America's latest slang-Bet., Periodt., Pull up, come thru


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① Bet. Like. Okay.

A: Do you wanna get some food?

B: Bet!

A: Would you like to eat something?

B: Good!

It is an agreement and is also used in the form of "I bet" or "You bet."

② Periodt. Above!

Sam is the cutest… periodt.

Sam is the cutest ... That's it!

You use the "." Period to end a sentence, right? It is derived from that.

The d in period t. is not pronounced.

③ Pull up / come thru (abbreviation of through) Invitation

Pull up to my house.

I'm going to have a party, so come on.

Come thru!

Go a little closer!

This is an expression used when inviting a close friend.

Let's not use it in the business scene.

④ Put someone on Make someone crazy about something.

I put you on Justin B.

I'll make you crazy about Justin Bieber.

It is an expression used as one of the jokes.

⑤ Vibin'/ vaɪbɪn / Enjoy and relax

I'm vibin'right now to this music.

I'm enjoying this music now.

An abbreviation for "vibing", it is close to the meaning of "chill", such as relaxing without doing anything.

⑥ Get lit / Get turnt (old past tense of turneded) Let's party! Let's drink! Let's make a noise!

Let's get turnt to night.

Let's drink tonight!

The t of get is not pronounced, but let's pronounce it with a gap between "skipping" t.

⑦ Shook Oh my gar. I was surprised.

I'm shook. That was scary.

Oh my god! That's scary.

The past tense of “shake”. Often used in dramas and movies in the form of “shooks”.

⑧ Real one A reliable person.

He is a real one.

He is a reliable person.

Translated literally, it becomes "a true person", and it is easy to understand if you receive it with the nuance of being a true person you can trust.

⑨ Issa bop A very good song.

You should listen to Maroon 5 cause Issa bop.

It's a really good song, so listen to Maroon 5.

“Isa” is a slang expression of “it's a”, which means a good song that makes you want to dance and make you happy when used with “bop” (music).

⑩ Clown A disgusting man who doesn't like it.

Wow dude! You are a clown.

Wow! You're a disgusting man!

“Clown” means a clown, but it can also be used in a bad way, such as a redneck or an idiot.

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