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  1. The event until 1960 when the ABC Network took over, televising the festivities, through ,1970,after which NBC resumed the broadcasts. ABC once again took over
  2. Achieved through violent revolution, first starting with a small cohesive group, through ,acts of violence, or " propaganda by the deed ", which would inspire the
  3. From the classical period to today have tended to interpret the relationship, through ,the lens of their own cultures. Thus, in 5th-century BC Athens, the
  4. Steam engine being attached to his train in its stead and used to pull it, through ,an eight-mile tunnel. The result is the suffocation of all passengers and the
  5. Against what Rand described as" second-handers"—those who attempt to live, through ,others, placing others above self. It was rejected by twelve publishers before
  6. Serving from March 1861 until his assassination in 1865. He led the country, through ,a great constitutional, military and moral crisis — the American Civil War —
  7. Students. Public school funding is appropriated through the Alabama Legislature, through ,the Education Trust Fund. In FY 2006–2007,Alabama appropriated $3,775,163,578
  8. The forms differ in their manner of imitation – through narrative or character, through ,change or no change, and through drama or no drama. Aristotle believed that
  9. Five major interstate roads that cross the state: I-65 runs north–south roughly, through ,the middle of the state; I-59/I-20 travels from the central west border to
  10. Of imitation – through narrative or character, through change or no change, and, through , drama or no drama. Aristotle believed that imitation is natural to mankind and
  11. College in Mobile, both founded in 1830. Accreditation of academic programs is, through ,the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as well as other
  12. Study of zoology, and left every future scientist and philosopher in his debt, through ,his contributions to the scientific method. Despite these achievements, the
  13. Economic crisis on her support of selfishness and free markets, particularly, through , her influence on Alan Greenspan. For example, Mother Jones remarked that" Rand
  14. City fell, Lincoln visited the vanquished Confederate capital; as he walked, through ,the city, white Southerners were stone-faced, but freedmen greeted him as a
  15. Sheriff (Morgan) and 9 African-American sheriffs. Federal elections From 1876, through ,1956,Alabama supported only Democratic presidential candidates, by large
  16. As being long and melodramatic. However, they became bestsellers largely, through ,word of mouth. The first reviews Rand received were for Night of January 16th.
  17. Be abolished, individuals would not receive direct compensation for labor (, through ,sharing of profits or payment) but would have free access to the resources and
  18. Island, reside the souls of Achilles and other heroes, and that they wander, through ,the uninhabited valleys of this island; this is how Jove rewarded the men who
  19. Elementary and secondary students. Public school funding is appropriated, through ,the Alabama Legislature through the Education Trust Fund. In FY 2006–2007
  20. C. Breckinridge as their candidate. As Douglas and the other candidates went, through ,with their campaigns, Lincoln was the only one of them who gave no speeches.
  21. Of 48 young adults diagnosed with ASD as preschoolers found outcomes ranging, through ,poor (46 %),fair (32 %),good (17 %),and very good (4 %); 56 % of
  22. List of works The works of Aristotle that have survived from antiquity, through ,medieval manuscript transmission are collected in the Corpus Aristotelian.
  23. Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The damage caused by Sherman's March to the Sea, through ,Georgia in 1864 was limited to a swath but neither Lincoln nor his commanders
  24. These sorts of tactics in favor of collective revolutionary action, for example, through ,the trade union movement. The anarcho-syndicalist, Fernand Polluter, argued
  25. Community, as almost all of its citizens were disfranchised. From 1901, through , the 1960s,the state did not redraw election districts as population grew and
  26. The men who had distinguished themselves through their virtues, because, through , virtue they had acquired everlasting honor" ( Orbit description, v. 541,quoted
  27. For that reason stretch their mind even more, whereas empty minds that are lost, through ,carelessness will be put to flight by the obscurity when they encounter
  28. To Dares Phrygia' Account of the Destruction of Troy, the Latin summary, through ,which the story of Achilles was transmitted to medieval Europe, Troilus was a
  29. The 1960s and 1970s,Rand developed and promoted her Objectives philosophy, through ,her nonfiction works and by giving talks to students at institutions such as
  30. Split into separate categories (Drama and Comedy/Musical). From the 1930s, through , the 1960s,the Art Direction, Cinematography,and Costume Design awards were
  31. Other heroes. The kings of the Virus claimed to be descended from Achilles, through ,his son, Neoptolemus. Alexander the Great, son of the Epidote princess Olympias
  32. This island; this is how Jove rewarded the men who had distinguished themselves, through ,their virtues, because through virtue they had acquired everlasting honor" (
  33. Of 'preferring others to oneself '. For Sufi's, this means devotion to others, through ,complete forgetfulness of one's own concerns. The importance lies in sacrifice
  34. Means of production, organised democratically, and related to other communes, through ,federation. While some anarchist communists favor direct democracy, others
  35. Connect Birmingham with Memphis, Tennessee. Several U. S. Highways also pass, through ,the state, such as US 11,US 29,US 31,US 43,US 72,US 78,US 80,US 82,US
  36. Held a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily reunite the nation, through ,a policy of generous reconciliation in the face of lingering and bitter
  37. Engineer hired by Deign Haggard to reconstruct John Galt's motor. Partway, through ,this process, Quentin withdraws his effort for the same reasons John Salt
  38. Non-systematic associations continually renewed by all parties' support, through ,an act of will, which Sterner proposed as a form of organization in place of
  39. Stated that" you will not be able to read this masterful book without thinking, through ,some basic concepts of our time. " In the National Review, conservative
  40. Instead advocating that ownership be collectivized. This was to be achieved, through ,violent revolution, first starting with a small cohesive group through acts of
  41. Among his goods. When Achilles instantly takes up the spear, Odysseus sees, through ,his disguise and convinces him to join the Greek campaign. In another version
  42. The final published text. In the published book, Danneskjöld is always seen, through ,the eyes of others (Deign Haggard or Hank Rear den),except for a brief
  43. Line as a protagonist ..." and that" jibes at Rand as cold and inhuman, run, through , the popular culture. " Two movies have been made about Rand's life. A 1997
  44. Better than average. Lastly, the forms differ in their manner of imitation –, through ,narrative or character, through change or no change, and through drama or no
  45. Of Alabama effectively disfranchised African Americans and many poor whites, through ,voting restrictions, including literacy requirements. While the planter class
  46. Decisions would be more effectively carried out by conveying his orders, through ,his War Secretary or his general-in-chief on to his generals, who resented his
  47. Once again took over broadcast duties in 1976; it is under contract to do so, through ,the year 2020. After more than sixty years of being held in late March or early
  48. I-10 traverses the southernmost portion of the state, running from west to east, through ,Mobile. Another interstate road,I-22,is currently under construction. When
  49. Winter and carry with them a general increase in precipitation from September, through ,December, a decrease in the late winter and spring months, and a near absence
  50. Children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD. And tend to continue, through ,adulthood, although often in more muted form. Unusual social development

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