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  1. Meanwhile, deal with the story of how God sent angels to Abraham with the, announcement ,of the punishment to be imposed upon Lot's people in Sodom and Gomorrah (51:
  2. To in press releases as an Earth Orbit mission at Webb's direction. No public, announcement ,was made about the change in mission until November 12,three weeks after
  3. Previously unresolvable organelles. * 1953: Watson and Crick made their first, announcement ,on the double-helix structure for DNA on February 28. * 1981: Lynn Margulies
  4. A national 501 (c)3 non-profit charity. In 2005, she filmed a public service, announcement ,that played on TV stations around the country about the risks associated with
  5. Tommy Hilfiger was announced as the main tour sponsor. During the time of the, announcement , Spears was being featured in the" Altars" campaign launched by the company
  6. Had already been sold (masquerading as Amiga 500 models, and with no prior, announcement ,) during late 1991. It has been speculated that Commodore had already sold out
  7. Is a few miles from the Pakistan Military Academy in Kabul. In his broadcast, announcement ,President Obama said that U. S. forces" took care to avoid civilian casualties
  8. February or March following the relevant calendar year, and six weeks after the, announcement ,of the nominees. It is the culmination of the film awards season, which usually
  9. Based on his 11 years as a player and 2005 election into the Hall of Fame. No, announcement ,has been made, but #26 has not been issued since Boggs' 2005 election to the
  10. January 1943,though positive media reports had stopped in the weeks before the, announcement , On 18 February, Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels gave his famous
  11. You) to start development of the 300-seat Airbus A300. An earlier, announcement ,had been made in July 1967,but at that time the announcement had been clouded
  12. To admit" students of any race," a move that occurred shortly before the, announcement ,of the Supreme Court decision in Runyon v. McCrary (427 U. S. 160 1976)
  13. Was selected as the site for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Following the, announcement , Atlanta undertook several major construction projects to improve the city's
  14. As he did not seek a potentially costly rivalry. Within weeks of the July 1959, announcement , of the league's formation, Hunt received commitments from Barron Hilton and
  15. Democracy along with a government minister. The ruling junta made the official, announcement ,on state TV and radio just hours after UN special envoy Ibrahim Bambara ended
  16. Live Partition Mobility on the POWER6 hardware. In April 2010,IBM published an, announcement ,about the upcoming 7.1 release. Support is planned to continue on POWER4 or
  17. With the Roman Catholic Church as members of personal ordinaries. The, announcement ,of the imminent constitution on 20 October 2009 mentioned: For each personal
  18. For Israel to repent of complicity in the death of the Messiah; not as a Gospel, announcement ,of atonement for sin, a later doctrine revealed by Paul. Water baptism found
  19. The release of AIX version 3 (sometimes called AIX/6000) coincided with the, announcement ,of the first IBM RS/6000 models. The RS/6000 was unique in that it not only
  20. Organizations may rely on free modes of persuasion, such as a public service, announcement ,(PSA). Modern advertising developed with the rise of mass production in the
  21. In joyful strains then let us sing: Advance Australia fair! An automatic number, announcement ,circuit (ANA) is a special telephone number that is meant to be used by
  22. The situation. At the next performance at Lack land Air Force Base following the, announcement ,the No.4 or slot pilot, was absent from the formation. A spokesman for the team
  23. The character Silver was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A public service, announcement ,(PSA) aired after the episode, directing teens and young adults to the Child
  24. Replace long-time Braves manager Bobby Cox as manager of the team in 2011. The, announcement ,came just two days after the 2010 Braves were eliminated from the postseason.
  25. Former big-league closer Joe Borowski will be an analyst, according to an, announcement ,made by FSArizona's Executive Producer Mike Roth.; Spanish broadcasts The
  26. Đorđević, who was visiting the Paris Universal Exhibition at the time of the, announcement , Both immediately resigned from their respective offices and Alexander had
  27. Of a 3 million dollar bribe paid to Sharon's sons. Just 24 hours after the, announcement , Sharon suffered a stroke, went to coma, and never recovered. Some commentators
  28. Countries. An appeal of the decision was dismissed on 16 March 2005. With the, announcement ,in 2007 of the engagement of Peter Phillips to Autumn Kelly, a Roman Catholic
  29. Moses is ordered by God to speak to a rock but disobeys, and is punished by the, announcement ,that he shall not enter Canaan. The king of Odom refuses permission to the
  30. Community. He created the Open Source Definition and published the first formal, announcement ,and manifesto of open source. He co-founded the Open Source Initiative (OSI)
  31. Of his appointment and Khalid's disposal during the siege, but he delayed the, announcement ,until the city was conquered. Death On 23 August 634,Abu Bakr fell sick and
  32. And no longer would be given unlimited access without invoice. During this live, announcement ,via an online meeting of all community leaders in a virtual arena, Brian
  33. Had ratified the new Constitution. On September 13, 1788,it published an, announcement ,that the new Constitution had been ratified by the necessary nine states, set
  34. A300. An earlier announcement had been made in July 1967,but at that time the, announcement ,had been clouded by the British Government's support for the Airbus, which
  35. Announced in 1998 paired AMD with semiconductor giant Motorola. In the, announcement , Sanders referred to the partnership as creating a" virtual gorilla" that
  36. Regan struck gold at Poverty Point with a few ounces but within days of the, announcement ,prospectors rushed the area. As the Victorian gold rush gathered pace, numerous
  37. 7800 was initially released in southern California in June 1984,following an, announcement ,on May 21, 1984 at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show. 13 games were
  38. In Europe. The expanding cultural role of Berlin is underscored by the 2003, announcement , that the Pogrom,Europe's largest annual music industry convention—previously
  39. Debian references and replacing them with" Open Source ". The original, announcement ,of the Open Source Definition was made on February 9,1998, on Slashdot and
  40. And Pan's Labyrinth. Charon also directed the controversial public service, announcement ," I Am Autism" for Autism Speaks that was sharply criticized by disability
  41. And Best Writing Achievement for Abbott, Anderson and Andrews. In June 2009,an, announcement ,was made that All Quiet on the Western Front will be remade. The cast, crew
  42. Continued in until the appointment of Bathurst as Controller in 2005. A further, announcement ,by Head of television news Peter Horrors came at the same time as Bakhurst's
  43. Of $60 million, with the rest payable over 13 years at 6 % interest. The, announcement ,of the sale was also poorly handled, and a dive in business confidence ensued.
  44. The House of Commons was won by the Liberal Democrat David Ballot. Upon the, announcement , Widdecombe told the voters that the IRA would be" toasting their success ".
  45. Trademarks – the other being his distinct" Thank Voodoo ..." following every, announcement ,(He was also known on occasion to say" Give that fan a contract" after a
  46. Had shifted its emphasis to mobile electronic devices. The event also saw the, announcement ,of the iPhone and the Apple TV. The following day, Apple shares hit $97.80,an
  47. Was split along partisan lines. The Department of Defense was surprised by the, announcement ,; internal expectations were that the number of B-1s ordered would be cut down
  48. For 36 −400F and −400ERF freighters were already in place at the time of the, announcement , Japan Airlines,747 LCF Dreamlifter The 747-400 Dreamlifter (originally
  49. Have found somewhere else to go ". Newspapers of the period reported that the, announcement ,of the new party came as a complete shock to MPs from all sides of the Commons
  50. Proclamation on October 6,1908. The international furor over the annexation, announcement ,caused Sapolsky to drop the Dardanelles Straits question, altogether,in an

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