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  1. There is also a House of Alike, composed of chiefs, which has a purely, advisory ,role. The Out New is a similar organization consisting of sub-chiefs. It was
  2. Chad in September 1983. The United States Department of State issued a travel, advisory ,to U. S. citizens in 2009,recommending that citizens not affiliated with
  3. However, this type of Vice Chairman title on its own usually has only an, advisory ,role and not an operational one (such as Ted Turner at Time Warner). An
  4. Are represented in the council, though the synod or council may also be purely, advisory , Note that the presence of the office of" bishop" within a church is not
  5. That decides on grant-awarding and research proposals, and a scientific, advisory ,committee that oversees and approves the board's decisions., the board is made
  6. Cardinals. Jockey had been added by Castellini in the off season in an, advisory ,role, and after another poor start by the Reds, took the reins of general
  7. S was beginning to lose significance. Costs serves as a member of the, advisory ,board of the Baseball Assistance Team, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
  8. Jurisdiction of the federal judiciary, it also prohibits courts from issuing, advisory ,opinions, or from hearing cases that are either unripe, meaning that the
  9. Cornell Professor. Professor Sagan had been a founding member of the museum's, advisory ,board. The landing site of the unmanned Mars Pathfinder spacecraft was renamed
  10. The evolution of tribal government resulted in the 1920 establishment of two, advisory ,councils representing Africans and Europeans. Proclamations in 1934 regularized
  11. Save Communist Hrvatske, SKH ) in the fifties was intended to emphasize the, advisory ,role of the party, while actual power was supposed to be in hands of the
  12. Custody) is the most prominent example. Judicial arbitration is often merely, advisory ,dispute resolution technique, serving as the first step toward resolution, but
  13. The board is entirely optional, and if it does exist, only operates in an, advisory ,capacity to the owner or partners. Non-profit corporations are governed by a
  14. With the running of the body. For that reason both types of bodies have, advisory ,councils which have advisory and co-decision authorities. TU/e Holding B. V.
  15. A council with power to legislate for the church; but it agreed to pass only, advisory ,resolutions. These Lambert Conferences have been held roughly every 10 years
  16. Center, following Norway's Minister of Governmental Reform (Parts is on the, advisory ,board of the center); he provided input on the revision of the European
  17. Out his term on Adobe's Board of Directors, and then continued in a strategic, advisory ,role until the end of Adobe's 2008 fiscal year. Adobe released Adobe Media
  18. For members. The COP can also make amendments to the Convention, create expert, advisory ,bodies, review progress reports by member nations, and collaborate with other
  19. From the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, the official UK scientific, advisory ,board on drug abuse issues. In February 2009,the UK Advisory Council on the
  20. Board meetings or received negative recommendations from Isometrics (a proxy, advisory ,firm). This evidence suggests that some shareholders express their displeasure
  21. The state president. There are 57 parliamentary constituencies in Botswana. The, advisory ,House of Chiefs represents the eight principal subgroups of the Botswana people
  22. Corporations regarding Open Source. In 2007 some of his government, advisory ,roles included: a meeting with the President of the Chamber of Deputies (the
  23. The Exoplanet Data Explorer includes objects up to 24 Jupiter masses with the, advisory ,:" The 13 Jupiter-mass distinction by the IAU Working Group is physically
  24. Of the case and the application law. The verdict of the court is binding, not, advisory , ; however, both parties have the right to appeal the judgment to a higher court.
  25. S decisions., the board is made up of members of the Clay family, whereas the, advisory ,committee is composed of leading authorities in mathematics, namely Sir Andrew
  26. Assignments are either accepted or rejected by the CLC after review by an, advisory ,board; to date all have been accepted. In September 2003,the CLC sued the
  27. For the nation without actually owning them themselves, and now fulfil a mainly, advisory ,role. Trustee appointments are governed by the regulatory framework set out in
  28. General Political Department. There are, in addition to decision-making roles, advisory ,committees, including the People's Political Consultative Conference. During
  29. National policy in Japan has been developed out of the action of governmental, advisory ,boards, known as Shanghai/審議会 in Japanese. One such committee operated in the
  30. Committee). There is another committee named Zuba-hitu that functions as an, advisory ,committee. The eleven different substructures are: logistics, politics
  31. Is a firm atheist and secularist, a member of the Secular Coalition for America, advisory ,board, as well as an outspoken supporter of the Brights movement. Bennett is
  32. A librarianand a chairperson appointed by the Booker Prize Foundation. The, advisory ,committee then selects the judging panel, the membership of which changes each
  33. Then deliberated upon the conspirators' punishment. As it was the dominant, advisory ,body to the various legislative assemblies rather than a judicial body, there
  34. Certain matters. The Quito Audience, which was both a court of justice and an, advisory ,body to the viceroy, consisted of a president and several judges (adores).
  35. Each group is a self-governing entity with AA World Services acting only in an, advisory ,capacity. AA is served entirely by alcoholics, except for seven" nonalcoholic
  36. Assembly bill of tribal concern must be referred to the House of Chiefs for, advisory ,opinion. Chiefs and other leaders preside over customary, traditional courts
  37. Public, was founded in 1988 and is guided by a board of directors and a medical, advisory ,council. The organization's membership consists of patients, physicians
  38. Permanent role in the English system of government, functioning as a temporary, advisory ,committee, summoned by the monarch whenever the Crown required additional tax
  39. Body. For that reason both types of bodies have advisory councils which have, advisory ,and co-decision authorities. TU/e Holding B. V. Over the past two decades, the
  40. Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is also on the, advisory ,board of TTI/Vanguard. Until mid 2005,he was a Senior Fellow at HP Labs, a
  41. A 0.1 percent sales tax to help finance a new baseball stadium. Also,an, advisory ,committee was formed in 1990 by then-Governor of Colorado Roy Rome to recruit
  42. The evolution of tribal government resulted in the 1920 establishment of two, advisory ,councils to represent both Africans and Europeans. Proclamations in 1934
  43. At trial. Increasingly, firms of solicitors are keeping even the most advanced, advisory ,and litigation work in-house for economic and client relationship reasons.
  44. Proclamations in 1934 regularized tribal rule and powers. A European-African, advisory ,council was formed in 1951,and the 1961 constitution established a
  45. Process for the winner of the prize commences with the formation of an, advisory ,committee which includes an author, two publishers, a literary agent, a
  46. Monaco revises the principality's constitution, devolving some of his power to, advisory ,and legislative councils. *1963 – Instant replay is used for the first time in
  47. Report from the council. The plenary, formed by the 41 city councilors, has, advisory , planning, regulatory,and fiscal executive functions. The six Commissions del
  48. Proclamations in 1934 regularized tribal rule and powers. A European-African, advisory ,council was formed in 1951,and the 1961 constitution established a
  49. Held in trust by the Japanese Government was dismissed in 2008. Governmental, advisory ,boards Much national policy in Japan has been developed out of the action of
  50. UK for more information. In February 2009 an official independent scientific, advisory ,board to the UK government recommended that MDMA be re-classified to Class B

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