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  1. Installation of an eight-lane all-weather running track and a move to the same, premium ,artificial turf used by the New England Patriots of the National Football
  2. Of Fallen Angels, a series of neo-noir stories produced for the Showtime, premium ,cable network in 1993; other directors who worked on the series included Steven
  3. Two people plus luggage and its Rota 912S engine operates on a single tank of, premium ,unleaded gas. * StrongMobile's Magic Dragon Air car has been developed by
  4. With Cases, profiting from the difference between the bond spread and the CDS, premium , in a financial crisis the bonds may default and the CDS writer/seller may
  5. Brewing company in the world when it acquired Royal Grouch, brewer of Dutch, premium ,beer brand Grouch. InBev was the second-largest beer-producing company in the
  6. Price suffered a slump in 2005/6 and a peak in 2008. Since 2003 the relative, premium ,commanded by higher quality wool has increased with coarser wool missing out on
  7. The price exponentially, and Enron traders were thus able to sell power at, premium ,prices, sometimes up to a factor of 20x its normal peak value. Eugenics of
  8. As an advanced automated freight handling center, it can handle unusual and, premium ,cargo, and fresh produce, of which it handles over 80,000 tons per year. BA
  9. Air Botswana UK - The national airline of Botswana has put a, premium ,on economic and political integration in Southern Africa. It has sought to make
  10. 6th century BC," Pythagoras himself established a small community that set a, premium ,on study, vegetarianism,and sexual restraint or abstinence. Later philosophers
  11. ISPs offering a range of services, including dedicated, dial-up,pre-paid and, premium ,services. With the introduction of ADSL for homes and businesses, more
  12. Or using thirds to highlight the melody taken by them. This process placed a, premium ,on chamber music for more public performance, giving a further boost to the
  13. Lounge is a separate lounge specifically designed for customers flying on, premium ,flights both within the United States and internationally. This means that only
  14. To 16 October 1948 – 1 CFA franc 1.70 FRF (FRF French franc). This 0.70 FRF, premium ,is the consequence of the creation of the CFA franc, which spared the French
  15. 82) sold for the equivalent of $US178,000 ($US213,600 including the 'buyer's, premium ,') at Christie's auction house in London, making it by far the highest price
  16. Purposes: it is even played on North Sea oil rigs where space is really at a, premium , Bowls are played by the blind and paraplegic. Blind bowlers are extremely
  17. That on two-class domestic flights (including flights to Hawaii),the highest, premium ,class is branded as First Class, while on flights to the Caribbean, Canada
  18. Beverage),FM (flavored malt beverage),PPS (pre-packaged spirit or, premium ,packaged spirits),Poof Juice (Scotland and Ireland) and RTD (Ready To
  19. A huge score difference between the cases of contract being 1NT and 7NT. This, premium ,for contracting to take more tricks ensures competitiveness in the auction:
  20. To the relative ease of making high-scoring overlap plays and easier access to, premium ,squares. Example game (ISOPODS) Horizontal words from top to bottom Vertical
  21. The game as" another of the excellent Lucasarts programs that place a higher, premium ,on the quality of entertainment and less on the technical knowledge needed to
  22. Fund and LTCM had to unwind several positions. Eisenstein reports that the, premium ,of Royal Dutch had increased to about 22 percent and LTCM had to close the
  23. Can also involve taking control of a mobile wirelessly and phoning a, premium ,rate line, owned by the bluejacket. History of security concerns 2001 - 2004 In
  24. Of any visit to Aberdeen; parking at the foot of Shore Road is usually at a, premium , Another road leads coast wards from Easter Aberdeen. Hawkcraig Road leads past
  25. Cabin and the passenger is booked in that class as a paying customer or on a, premium ,cabin frequent flyer award ticket (not as an upgrade). The only exception to
  26. Is conducted entirely in electronic form for virtual items such as access to, premium ,content on a website, but mostly electronic commerce involves the
  27. Cable TV already built-in that is delivered as an analog signal. To obtain, premium ,television most televisions require a set-top box called a cable converter that
  28. As used by Phil Less, Jack Cassady, and Stanley Clarke, featured unique designs, premium ,hand-finished wood bodies, onboard electronics for amplification and
  29. To wait and must therefore be compensated by paying for the delay. # A risk, premium ,– reflects the extra return investors demand because they want to be
  30. Beverages including premium brands not found in the Admirals Club, free, premium , buffet snacks including breakfast items, salads,sandwiches, fruits,chocolates
  31. Operates several types of lounge for passengers travelling in the, premium ,cabins and passengers with Silver or Gold status in the Executive Club, British
  32. High definition channels, Pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages, premium ,movies channels and adult channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, MLB
  33. Shell in the summer of 1997,when Royal Dutch traded at an 8 to 10 percent, premium , In total $2.3 billion was invested, half of which long in Shell and the other
  34. Halal which allows manufacturers in Brunei and in other countries to use the, premium ,Brunei Halal trademark to help them penetrate lucrative markets in countries
  35. And price ranges that are marketed under the Audi brand (), positioned as the, premium ,brand within the Volkswagen Group. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt
  36. To identify the operator or a route, function or to demarcate low-cost or, premium ,service buses. Bus may be painted onto the vehicle, applied using adhesive
  37. Performance. For example, some new product development projects place a high, premium ,on finishing quickly. It is not that cost is unimportant, but finishing the
  38. The operators of the country. In the Maldives, cable TV subscribers can get most, premium ,channels available in Asia. All channels are required to obtain an exhibition
  39. Virus Scan Plus: Special Edition from AOL" ( VSP) to its free members, and a, premium ,version," McAfee Internet Security Suite: Special Edition from AOL" ( MIS)
  40. In the open market, with prices set by market demand. An ETF may trade at a, premium ,or discount to the value of the underlying assets. When a significant enough
  41. Compared to the normal Admirals Club include free alcoholic beverages including, premium ,brands not found in the Admirals Club, free premium buffet snacks including
  42. A method of working out the value of import tariffs Finance * Equity risk, premium , excess return on risky investments Geography * ERP, Netherlands,a town in the
  43. Modest" daily solar" design is very practical. For example, for about a 15 %, premium ,in building costs, the Passives building codes in Europe use high performance
  44. Upstairs lounge areas. Later, as airlines began to use the upper-deck for, premium ,passenger seating instead of lounge space, Boeing offered a ten-window upper
  45. Sit on the balcony to watch the game, but the club now sell those seats at a, premium ,game-by-game rate. In the past, board meetings used to be held in The Cottage
  46. Or discount to the value of the underlying assets. When a significant enough, premium ,appears, an arbitrageur will buy the underlying securities, convert them to
  47. Are farragoes and Texas (mission) which are known for their sweet taste and, premium ,quality. Because of its quality, it is used as a luxury nut. In the United
  48. From the incident of ownership that allows a monopoly price to be paid. Such, premium ,over real social value that an individual is able to reap due to incident of
  49. The green light to spend heavily on established talent, Gillick signed several, premium ,players like B. J. Sarnoff, Randy Myers, David Wells and Roberto Palomar. Under
  50. High definition channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages and, premium ,movie channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, etc. Also, the channels are

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