Should I learn vocabulary or grammar first in English?


It is no exaggeration to say that English words are the most important in learning English. How do you remember? Some people may be wondering, "I know English words are important, but I can't remember them easily." "How do I remember them?" So, in this article, I will tell you how to learn English words and tips. If you want to improve your vocabulary, please refer to it!

Should English learning start with words?

Is it efficient to start learning English from words? Is it okay to postpone it? I will explain word learning in the early stages of learning!

Word memorization is essential!

In learning English, memorizing English words is inevitable. Because if you don't understand the word, you can't convey what you want to say, and you can't understand what the other person is saying. Words are important in all four English skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing). In other words, English words can be said to be the basis of the basics of English.

Don't spend time on words

He explained that English words are the basis of English and must be memorized. However, even if I just memorize English words, I can't speak or hear English. Let's also learn the grammar that is the rule when arranging English words and the pronunciation rule that is necessary to pronounce English words correctly. By studying in a well-balanced manner, you will improve your English proficiency.

Let's increase the words that can be used

When memorizing English words, be aware that you will not just increase your vocabulary, but will increase your vocabulary. You don't have to remember difficult words like infinitesimal, legislation, for example. Before you learn those words, let's master basic English words such as take, make, and get. If you can master these words, the range of expressions will expand dramatically.

5 Ways to Learn English Words

When you think of memorizing English words, you may think of a vocabulary book, but in reality, there are many ways to memorize words other than vocabulary books. I myself have improved my vocabulary by the methods I will introduce. Each method has its own characteristics and merits, so let's learn English words in a way that suits you!

Remember with an English word book

The most standard way is to use a deck. The advantage of using a vocabulary is that it covers all the words you need to remember. Since the words to be memorized are collected in one book, you can concentrate on memorizing the words. In addition, the vocabulary books are divided according to level and purpose, such as for beginners, students, English conversation, and qualification exams, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Remember with the app

It is also recommended to learn English words using the app. The advantage of using the app to learn English words is that you can take advantage of technology. For example, you can check pronunciation, example sentences, synonyms, etc. with just one tap on an English word. In addition, it is equipped with a function that asks questions when you forget a word that you have memorized once, so you can memorize it efficiently. With the app, you can quickly memorize English words even in a short time such as when you are commuting to school or work.

Learn from foreign films and foreign dramas

If you want to learn English words that natives often use in their daily lives, please use Western movies and overseas dramas. If you find a word you don't understand while watching a Western movie or an overseas drama, write it down on your notebook or vocabulary card. Since you will learn English words through conversations with the characters, you will be able to understand the details such as how to use English words and their nuances. The words you learned in foreign movies and overseas dramas will leave a strong impression on you, so they will be easy to remember.

Learn from foreign books

If you like reading books, we recommend using foreign books to learn English words. By reading foreign books, you will be able to experience the familiar English words that native speakers usually use. For foreign movies and overseas dramas, the flow is fast, so you need to repeat playing and pausing, but with foreign books, you can memorize words at your own pace. The appeal of foreign books is that they have various genres such as picture books, novels, and self-development.

Learn with Western music

If you like singing and listening to songs, we recommend using Western music to learn English words. When asked to someone who can speak English, "How did you come to speak English?", Many people answered, "I listened to a lot of Western music and mastered English." Instead of just listening to something, look up each word you don't understand and listen while checking the meaning.

Tips for learning English words

I think there are many people who are having trouble remembering words. From here, I will introduce the tips to learn English words efficiently!

Anyway, touch repeatedly

You can't remember English words just by looking at them once. According to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, humans forget 56% of what they once learned one hour later and 67% one day later. To make sure you don't forget, repeat the English words in a short period of time. The faces of people you meet every day are the same as if you don't try to remember them, and you can naturally remember words by repeatedly touching them every day.

Remember words before going to bed

When do you remember the word? In fact, it is said that if you memorize a word before going to bed, it will be easier to settle in your memory. Sometimes what you think or see before you go to bed comes up in your dreams. The brain organizes memory while sleeping. Especially 30 minutes before going to bed is the best timing for memorization. Stop messing around with your smartphone during this time and use it for word memorization.

Try to make an example sentence yourself

If you just memorize words mechanically, it will not be fixed in your memory. For example, even if you mechanically remember "must = must", you will soon forget it. Once you have learned an English word, try making an example sentence using that word. Creating an original example sentence, such as I must study English., Will help you to remember and master the words.

Use voice

When memorizing English words, it is a waste to just look at the vocabulary. Please take advantage of the voice. By listening to the voice, you can learn the pronunciation of English words at the same time, which is also a listening measure. In addition to listening to the voice, try pronouncing it yourself. By using your body to memorize words, it will be easier to remember than just looking at them.

Recommended vocabulary

From here, I would like to introduce a recommended word book!

DUO 3.0

DUO 3.0 is a vocabulary book that has gained the support of a wide range of English learners, including students studying TOEIC and English conversation. DUO contains 1600 words and 1000 idioms. The biggest feature is that you can efficiently memorize words and idioms through 560 example sentences. Since it is supervised by 15 natives, there are many practical example sentences, so if you memorize each example sentence, it will be effective in improving your speaking ability.

Word source picture book of English words

The etymology book of English words is a vocabulary book in which you can memorize English words by using "etymology" such as "root", "prefix", and "suffix". For example, taking injection as an example, the prefix "in" means "inside", the root "ject" means "throw", and the suffix "ion" means "thing". Therefore, it means "injection". By learning these etymologies, your vocabulary will expand to the Imozuru formula.


Distinction is a recommended vocabulary for those who want to learn English words that natives use on a daily basis . This vocabulary contains words and phrases that natives often use, which are not learned in Japanese schools. The design of the word book is cool, so it's not embarrassing to use it on trains or cafes.