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  1. Helena, the excavators discovered a void containing a 2nd century drawing of a, roman ,ship, two low walls which supported the platform of Hadrian's 2nd century
  2. By Sharia, Avery Hopwood's The Great Bordello, a Story of the Theatre, is a, roman ,à clef that tells the story of Edwin End sleigh—Hop wood’s fictional
  3. Phonetic Such tools work on phonetic transliteration. The user writes in, roman ,and the IME automatically converts it into Devanagari. Some popular phonetic
  4. Numerical quantities, even those denoted by letters, are usually printed in, roman ,(upright) type, though sometimes can be italic. Symbols for elementary
  5. Like Δ in By or operators like d in DX, are also recommended to be printed in, roman ,type.: Examples: real numbers are as usual, such as 1 or √2,: e for the
  6. With the Geneva Bible, which was the first English Bible printed in a, roman ,typeface (although black-letter editions, particularly in folio format, were
  7. Cost per impression, the online advert cost per thousand views M 1000 in, roman ,numerals so CPM C Cost P Per M=1,000 as in banner advertising you pay for each
  8. Process *Janus (Warehouse 13),an ancient magical coin artifact of the, roman ,god Janus that can erase a past life memory of a person to start a new life. It
  9. Which was originally introduced among the Romans by Scipio Africanus. This new, roman ,imperial fashion lasted until the reign of Thomas. The Byzantine Empire
  10. Parallel Romantic literary movements developed in continental Europe: the, roman ,noir (" black novel" ) in France, by such writers as François Guillaume
  11. Keeps the year numbering and the names of the months, but maintains the old, roman ,New Year's Day, the lengths of month like the seven-days-week. Criticism and
  12. May differ from contemporary and less egalitarian classical counterparts of the, roman ,era. There are some general indications from Iron Age burial sites in the
  13. Function, written as arc sin, which is, like sin, conventionally denoted in, roman ,type and not in italics (note that software libraries of mathematical
  14. In Slavic languages (for example, in Russian) does not use the words ", roman ," and" italic" in this sense. Instead, the nomenclature follows German naming
  15. Rôle: a part or function of a person in a situation or an actor in a play;, roman ,à clef:" novel with a key ": an account of actual persons, places or events in
  16. Ignatius as Dialogue in the Dark. Hume asked that he be interred in a" simple, roman ,tomb "; in his will he requests that it be inscribed only with his name and the
  17. Usage norms. The first printing used a black letter typeface instead of a, roman ,typeface, which itself made a political and a religious statement. Like the
  18. Intensity scale. In music theory, the diatonic functions are identified using, roman ,numerals. See: Roman numeral analysis. In performance practice, individual
  19. Latin changed to, first in unstressed syllables, as in Catalan (Lat. > OC., roman ,), then in stressed syllables (Lat. > OC. for). Examples of pan-Occitan
  20. Invalid. Lead poisoning Although lead has not been used for writing since, roman ,times, lead poisoning from pencils was not uncommon; until the middle of the
  21. G Edwards," This was the first collected edition of Chaucer to be printed in, roman ,type. The life of Chaucer prefixed to the volume was the work of the Reverend
  22. Books. The Cyrillic lowercase ‹ б › has a slightly different design both in the, roman ,and italic types, which is similar to the lowercase Greek letter Delta, ‹ δ ›.
  23. Roman Festival (Coverage) are held biennially on the site of the former, roman ,fort and the modern Limes museum. The festival’s ninth conduct in 2008 was
  24. Include separate small-caps glyphs. Cyrillic fonts, as well as Latin ones, have, roman , and italic type (practically all popular modern fonts include parallel sets of
  25. Small parts of the oldest buildings ever recovered in Frankfurt: An ancient, roman ,settlement and the Frankfurt Royal Palace (Kaiserpfalz Frankfurt) from the
  26. Morocco Initially the Berber kings ruled overshadowing Carthage and Rome (, roman ,rulers actually referred to these people as semi-gods),often as satellites
  27. In black letter type, a tradition that survived long after the switch to, roman ,and italic text for other printed works. The phrase definitely refers to a
  28. Including developments such as the Theatre of the Absurd and the Noumea, roman , In 'Postmodernist Fiction' ( 1987),Brian Male details the shift from
  29. And humorous. By the 18th century, they were printed in white letter or, roman ,type and often without much decoration (as well as tune title). These later
  30. However, any numeral system based on powers of ten, e. g., Greek,Cyrillic, roman , or Chinese numerals may conceptually be described as" decimal notation" or "
  31. They refer to, and tend to be written in italic rather than upright, roman ,typeface while the quantity is also in italic. For example CP or isobaric is
  32. Specify what concept or entity they refer to, and tend to be written in upright, roman ,typeface rather than italic while the quantity is in italic. For instance EK or
  33. And to the New Testament. The original printing of the Authorized Version used, roman ,type to distinguish text supplied by translators, or thought needful for
  34. By what Costello felt was his unflattering portrayal in Thomas' 1990, roman , à clef The Big Wheel. Despite this, the original group reunited for the 1994
  35. Meaning, the symbol π is typically not used for this purpose. ) Lower case, roman ,letters (a, b,c, ...) are also used. See the figures in this article for
  36. And the Tribunal Federal Swiss with Archives. * Archeological sites: The, roman ,era/medieval hill-top city and the prehistoric settlement and Roman era Virus
  37. RTF also supports generic font family names used for font substitution:, roman ,(serif),Swiss (sans-serif),modern (monospaced),script, decorative
  38. Selling fireworks, he always made the Fourth of July memorable. His skyrockets, roman ,candle, and fireworks filled the sky, while many people around the
  39. Bishop of Maastricht. Allegedly, he built the first church on the site of a, roman ,temple within the Roman ca strum, the site of the present-day Basilica of Our
  40. Only for handwritten or stylish types) are very different from their upright, roman ,types. In certain cases, the correspondence between uppercase and lowercase
  41. http://tsar.mcgill.ca/bibliographie/Anatole_France University McGill: LE, roman ,salon LES roman cers *
  42. And landscape's layout, and the sculptures collections, since the, roman ,antiquity to the XIX century. Among other building we can find the historical
  43. Site, Temple Saint-Gervais archeological site, Old City with Celtic, roman ,and medieval villages Museums, Theaters and other Cultural Sites: Conservatoire
  44. In this sense. Instead, the nomenclature follows German naming patterns: * A, roman ,type is called primary shrift (" upright type")—compare with Normalschrift ("
  45. And sympathetic, the novel is broad comedy, and should not be read as a true, roman ,a clef. Ellison gave a non-fiction account of his Star lost experience in a
  46. And 100,000. Note that the small reversed c, is not intended to be used in, roman ,numerals, but as lower case Claudia letter, The characters in the range
  47. Early 1930s,CCP leaders trained in Moscow introduced a phonetic alphabet using, roman ,letters developed in the Soviet Oriental Institute of Leningrad. This Sin Went
  48. Somewhat randomly. Hacker herself situated her writing within a post-nouveau, roman ,European tradition. In her texts, she combines biographical elements, power
  49. Bizz buzz, buffalo,bullshit, tourettes, matchboxes,never have I ever, roman ,numerals, fuzzy duck, pennying, wine games, and zoom Schwartz profiling.
  50. Of a kind always closely associated with his non-fictional preoccupations. His, roman ,à clef novel was The Flight of Peter Fromm (1973) and his short stories were

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