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  1. By the narrow valley of the Danube, where the Oldenburg Abbey stands,the, valley ,of the Actual in the north, a left tributary of the Danube, and the famous
  2. Stabilization, the crew began preparations for landing in the Taurus-Littrow, valley , Soon after completing their preparations for landing, Cernan and Schmitt began
  3. Northwest Arctic area, anchored by Kotzebue and also containing the Kabul River, valley , is often regarded as being part of this region. However, the respective
  4. River Valley. The predictable flooding and controlled irrigation of the fertile, valley ,produced surplus crops, which fueled social development and culture. With
  5. Alabama region is mostly mountainous, with the Tennessee River cutting a large, valley ,creating numerous creeks, streams,rivers, mountains,and lakes. The states
  6. Of the East African plateau, directed chiefly into the lakes in the great rift, valley , The largest river is the OMO, which,fed by the rains of the Ethiopian
  7. The harbor of Mobile was formed by the drowning of the lower part of the, valley ,of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers as a result of the sinking of the land here
  8. Civilization. Nomadic modern human hunter-gatherers began living in the Nile, valley ,through the end of the Middle Pleistocene some 120 thousand years ago. By the
  9. In Lake Victoria, an isolated lake which formed recently in the African rift, valley , over 300 species of cichlid fish adaptively radiated from one parent species
  10. Whose leaders were in complete control of the people and resources of the Nile, valley , Establishing a power center at Hierakonpolis, and later at Abyss, Naqada III
  11. Resources to spare, the administration sponsored mineral exploitation of the, valley ,and surrounding desert regions, the early development of an independent writing
  12. Of Wanted, on the Lower Rhine, c. 1080) at Promote, a secluded marshy, valley ,in the forest of Couch in the diocese of Loan. The order spread widely. Even in
  13. The river's source. The area around Babelsberg is characterized by the narrow, valley ,of the Danube, where the Oldenburg Abbey stands, the valley of the Actual in
  14. Barney, Kawa, Jebel Baikal, etc. It was during the 25th dynasty that the Nile, valley ,saw the first widespread construction of pyramids (many in modern Sudan)
  15. Abundant in Egypt; the ancient Egyptians quarried limestone all along the Nile, valley , granite from Aswan, and basalt and sandstone from the wadis of the eastern
  16. Flint hand axes are the earliest pieces of evidence of habitation in the Nile, valley , Nodules of the mineral were carefully flaked to make blades and arrowheads of
  17. Schmitt spent just over three days on the lunar surface in the Taurus-Littrow, valley , conducting three periods of extra-vehicular activity, or moonwalks, during
  18. Iris, orchids ), and as garden ornamentals (e.g. day lilies, lily of the, valley , Acanthus). Characteristics Most species of Asparagus are herbaceous
  19. Ghazi, Mazar-i-Sharif,and Caring. The Minaret of Jam in the Hard River, valley ,is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A cloak reputedly worn by Islam's Prophet
  20. Southeast, Anatolia is bounded by the ranges that separate it from the Routes, valley ,in Greater Syria and the Mesopotamian plain. The northern coast of Anatolia
  21. Stretching from the northern side of the Seward Peninsula to the Kabul River, valley ,is technically a desert, with portions receiving less than of precipitation
  22. The north of Japan. The planned location for one of the dams was across the, valley ,floor close to Tibetan village, the home of a large community of Ainu people
  23. And wild, impassable forests were their prevailing features. The" bright, valley ," Clara Wallis of St Bernard, was known as the" Valley of Wormwood,"
  24. Which occupies part of historical Armenia, whose ancient centers were in the, valley ,of the Arabs River and the region around Lake Van in Turkey. Armenia is
  25. Which the Turks call" ova ". Some are no more than a widening of a stream, valley ,; others, such as the Kenya OVAs, are large basins of inland drainage or are
  26. About and are as high as in some northern areas. The western Albanian Alps (, valley ,of Boga) are among the wettest areas in Europe, receiving some of rain
  27. Near a valley . Sabin us and Gotta chose for the easy solution and crossed the, valley , While they crossed the valley Ambrosia and his men attacked them from up the
  28. Roman town; and Jamila and Tim gad, both Roman ruins; M'Lab Valley, a limestone, valley ,containing a large urbanized oasis; also the Cash of Algiers is an important
  29. Discrete subdivisions, the North Midland that begins north of the Ohio River, valley ,area, and the South Midland speech; sometimes the former is designated simply "
  30. Acacia Iraqis can be found growing wild in the Sinai desert and the Jordan, valley , It is found in the savanna vegetation of the tropical continental climate. It
  31. Dominated by deciduous oaks, with areas of shrubland, montane forest, and, valley , forest. *Anatolian conifer and deciduous mixed forests: These forests occupy
  32. Southern Alberta, then migrating north during the summer into the Peace River, valley ,where the season is short, but the working days are long for honeybees to
  33. For Apollo 17: Alfonso crater, Gassendi crater, and the Taurus-Littrow, valley , In making the final landing site decision, mission planners took into
  34. Such as Sahara, built or restored temples and monuments throughout the Nile, valley , including at Memphis, Karnak, Kawa, Jebel Baikal, etc. It was during the 25th
  35. Lakes. Towards the south the two lines converge and give place to one great, valley ,(occupied by Lake Nyasa),the southern part of which is less distinctly due
  36. Chose for the easy solution and crossed the valley . While they crossed the, valley ,Ambrosia and his men attacked them from up the hills and slaughtered them.
  37. Way on May 31, 1889 resulting in twenty million tons of water to sweep down the, valley ,causing the Johnstown Flood. When word of the dam's failure was telegraphed to
  38. On the island at 'Ana and belonged to ... the congregational mosque. When the, valley ,was flooded by the Hadith Dam at Hadith in 1984-85,the Iraqi State Board of
  39. A peace treaty. In 506,the Visigoths captured the city of Deltona in the Ebro, valley , There they captured the Roman usurper Peter and had him executed. Battle of
  40. Which is drained by the Arusha River, and most moderate in the Arabs River, valley ,to the extreme southwest. Most of Armenia is drained by the Arabs or its
  41. To reunite the" Two lands" of Northern and Southern Egypt. The reunited Nile, valley ,empire was as large as it had been since the New Kingdom. The 25th dynasty
  42. To the deltas of the Kill River, the coastal plains of Fukuoka and the, valley ,floors of the Media River and the Bulk Endears River as well as some interior
  43. Southern Alberta, then migrating north during the summer into the Peace River, valley ,where the season is short, but the working days are long for honeybees to
  44. 58° South latitude, reaching a maximum width of about. A great rift, valley ,also extends along the ridge over most of its length. The depth of water at the
  45. Beyond, whose richest soils are the red clays and dark loads of the river, valley ,; north of which are less fertile soils, produced by siliceous and sandstone
  46. Roman camps were behind hills and in the other option behind a plain near a, valley , Sabin us and Gotta chose for the easy solution and crossed the valley . While
  47. Were first domesticated. By about 5500 BC, small tribes living in the Nile, valley ,had developed into a series of cultures demonstrating firm control of
  48. Execution, and extraction phases of the ambush patrol. A path along a wooded, valley ,floor would be a typical example. Ambush can be described geometrically as: *
  49. Rock to connect the roadways on the ridge tops of the canyon to the sites on the, valley ,bottoms. The largest roads, constructed at the same time as many of the great
  50. Exceeds. Average precipitation ranges from per year in the lower Arabs River, valley ,to at the highest altitudes. Despite the harshness of winter in most parts, the

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