would provide a bypass of the
  34. Duties included the administration of justice with the Episcopal court,the, negotiation ,of ransom for captures, Teaching and preaching to the masses, Converting non
  35. United States. This broke an agreement enforced by FISA for a single central, negotiation ,of television rights. Jean-Marie Baluster, president of FISA, announced that
  36. In the activity depend on the cave being visited, but often include the, negotiation ,of pitches, squeezes,and water (although actual cave diving is a separate
  37. As the Union's" supreme political authority ". It is actively involved in the, negotiation ,of the treaty changes and defines the EU's policy agenda and strategies. The
  38. Configurable error messages, DBMS-based authentication databases, and content, negotiation , It is also supported by several graphical user interfaces (GUIs). It
  39. ETA and the Madrid bombings. 2006 ceasefire declaration In the context of, negotiation ,with the Spanish government, ETA has declared what it has described as" truce
  40. Of the British Empire, most parts of which achieved independence through, negotiation ,with the United Kingdom government and legislation by the Parliament of the
  41. Hydro plants, and the creation of new ones. Such projects currently include, negotiation ,of the Coca-Cola hydroplane. Incentives of financing, tributary incentives
  42. Motoring, however,remained unsolved and despite the agreement on an accession, negotiation ,framework, the negotiation s did not begin in March 2005. On October 4,2005
  43. By the dikes and marshes of Ravenna. As all attempts to conduct a satisfactory, negotiation ,with this emperor failed, Alaric,after instituting a second siege and blockade
  44. Consensual processes, such as collaborative law, mediation,conciliation, or, negotiation , in which the parties attempt to reach agreement. Not all disputes, even those
  45. Court. For example, settlement of class actions follows a predictable path of, negotiation ,with class counsel and representatives, court scrutiny, and notice. There may
  46. Flaming incidents usually arise in response to a perception of one or more, negotiation ,partners being unfair. Perceived unfairness can include a lack of consideration
  47. Hijackings for hostages commonly produce an armed standoff during a period of, negotiation ,between hijackers and authorities, followed by some form of settlement.
  48. Identifies several precursors to flaming between users, whom he refers to as “, negotiation ,partners,” since Internet communication typically involves back-and-forth
  49. The violence and corruption that they all perpetuated, both through force and, negotiation , Narcoterrorists assassinated three presidential candidates before César
  50. A meeting with Montreal City Council on June 21, 1949. After many months if, negotiation ,agreement was reached between Hydro Quebec and Re diffusion on February 28, 1950

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