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  1. Camera-shutter self-timer device on to the mission with the intent of taking a, photograph ,with himself, Pete Conrad and the Surveyor 3 probe in the frame. As the timer
  2. Just behind that person visible but out of focus. A portrait or close-up still, photograph ,might use a small DOF to isolate the subject from a distracting background. The
  3. With British entertainer Dame Gracie Fields in attendance. Crosby's last, photograph ,was taken with Fields. At the conclusion of his work in England, Crosby flew
  4. Grants interviews. When asked for a picture of himself, he usually offers a, photograph ,of a cat instead. (Marker was represented in Agnes Varda's 2008 documentary "
  5. Voiceover counted down from ten to one. The child's face was shown as a still, photograph ,followed by images of nuclear explosions and mushroom clouds. The campaign
  6. 47th (2nd London) Division, with the temporary rank of lieutenant-colonel. A, photograph ,from October 1918 shows the then unknown Lt. -Col. Montgomery standing in front
  7. Price and Jean Shepherd. The book's design juxtaposed each cartoon alongside a, photograph ,of the cartoon's creator. Animation Because of the stylistic similarities
  8. The painting of his three sisters. File: Charlotte Bronte. JPG|Charlotte Bronte, photograph , 1854 File: Charlotte Bronte. JPG|A possum idealized portrait by Duyckinick
  9. Town, South Africa, where Frances had lived for most of her life, enclosing the, photograph ,of her with the fairies. On the back she wrote" It is funny, I never used to
  10. Of four albums named Peter Gabriel, often referred to as" Car" because of the, photograph ,on the album cover Other media * Car Magazine, a British auto-enthusiast
  11. Entertainer to be taken before his departure to Europe and therefore, the last, photograph ,of him as a singularly“ American icon. ” According to Avedon, Chaplin
  12. This current-day, photograph ,of the street-door to the stadium, at 24 Yaw key Way; that entrance also figures
  13. In 1972 and 1985,uncovering a necropolis, the rampart of the old town (see, photograph ,), the basilicas, and the acropolis. Amphipolitans *Soils (400 BC-320 BC)
  14. Casting the shadow and the object whose shadow is being cast. An out-of-focus, photograph ,is the convolution of the sharp image with the shape of the iris diaphragm. The
  15. Steppe and pastoralist tribes such as the Persian Partisans and Sarmatians. The, photograph ,above right shows Assyrian cavalry from reliefs of 865–860 BC. At this time
  16. Crossed the southern Balkans. Apart from the ramparts of the lower town (see, photograph ,), the gymnasium and a set of well-preserved frescoes from a wealthy villa are
  17. He spent some time kicking a ball around with local youths, and a famous, photograph ,of him was taken. He was still only 20 years old, yet now there was an
  18. Off n equal straight-line segments of length ℓ with dividers on a map or aerial, photograph , Each end of the segment must be on the boundary. Investigating the
  19. Of it all, B. P., May 13, 1948. " And in 1949,he wrote upon the back of a, photograph ,of himself:" Pelosi is magnificent with his descriptive lyrics and picture of
  20. Are named after Lavoisier, and statues of him are found on the Hotel de Ville (, photograph , left) and on the façade of the Four Napoleon of the Louvre. Selected writings
  21. Again. A favorite pastime of the British press during these years was to, photograph ,Montgomery cashing his old age pension check at the local social security
  22. The police, Aarseth went to a nearby shop and bought a disposable camera to, photograph ,the body, after re-arranging some items. One of these photograph s was later
  23. One cannot distinguish any color from gray, as in a black-and-white movie or, photograph , Congenital color vision deficiencies are subdivided based on the
  24. Of the tungsten incandescent bulbs will appear as white (3,200 K) in the, photograph , Filters on a camera lens, or color gels over the light source (s) may also
  25. Him with Homer. " Delete good-humoredly reprinted the criticism along with a, photograph ,of himself sans sweater, on the back cover of his 1948 country journal: Village
  26. That Haznawi's brother Abdul Rahman had told al-Madinah newspaper that a, photograph ,published by local newspapers bore no resemblance to his brother. A videotape
  27. It and the ball carrier was stopped by knocking him down or" tackling" him. A, photograph ,of the 1875 Tufts team hangs in the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend
  28. Dressed in everyday clothing. Andres Serrano's Piss Christ (1989) is a, photograph ,of a crucifix, sacred to the Christian religion and representing Christ's
  29. Which the LM was depressurized, and the top docking hatch opened to allow him to, photograph ,their surroundings. Lunar surface Throughout the sleep period, Mission Control
  30. Comet in recovery images obtained before March 24,including Kin En date from a, photograph ,exposed on March 15’S. Too on March 17,and a team led by Eleanor Helen from
  31. S book of the time, but Frances continued to claim that the fifth and final, photograph ,was genuine. The photograph s and two of the cameras used are on display in the
  32. 9 April 1983,Geoffrey Crawley explained the discrepancy by suggesting that the, photograph ,was" an unintended double exposure of fairy cutouts in the grass ", and thus "
  33. Appears to the eye to be white may turn out to look very blue or orange in a, photograph , The color balance may need to be corrected while shooting or while printing to
  34. That she believed, as her mother had done, that the fairies in the fifth, photograph ,were genuine. Canterbury estimated the value of the items at between £25,000 and
  35. The law must be changed. " Drug use He is a cigarette smoker. In June 2006,a, photograph ,was printed in the Daily Mirror newspaper purporting to show Charles smoking
  36. And pre-production rehearsals had begun on the film (the book includes a, photograph ,of Victoria in costume),but were halted when Victoria married. " I mean to
  37. Frances were tired of the whole fairy business. Years later Elsie looked at a, photograph ,of herself and Frances taken with Hudson and said:" Look at that, fed up with
  38. There was little public knowledge of the urn, and no record of a published, photograph ,exists before 1924. However, when Darnley died in 1927 his widow presented the
  39. Months later the girls borrowed his camera again, and this time returned with a, photograph ,of Elsie sitting on the lawn holding out her hand to a gnome. Exasperated by
  40. Personality to usurp this honored position ". He asked Chen Guru to purchase a, photograph ,that had been taken in Japan in around 1895 or 1898. It showed members of the
  41. Of Martin Label, he spent nine consecutive nights writing a play inspired by a, photograph ,of GIs in a South Pacific jungle. The result was Home of the Brave, a drama
  42. Regarding the Skylab imagery. The behind-the-scenes debate proved moot as the, photograph ,appeared in the federal government's archive of satellite imagery along with
  43. Army's bombardment of Query. *1966 – Lunar Orbiter 1 takes the first, photograph ,of Earth from orbit around the Moon. *1970 – Organized by Mexican American
  44. Saw the popularization of the modern style of baseball card, with a player, photograph ,accompanied on the rear by statistics and biographical data. Baseball
  45. S late founder. For many members, this was the first time they had seen a, photograph ,of his face. In recent years, Steven Kelly has carried pictures of Karen Derby
  46. And supported them with hat pins, disposing of their props in the beck once the, photograph ,had been taken. In a letter published in The Times newspaper on 9 April 1983
  47. Apollo14 landing site 369228main ap14labeled 540. JPG|Apollo 14 landing site, photograph ,by PRO. File: Apollo14LRO2. PNG|Later photo of landing site taken by PRO. File:
  48. Apollo 17,the last Apollo moon mission, is launched. The crew takes the, photograph ,known as The Blue Marble as they leave the Earth. *1982 – In Texas, Charles
  49. But left open the possibility she believed that she had somehow managed to, photograph ,her thoughts. The media subsequently once again became interested in Frances
  50. Basses the India atoll map-fr. PNG|Detailed map. File: Basses_the_India. JPG|ISS, photograph , File: Basses the India. PNG|Landsat 7 image. File: Basses the India-CIA WFB Map.

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