Latest slang information from America – How to use “chill”!


This is the 4th announcement of the latest American slang information!

I would like to introduce you immediately! Today I would like to introduce you to the slang "chill".

To chill (verb)

"How to use"

(1) The verb "chill" has two meanings: "to hang out" and "to relax".

-I was chilling with my friend Rachel.

-I just want to chill tonight, so I'm not going to the party.

(2) The other means "to calm down".

-Why is that guy so angry? He needs to chill.

To have no chill (noun)

"No chill" means "behave if you don't care what others think of you, and you can't deal with things calmly."

"How to use"

-I asked Tom what he thinks about my new shirt, and he said it's ugly. Tom has no chill.

In this case, Tom slammed his friend's new shirt without worrying about the eyes of others!

-Why is he always yelling? He seriously has no chill.

In this case, he's always screaming calmly unable to deal with things!

chill (adjective)

"Chill (adjective)" means "a person pretending to be calm, a person who is calm, or a person who has a calm and laid-back atmosphere."

"How to use"

-I like hanging out with Vincent because he's a pretty chill person.

-Sara's restaurant is a chill place to eat and talk with friends.

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