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  1. 1883 – Édouard Manet, French painter (b. 1832) *1900 – Casey Jones, American, train , engineer (b. 1863) *1903 – Emily Stowe, Canadian physician and suffragist (
  2. All over Europe. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is less than 20 minutes by, train ,from Amsterdam Central Station. It is the biggest airport in the Netherlands
  3. Rail For rail transport, Amtrak schedules the Crescent, a daily passenger, train , running from New York to New Orleans with stops at Anniston, Birmingham,and
  4. Then in the Capitol Rotunda from April 19 – April 21, 1865. Before the funeral, train ,bore him to his final resting place in Springfield, Illinois,Lincoln was laid
  5. Known professional armies. Boys were sent to a barracks at the age of seven to, train ,for being a soldier. At the age of thirty they were released from the barracks
  6. Many Nazi officials were so drunk that they needed help boarding the special, train ,which was to take them to a meeting with Hitler. One of his biographers, Dan
  7. Weapon delivery vehicle. *1963 – Great Train Robbery: in England, a gang of 15, train , robbers steal 2.6 million pounds in banknotes. *1967 – The Association of
  8. An obsolete automobile company * Atlantic ( train ),a named passenger, train ,operated by Canadian Pacific Railway and later Via Rail * Atlantic (locomotive
  9. United States, with Sanford B. Dole as governor. *1900 – Casey Jones dies in a, train ,wreck in Vaughn, Mississippi,while trying to make up time on the Cannonball
  10. Signed a management deal at age ten and went to Bradenton, Florida,to, train ,at Nick Bollettieri's celebrated tennis academy. She debuted in professional
  11. Atlantic (1921 automobile),an obsolete automobile company * Atlantic (, train ,), a named passenger train operated by Canadian Pacific Railway and later Via
  12. Mrs. McGillicuddy. Miss Marple herself sees an apparent murder committed on a, train ,running alongside hers. Likewise, it is Miss Marple herself who poses as a maid
  13. Literally knocked down trees in his path, and by his army's extensive baggage, train , A detachment sent out to seize supplies was decisively defeated in the Battle
  14. 19th century is sometimes called Amsterdam's second Golden Age. New museums,a, train ,station, and the Concertgebouw were built; in this same time, the Industrial
  15. Haggard Transcontinental. *Jeff Allen is a tramp who stows away on a Haggard, train ,during one of Dagny's cross-country trips. Instead of throwing him out, she
  16. Was rejected by management, who felt that Shepard needed more time to properly, train ,for a lunar flight, since he had only recently benefited from experimental
  17. Of Lusatia by Other. In spite of this, he went to Italy in 1132 in the, train ,of the king, and his services there were rewarded in 1134 by the investiture of
  18. Would later take the pseudonym V. I. Lenin. The Emperor also survived the Bork, train ,disaster of 1888. At the moment of the crash the royal family was in the dining
  19. In the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks attempt to bomb the Spanish high-speed, train ,AVE near Madrid. Their attack is thwarted. *2006 – Over 60 tornadoes break out
  20. Of thirty-three, Bates,an English professor at Wellesley College, had taken a, train ,trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado,to teach a short summer school session at
  21. Endurance and flexibility. In some cases, exercises may be designed to, train ,balance. Occupational therapy can teach you how to reduce stress on your joint
  22. Ames Yard east of Ames between Ames and Nevada. Ames has been testing automatic, train ,horns at several of its crossings. These directional horns which are focused
  23. From California. On the way to his campaign, the Haggard Transcontinental, train ,that is carrying him encounters a split rail, resulting in the destruction of
  24. Name "/NP"> Spontaneous"/>" Lightning's blue glare fills Oklahoma plains,the, train ,rolls east casting yellow shadow on grass Twenty years ago approaching Texas, I
  25. From the U. S. (FBI),Britain (Scotland Yard) and the European Union will, train ,prosecutors in the unit. The south and eastern parts of Afghanistan are the
  26. Railway projects, the city has preserved a slot within the Thales high-speed, train ,network which uses existing tracks on its last 70 km from Belgium to Cologne.
  27. Against that? " (From Iron Horse, composed July 22–23, 1966,while riding a, train ,from the West Coast to Chicago. The poem was dictated to a tape recorder, and
  28. AG) and one Vadim Poor class survey vessel (AG). The U. S. Navy has helped, train ,the Azeris Navy. There is also an agreement to provide US support to refurbish
  29. Scout encampment concludes at Brownsea Island in southern England. *1925 – A, train ,robbery takes place in Keyword, near Lucknow, India *1930 – Betty Book made her
  30. In Europe. *1980 – Butterfat Rail Disaster kills 18 and injures dozens of, train ,passengers in Ireland. * 1980 – Vigil Finnbogadottir is elected President of
  31. Officially abandons the Zimbabwe Dollar as their official currency. *2010 – A, train ,derailed near Merino, Italy,after running into a landslide, causing nine
  32. The SS Nestorian to Canada. After landing at Quebec City, the Bells boarded a, train ,to Montreal and later to Paris, Ontario,to stay with the Reverend Thomas
  33. An explosion on the railway from Livia to Moscow, but they missed the tsar's, train , On the evening of 5 February 1880 Stephan Haltering, also from Narodnaya Volga
  34. Washington’D. C., to New York City after 68 years, the first U. S. passenger, train ,to use electric locomotives. *1960 – Forced out by the April Revolution
  35. Positions at Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History to, train ,and develop multiple generations of students. His first generation of students
  36. In Athens. It is surrounded by hotels and fast food outlets, and contains a, train ,station used by the Athens Metro and the Ilektrikos, appropriately named
  37. Buildings; the wheat fields of America's heartland Kansas, through which her, train ,was riding on July 16; and the majestic view of the Great Plains from high atop
  38. Engine. His demands lead to a coal-burning steam engine being attached to his, train ,in its stead and used to pull it through an eight-mile tunnel. The result is
  39. Shares in the railroad on the grounds that the company had changed its original, train ,route. Lincoln successfully argued that the railroad company was not bound by
  40. Is a major rail hub in Turkey. The Turkish State Railways operates passenger, train ,service from Ankara to other major cities, such as: Istanbul, Eskişehir
  41. Year of the war, both sides had far more volunteers than they could effectively, train ,and equip. After the initial enthusiasm faded, reliance on the cohort of young
  42. Dramatic landscape of the island. Not long after arriving, he threw his return, train ,ticket into the sea near Fourteen Harbor. * The Nobel Prize winning author
  43. Of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care to his bishops so that they might be better, train ,and supervise priests, and using those same bishops as royal officials and
  44. Are activated when the crossing signals turn on and are shut off after the, train ,crosses the crossing. This system cancels out the need for the train s to blow
  45. Saddles and housings, carrying hawks on their wrist, followed by an immense, train ,of attendants. The bells of the churches were rung as they passed. They
  46. From Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey). *1933 – The Crescent Limited, train ,derails in Washington’D. C., after the bridge it is crossing is washed out by
  47. Muiderpoort and Science Park. Amsterdam Central is also an international, train ,station. From the station there are regular services to destinations such as
  48. Corwin Amendment as a means to avoid secession. En route to his inauguration by, train , Lincoln addressed crowds and legislatures across the North. The
  49. Millionaire Dennis Tito becomes the world's first space tourist. *2008 – A, train ,collision in Shandong, China,kills 72 people and injures 416 more. Births *32
  50. National Laboratory in 2006 * ATLAS, control software used on the Mendocino, train ,Geography * Atlas District, an arts and entertainment district in the Near

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