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  1. With the advance of Christianity. The Nordendorf fibula (early 7th century), clearly , records pagan theonyms, loga orewodanwigi Omar read as" Woman and Dona rare
  2. A series of letters of direct personal instruction to a student of Magic) is, clearly ,an anti-racist one. Even in private comments on Mein Kampf, Crowley said that
  3. And lose their salvation, as his famous sermon" A Call to Backsliders ", clearly ,demonstrates. Harper summarizes as follows:" the act of committing sin is not
  4. S Bridge of Birds and its sequels take place in a fantasy world, albeit one, clearly ,based on China, and with allusions to actual Chinese history, such as the
  5. Man, who serve each other as master and disciple, respectively. This theme was, clearly ,an expression of the director's life experience. " Kurosawa revered his
  6. Two early aviation trade journals. In 1904,he also wrote a novel, Born Again, clearly ,inspired by the popular Utopian fantasy Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy, an
  7. Of Sciences),because the specific word estado-unidense (also estadunidense), clearly , denotes a" United Statesman" and a" United Stateswoman ". The term currently
  8. Emerged as a distinct reform organization, seeking to make pacifism a, clearly ,defined part of Anglican theology. The group rapidly gained popularity amongst
  9. Embarked on tour. The group's status had changed dramatically, and they were, clearly ,regarded as superstars. They opened their much anticipated tour in Oslo, Norway
  10. Musician, he was recalled by the Rosedale with a unanimous vote in 1711;, clearly ,during his year's absence the board realized the importance of his role. When
  11. Each line (or column) with" --" will skip all that code, while being, clearly ,denoted as a column of repeated" --" down the page. There is no limit to the
  12. The violation of a fundamental right; 3. The alleged constitutional violation, clearly ,exists and clearly deprived the defendant of a fair trial; 4. If subject to
  13. Acid of an amide has a PKA around -0.5. Therefore, amides don't have as, clearly ,noticeable acid-base properties in water. This lack of basicity is explained by
  14. The fourth generation of Annals historians, led by Roger Charter (1945 –), clearly , distanced itself from the mentalities approach, replaced by the cultural and
  15. whether some actual events ever happened, but the stone etchings, clearly ,depict how Ashoka wanted to be thought of and remembered. Ashoka's own words
  16. Targeted for measurement in environmental samples. Aromaticity Although Pass, clearly ,are aromatic compounds, the degree of aromaticity can be different for each
  17. S virtues, and she is portrayed as being disgusted by sex. Deign Haggard, clearly ,does appreciate Rearden's virtues, and this appreciation evolves into sexual
  18. The history of life. Wallace was apparently the first evolutionist to recognize, clearly ,that ... with the emergence of that bodily specialization which constitutes the
  19. Some success in Charleston harbor. After the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln, clearly , understood that his military decisions would be more effectively carried out by
  20. Of fact (such as whether a defendant committed a particular act),unless, clearly ,erroneous, and so will focus on the court's application of the law to those
  21. About the past century, however,that amateur astronomy has become an activity, clearly ,distinguished from professional astronomy, and other related activities.
  22. A fundamental right; 3. The alleged constitutional violation clearly exists and, clearly ,deprived the defendant of a fair trial; 4. If subject to harmless error
  23. Grades die out (as geology shows they have died out) and leave only, clearly ,defined and well-marked species, genera,and higher groups of animals?
  24. Francophone Belgian. Unlike the models mentioned above,Christie's Poirot was, clearly ,the result of her early development of the detective in her first book, written
  25. Is approximately the width of a hand span at arm's length. These measurements, clearly ,depend on the individual subject, and the above should be treated as rough
  26. In developing parameters of acceptable deviation. These parameters were most, clearly ,articulated in the various rubrics of the successive prayer books, as well as
  27. Historically committed to socialist economic policies, but this term was never, clearly ,defined, and no Labor government ever attempted to implement" socialism" in
  28. Where animals are depicted with multiple legs in superimposed positions, clearly ,attempting to convey the perception of motion. A 5,000-year-old earthen bowl
  29. Link those disasters to the coming of the French Revolution. The Dutch, clearly ,lost on all points. The Spanish had a mixed result; they did not achieve their
  30. They must live with the certainty that they cannot win? Camus's answer is, clearly ,the latter, embodied in the characters of Room, Rambert, and Narrow. Rieux's
  31. Is part of their 'talent' of seeing. Artists have had to 'see' issues, clearly ,in order to satisfy their current clients, yet not offend potential patrons.
  32. Alternate" fair world" where the Side retreated to. Although technology is, clearly ,present in both worlds, and the" fair world" parallels our history, about
  33. Distinctly heard people in Brantford reading and singing. These experiments, clearly ,proved that the telephone could work over long distances. Bell and his partners
  34. Altered, history and geography decreases, although a culture may still be, clearly ,the original source; Barry Hughart's Bridge of Birds and its sequels take
  35. To me to ask, why do some die and some live? And the answer was, clearly , on the whole the best fitted live ... and considering the amount of individual
  36. From Maryland; though he never joined the Confederate army, he is said to have, clearly ,had contacts with the Confederate Secret Service. In 1864,Booth formulated a
  37. Are binding on later owners. Clear title A clear title to property is one that, clearly ,states any obligation in the deed to the property. It reveals no break sin the
  38. Attitude, inspired by positivism, from Saint Thomas Aquinas to Anatole France, clearly ,seems to me to be hostile to any intellectual or moral advancement. I loathe it
  39. Believe that this makes Austrian theories too imprecisely defined to be, clearly ,used to explain or predict real world events. Paul Krugman's opinion is that
  40. Study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young pupil learn to speak, clearly ,and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would need to become a
  41. Antoine Lavoisier. The historian of science, Paul Kraus, wrote: Jair himself, clearly ,recognized and proclaimed the importance of experimentation as follows: Early
  42. Watson, listening at the receiving end in an adjoining room, heard the words, clearly , Although Bell was, and still is, accused of stealing the telephone from Gray
  43. Islamic metaphysics, imbued as it is with Islamic theology, distinguishes more, clearly ,than Aristotelianism the difference between essence and existence. Whereas
  44. May lead to further changes and ultimately greater stability. The order is, clearly ,circumscribed on the basis of DNA sequence analysis, but is difficult to define
  45. By Karol two games later. Three more draws, the last agreed by Karol in a, clearly ,better position, closed the match, as he thus prevailed +3 −2 =19,moving on to
  46. Control structures, so that data structure and program control flow can be, clearly ,and cleanly separated. The APL environment is called a workspace. In a
  47. For those in heaven and for those in hell). Several other works by Ambrose, clearly ,teach the mainstream view of salvation. For example: The Jews feared to believe
  48. P (x) = k (x − x1) (x − x2) ··· (x − in). If F has this property, then, clearly , every non-constant polynomial in FX has some root in F; in other words, F is
  49. Median (1085–1145 AD) during the Song Dynasty (960–1297 AD),a sampan is, clearly ,seen lying beside an account book and doctor's prescriptions on the counter of
  50. Dangerous. The AAA's current 'Statement of Professional Responsibility ', clearly ,states that" in relation with their own government and with host governments

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