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  1. Data1,data2): n = Len (data1) sum 12 = 0 sum 1 = sum (data1) sum 2 =, sum ,(data2) for i in range (n): sum 12 += data*data covariance = ( sum 12 -
  2. Angle and a right angle is termed the complement of the angle. *Two angles that, sum ,to a straight angle (180°) are called supplementary angles. *: The difference
  3. His name contains the number 365,the number of the days in the year; i.e. the, sum ,of the numbers denoted by the Greek letters in ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ according to the rules
  4. Do not share any interior points are called adjacent angles. *Two angles that, sum ,to one right angle (90°) are called complementary angles. *: The difference
  5. Any family of nonempty sets is nonempty. **König's theorem: Colloquially,the, sum ,of a sequence of cardinals is strictly less than the product of a sequence of
  6. To buy Augustus De Morgan using his own name as example;" Great Gun, do us a, sum , " Is attributed to his son William De Morgan, but a family friend John Thomas
  7. Def naive_covariance (data1,data2): n = Len (data1) sum 12 = 0 sum 1 =, sum ,(data1) sum 2 = sum (data2) for i in range (n): sum 12 += data*data
  8. X_n, then the arithmetic mean does this best, in the sense of minimizing the, sum ,of squares (xi − X)2 of the residuals. (It follows that the mean is also the
  9. Function in one variable x, with coefficients in F, can be written as the, sum ,of a polynomial function with rational functions of the form a/ (x − b)n
  10. Straight angle (180°) is termed the supplement of the angle. *Two angles that, sum ,to one turn (360°) are called elementary angles or conjugate angles. *An
  11. Fractions with a numerator greater than one, they had to write fractions as the, sum ,of several fractions. For example, they resolved the fraction two-fifths into
  12. Or arrays as arguments, and derive related functions. For example the ", sum ," function is derived by applying the" reduction" operator to the" addition
  13. Based on a percentage of construction value, hourly rates or a fixed lump, sum ,fee. Combinations of these structures are also common. Fixed fees are usually
  14. Arrow \left arrow is displayed by the APL interpreter);: +/N\, \! Prints the, sum ,of N,i.e. 22. The user can save the workspace with all values, programs and
  15. Def two_pass_covariance (data1,data2): n = Len (data1) mean1 =, sum ,(data1) / n mean2 = sum (data2) / n covariance = 0 for i in range (n): a
  16. Small signal acoustic wave equation. Then we can express the variables as the, sum ,of the (time averaged) mean field (\angle\dot\range) that varies in
  17. Be weakened by the effect of other electrons, but still remains attractive in, sum ,). The electron cloud model can only be described by quantum mechanics, in
  18. Mason. Derleth's papers and comic book collection (valued at a considerable, sum ,upon his death) were donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison.
  19. Several fractions. For example, they resolved the fraction two-fifths into the, sum ,of one-third + one-fifteenth. Standard tables of values facilitated this. Some
  20. The mean is the only single number for which the residuals defined this way, sum ,to zero. *If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the
  21. Skepticism, but the terms agnostic and agnosticism were created by Huxley to, sum ,up his thoughts on contemporary developments of metaphysics about the "
  22. The sample mean, : \bar x = \display style \ sum _in x_j/n, and then computes the, sum ,of the squares of the differences from the mean, : s^2 = \display style\franc \!
  23. His allies and began a crusade of plunder in Franconia. Having extorted a large, sum ,of money from the citizens of Nuremberg, he quarrelled with his supporter, the
  24. Measure of a countable disjoint union of measurable sets is equal to the, sum ,of the measures of the individual sets. **Stone's representation theorem for
  25. Have negative temperatures, since there is no highest energy state, so that the, sum ,of the probabilities of the states would diverge for negative temperatures.
  26. Donations. That person may find another person willing to donate a substantial, sum , However, if the person seeking the donations met the person donating, not for
  27. Frac. It turns out that a more suitable quantity for updating is the, sum ,of squares of differences from the (current) mean, \text style\ sum _in (x_i -
  28. To handle unequal sample weights, replacing the simple counter n with the, sum ,of weights seen so far. West (1979) suggests this incremental algorithm:
  29. Associated sum s of squares.: \text_ = \text_ + \text_\, \! See also Lack-of-fit, sum ,of squares. The F-test The F-test is used for comparisons of the components of
  30. Y_ from experimental unit i when receiving treatment j can be written as the, sum ,of the unit's response y_i and the treatment-effect t_j, that is: y_=y_i+t_j.
  31. Are computable and therefore definable. The field of algebraic numbers The, sum , difference, product and quotient of two algebraic numbers is again algebraic (
  32. x)=\ sum _ u_k (x)a_k ex+\ sum _ u_k (x)by\dagger _k ex, \,where the first, sum ,is over positive energy states and the second over those of negative energy.
  33. Be treated very cautiously by the public. Logic of ANOVA Partitioning of the, sum ,of squares The fundamental technique is a partitioning of the total sum of
  34. Of larger cardinals. (The reason for the term" colloquially ", is that the, sum ,or product of a" sequence" of cardinals cannot be defined without some aspect
  35. Agglutinative morphology and SO word order, usually co-occur in languages. In, sum , the idea was that Turkic, Mongolic,and Tunguska form a Sprachbund – the
  36. As tending to over six acres of land. On May 23, 1845,Abby May was granted a, sum ,from her father's estate which was put into a trust fund, granting minor
  37. As being built up (in approximation) in an electron configuration that is a, sum ,of simpler hydrogen-like atomic orbitals. In such a configuration, pairs of
  38. By wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone on Earth. His message appeared to, sum ,up the feelings that all three crewmen had from their vantage point in lunar
  39. For payment in the form of an advance and royalties. An advance is a lump, sum ,paid in advance of publication. An advance must be earned out before royalties
  40. Scholar Walter Older has discerned in the early liturgical work Lactates, sum ,(RV ANH 31,written in 1691 at the age of 13) the influence of Legrenzi's
  41. To decide the sign of the exterior angle measure. *: In Euclidean geometry,the, sum ,of the exterior angles of a simple polygon will be one full turn (360°).
  42. In its first three weeks at a single New York theater, an almost unheard-of, sum ,at the time. ) This success in turn led to a vogue in America for Japanese
  43. Of the integers, as the latter are the roots of Monica polynomials for all The, sum , difference and product of algebraic integers are again algebraic integers
  44. Of the sum of squares The fundamental technique is a partitioning of the total, sum ,of squares S into components related to the effects used in the model. For
  45. Simply divide by n instead of n − 1 on the last line. Because sum _SQR and, sum ,* mean can be very similar numbers, the precision of the result can be much
  46. The name of the alkane from" -ANE" to" -YL" * Number the root chain so that, sum ,of the numbers assigned to each side group will be as low as possible * Number
  47. Data1,data2): n = Len (data1) mean1 = sum (data1) / n mean2 =, sum ,(data2) / n covariance = 0 for i in range (n): a = data - mean1 b =
  48. By bombarding target atoms of heavy elements with ions, such that the, sum ,of the atomic numbers of the target and ion elements equals the atomic number
  49. Irreducible element in FX. Then the rational function 1/p can be written as the, sum ,of a polynomial function q with rational functions of the form a/ (x − b)n.
  50. Of dissection. This involves cutting a shape into pieces, whose areas must, sum ,to the area of the original shape. For an example, any parallelogram can be

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