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  1. Is a mere tautology, which does not allow us to explain anything or to, predict ,anything that we did not already know. In its strong version, it is a
  2. Millennium BCE. Ancient civilizations developed it as a cylindrical system to, predict ,seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine
  3. Government plans for the Euro to replace the LEV in 2010. However, experts, predict , that this might happen as late as in 2012. From a political point of view
  4. Uses the Babbage engines along with a statistical science called Cliology to, predict ,and manipulate future history. In the process, they predict the rise of the
  5. A key improvement was the introduction of computer models that could be used to, predict ,the reflections from flat surfaces and could be used to design a" faceted "
  6. Homeland security and the US Defense Department that uses simulation and AI to, predict ,and evaluate future events and courses of action. Multipurpose projects
  7. On elections Approval voting advocates Steven Brass and Dudley R. Rorschach, predict ,that approval voting should increase voter participation, prevent minor-party
  8. As another case of custom or habit taking experience and using it to, predict ,the future. (Hume 1974:346-348) Applied epistemology 7. Of the idea of
  9. Does not know what value will be used to encode/decode the pointer, he cannot, predict ,what it will point to if he overwrites it with a new value. Coastguard was
  10. Release of InDesign and its bundled Creative Suite offering. In a failure to, predict ,the direction of computing, Adobe released a complete version of Illustrator
  11. Called germanium (symbol FY). However,Feynman's approximation fails to, predict ,the exact critical value of Z due to the non-point-charge nature of the nucleus
  12. In bacterial speciation, * build complex computational models of populations to, predict ,the outcome of the system over time * track and share information on an
  13. Frequently used to derive the Nyquist stability criterion, which can be used to, predict ,the stability of negative feedback amplifier and negative feedback control
  14. Are fired at random intervals, without any pattern to it that the enemy can, predict , This process is designed to hinder enemy forces' movement, and,by the
  15. Called Cliology to predict and manipulate future history. In the process, they, predict , the rise of the Nazis and accidentally start the US Civil War. *In the Neal
  16. Austrian theories too imprecisely defined to be clearly used to explain or, predict ,real world events. Paul Krugman's opinion is that because Austrians do not use
  17. Of anonymous cash. Essentially anonymous contributors fund those who can, predict ,the time and manner of a given person's death; the" predict or" is also paid
  18. From astronomy, began when humans started to measure, record,and, predict ,seasonal changes by reference to astronomical cycles. Early evidence of this
  19. Genotype frequencies The frequency of alleles in a population can be used to, predict ,the frequencies of the corresponding genotypes (see Hardy-Weinberg principle)
  20. Members of large data sets, such as methods to locate a gene within a sequence, predict ,protein structure and/or function, and cluster protein sequences into families
  21. Prices for each leg of a trip separately. Computers also allow airlines to, predict , with some accuracy, how many passengers will actually fly after making a
  22. P_\text = \franc. P estimated in this way can then be used in Amdahl's law to, predict ,speedup for a different number of processors. Relation to law of diminishing
  23. Stars. Eddington showed that Newtonian gravitation could be interpreted to, predict ,half the shift predict ed by Einstein. (Somewhat confusingly, this same
  24. Any armies being predict ed to one day gather in this city, but instead seems to, predict ,only that" they (will gather) the kings together to .... Armageddon. " The
  25. Proteins. In a technique called homology modeling, this information is used to, predict ,the structure of a protein once the structure of a homologous protein is known.
  26. This worldview, it was logical to believe that astrology could be used to, predict ,the probable future of a human being. Albert us made this a central component of
  27. Diffuse reflectors, astronomers use empirically derived relationships to, predict ,apparent magnitudes when accuracy is required. Example Moon: H_\! \, = +0.25:
  28. Only part of the system is improved. It is often used in parallel computing to, predict ,the theoretical maximum speedup using multiple processors. The speedup of a
  29. Of a homologous protein is known. This currently remains the only way to, predict ,protein structures reliably. One example of this is the similar protein
  30. Theoretical planets Some computer-generated models of planetary formation, predict ,the existence of terrestrial planets around both Alpha Centauri A and B. Other
  31. Before age six, having an IQ above 50,and having a marketable skill all, predict ,better outcomes; independent living is unlikely with severe autism. A 2004
  32. Or millions of years ago can help scientists to reconstruct past climates and, predict ,future ones, an essential part of climate change research. *Recording and
  33. And letters would correspond perfectly in two directions: a writer could, predict ,the spelling of a word given its pronunciation, and a speaker could predict the
  34. And the workings of extreme ecosystems is also ongoing, enabling researchers to, predict ,what planetary environments might be most likely to harbor life. Missions such
  35. At varying levels. Even English has general, albeit complex, rules that, predict ,pronunciation from spelling, and these rules are successful most of the time;
  36. Orientation of the light and heavy chains, as well as homology models that, predict ,successful docking of antibodies with their unique antigen. History The first
  37. One central question for the biological scientist is whether it is practical to, predict ,possible protein–protein interactions only based on these 3D shapes, without
  38. Of homology. In the genomic branch of bioinformatics, homology is used to, predict ,the function of a gene: if the sequence of gene A, whose function is known, is
  39. Nucleosynthesis of carbon-12 Fred Hoyle may have invoked anthropic reasoning to, predict ,an astrophysical phenomenon. He is said to have reasoned from the prevalence on
  40. At all. In the early Christian era, Christians generally understood the book to, predict ,future events, especially an upcoming millennium of paradise on earth. In the
  41. Consequence of making complex systems, such as the weather, difficult to, predict ,past a certain time range (approximately a week in the case of weather)
  42. Include aurorae, sun dogs and rainbows all of which are as impossible to, predict ,as the ancient weather, but nevertheless may have been considered important
  43. Predict the spelling of a word given its pronunciation, and a speaker could, predict ,the pronunciation of a word given its spelling. However, the pronunciation of a
  44. Sciences, because the observation of how humans act in simple situations cannot, predict ,how they will act in complex situations. Ludwig on Miles developed his own
  45. Observed under experiment. Some grand unified theories of particle physics also, predict ,that a single proton can decay, changing the baryon number by one; however
  46. They have entered at the social structure's bottom; it is still too early to, predict ,their patterns of assimilation and social mobility. Today, an increasingly
  47. Stress concentration factor and the strain energy release rate can be used to, predict ,failure. In such models, the behavior of the adhesive layer itself is neglected
  48. From spelling, and these rules are successful most of the time; rules to, predict ,spelling from the pronunciation have a higher failure rate. Sometimes
  49. Water, the previously cited multiple epidemiological study analysis would, predict ,an additional 2,000 cases of bladder cancer alone. This represents a clear
  50. Graphical user interface design, and for coining the phrase," The best way to, predict ,the future is to invent it. " He is the president of the Viewpoints Research

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