Business English: meeting visitors, guests in the organization


Each employee of the organization, who indicated knowledge of English in his resume when applying for a job, inevitably faces the need to take part in business events in a foreign language sooner or later. It can be a meeting of foreign guests, a business meeting with foreign partners, etc. Such meetings begin with greeting guests and visitors, and already at this initial stage, many get into trouble, thereby spoiling the impression of themselves and the organization they represent. To avoid this, we present to your attention a selection of phrases, so to speak, for "meeting at the door."

Table. Meeting foreign guests in English




Good morning/afternoon. Can I help you?

Good morning Good afternoon. How can I help you?

Do you have an appointment?

Do you have an appointment?

I'll let (Mr Smith) know you're here. What name is it, please?

I will inform (Mr. Smith) that you are here. What is your name?

Explanation of the problem

I'm afraid (Mr Smith) is in a meeting.

I'm afraid (Mr. Smith) is in a meeting.

I'm sorry, but he/she's out of the office at the moment.

;Excuse me, but he/she is not in the office right now.

Offer of help / drinks etc.

Would you like to take a seat?

Would you like to sit down?

Maybe I can help you?

Maybe something to help you?

Would you like some tea/coffee while you wait?

Maybe some tea or coffee while you wait?

Milk and sugar?

Milk, sugar?

Would you like to read through our company brochure / newsletter / literature?

&Would you like to see a brochure, information, printed matter about our company?

Keeping casual conversation

Did you have a good journey?

Did you have a good trip?

What was the weather like in (London)?

What was the weather like in (London)?

Have you been to (Germany) before?

Have you been to (Germany?)