How to improve TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS scores using apps?


What kind of teaching materials do you use when studying for TOEIC? There are various TOEIC materials such as reference books, apps, and online English conversation. Among them, this time we will focus on the apps that can take TOEIC measures. There are quite a lot of TOEIC apps, and you may be wondering which one to use.

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the points to note when choosing a TOEIC app, tips on how to study using the TOEIC app, and 6 recommended TOEIC apps. If you want to study TOEIC using the app, please refer to it!

Precautions when choosing a TOEIC app

First of all, I will explain the points to be aware of when choosing a TOEIC app.

Check what you can learn with the app

There are various types of apps, even if they are called TOEIC apps. There are types that specialize in words and all-in-one types that can take all measures with one app, and the contents that can be taken differ depending on the app. For example, it would be a waste of money for people who want to learn only words to use an all-in-one type app because it is over-engineered. Think about what you want to learn and choose an app.

Should I choose a free app or a paid app?

There are free and paid TOEIC apps. Which one should I choose? Some people may think that. Paid apps have more content than free apps, and there are some that can take various measures such as words, grammar, and mock exams with just one app. While free apps have the advantage of being able to take TOEIC measures for free, they also have the disadvantage of having a lot of advertisements and making it easier to lose concentration. Therefore, it's best to think of free apps as supplementary materials for paid apps and reference books.

Does it suit you

Another thing to check is whether the app is right for you. Ease of use and operability vary depending on the application. And each person has their own taste for the app. If you use an app that is difficult to use, you will be stressed and you will throw out your studies on the way. Even paid apps have a free trial period, so first try using them to see if the app suits you.

Tips for studying with the TOEIC app

From here, I will introduce the tips of studying methods using the TOEIC app.

Effective use of gap time

The advantage of studying TOEIC using the app is that you can make effective use of the gap time. If you have the app on your smartphone that you always carry with you, you can easily study. Open the app at a short time, such as on the train while commuting to work or school, during lunch break, or in bed before going to bed, and take TOEIC measures. By studying every day even for a short time, you can expect a learning effect. Learning using the app is recommended for working people and students who are too busy to take a lot of time to study.

Set a study time

The weakness of studying with apps is the temptation of other apps. When you open your smartphone, you tend to open fun apps such as SNS and games. Therefore, it is recommended that you decide on a TOEIC study time. For example, if you set up a study schedule, such as getting up 30 minutes early in the morning to memorize words or solving long sentences on the train, you will not be able to open other apps and you can make your study routine. can make it, right.

Study while speaking out

Another advantage of studying TOEIC using the app is that you can listen to native voice with one tap. Some reference books come with a CD, but you can't listen to the audio with just one tap. One of the strengths of the app is that you can easily check the native voice. You can just listen to it, but if you want to, try to imitate the native voice and say it out. By shadowing and reading aloud, you can take measures for listening and reading.

6 apps that can take TOEIC measures

With this as a preface, I will introduce the TOEIC countermeasure application from here.


abceed is an app that allows you to use all-you-can-use famous TOEIC reference books such as "TOEIC L & R TEST Single Express Money Phrase" and "TOEIC L & R Test Grammar Questions 1000 Questions" for a monthly fee of 1400 yen. By taking the level diagnostic test, the conversion score will be calculated, so you can know your current level. There are many useful functions such as learning time measurement function and automatic scoring mark sheet function. A free plan is also available, but with the free plan, you can only listen to the audio, so basically it is recommended to use the paid plan.

Study supplement ENGLISH

Study Supplement ENGLISH is an application that can comprehensively take TOEIC measures. The merit of study supplement ENGLISH is that you can watch all-you-can-watch commentary videos, which are called god lessons. Masao Seki, who is in charge of the instructor, will explain the grammar and so on. It also has functions for dictation and shadowing, so you can study faster. There is also a personal coach plan that you can study with a three-legged race with a dedicated coach for those who can not continue studying alone or get motivated.


SANTA TOEIC is a TOEIC preparation app that contains 5000 questions equivalent to 25 TOEIC tests. After solving the 5-minute problem, the highly accurate AI will calculate the expected score. After that, every time you solve 50 questions, it will measure your current ability in real time. In addition, AI will analyze the weaknesses of the user, pick up the problems necessary for improving the score and ask questions, so you will be able to improve the score efficiently. There are paid plans and free plans, and you can use all the functions in the paid plan. On the other hand, with the free plan, you can solve the problems of Part 2 and Part 5 up to 10 questions per day.

TOEIC presents English Upgrader

TOEIC presents English Upgrader is a recommended app for those who want to improve their listening skills. You can listen to English conversation skits according to situations such as business and daily life. There is also a comprehension check quiz, so you can check how well you are listening to English. If you can't hear it, you can check it by looking at the script. It also has a handy feature that will let you know when the public test deadline is approaching. This app is free and you can use all the features.


Recipes (POLYGLOTS) is an app that allows you to easily read English news from around the world. It is easy to continue learning because it provides articles according to the learner's hobbies. In addition, you can tap the words that appear in the text to display the Japanese translation, so you can continue reading quickly without a dictionary. The recipe (POLYGLOTS) has a free plan and a paid plan. You can read articles with the free plan, but if you apply for the paid plan, you can listen to the voice of the article read aloud, so you can listen and study together.


Kikutan is an app that can strengthen your TOEIC vocabulary. It is divided into three target points of 600, 800, and 990, so you can choose the app that suits your level. The operability is very good and you can use it crisply, so I personally think that you can memorize words more efficiently than using a paper vocabulary. It is equipped with many functions that allow you to memorize English words without difficulty, such as a function to review mistaken problems at once. The chants mode, which allows you to memorize words according to the rhythm, is convenient for listening while you are on the move.


This time, I explained the recommended TOEIC preparation app and the study method using the app. The TOEIC app is equipped with useful functions that are not found in paper reference books, such as a function that allows you to easily listen to voice and a function that AI gives you an expected score, so you can study TOEIC faster. When I was studying TOEIC myself, I made full use of the app to improve my score. Please refer to this article and find your favorite app.