Expressions about military ranks in English


This article is dedicated to those for whom the defense of the Motherland is both a vocation and a profession. Today we will share English vocabulary related to military ranks. You need to “justify yourself” right away: the systems of military ranks in Russia, the USA, Great Britain differ dramatically, so in this article we will not conduct a comparative analysis of military ranks. To begin with, let's deal with the word "title" itself and the possibilities of its use.

rank |ræŋk| - rank, rank, rank, rank, row, degree, rank, class, category

British military ranks

  • Officer Cadet
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Field-Marshal

Expressions with military ranks in English

Table 1. English expressions with the word rank - rank


deprive of the rank

deprivation of title

deprivation of rank

military ranks

grades of military rank

lose one's rank

to be deprived of one's rank

deprive someone of ranks

to relieve smb. of his rank

insignia (ranks)

badge of rank

deprivation of military rank

deprivation of a military rank

rise to the rank of colonel

rise to the rank of colonel

date of conferment of military rank

date of rank

receiving a title; getting a title

getting a rank

conferring title; conferring a title

awarding a rank

date of awarding the military rank of this category

date of rank in current grade

train for the rank of captain

to qualify for the rank of captain

delay in conferring the next title; deprivation of title

forfeiture of service rank

You can also use the word commission
commission |kəˈmɪʃn| - commission, commission, commission fee, commission

Table 2. Expressions with the word Commission in English


withdraw a commission

commemorate a title

wet one's commission

conferring an officer's rank

appointment to commission

assignment of a temporary officer rank

temporary commission

assignment of a temporary officer rank

non-permanent commission

nominate for an officer's rank

tip for a commission

urgent assignment of the primary officer rank

emergency commission

assignment of an officer rank in a certain branch of the military

branch commission

obtaining an officer's rank; commissioned

gaining a commission

conferring a permanent officer rank in the regular army

permanent regular commission

conferring an officer's rank; conferring an officer's rank

appointment to commission

Let's continue with collocations, including colloquial ones, which are formed with the word "title".

Table 3. About military ranks in English

planned assignment of the title

automatic promotion

confer military rank

conference military ranks

lose an officer's rank

give up metal

lose an officer's rank

to give up one's metal

ranks of sergeants

non-commissioned ranks

loud titles, high ranks

sonorous titles

establish honorary titles

institute honorific titles

compulsory rank

mandatory promotion

extraordinary conferment of title

below-the-zone promotion

demotion to the rank of private

bust to basic

first-priority rank/p>

primary zone promotion

automatic rank assignment

automatic appointment

title certificate

promotion certificate

title certificate

appointment certificate

extraordinary conferment of title

promotion by merit