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  1. Soldiers with more experience. If properly used, however,their numbers could, help ,the Continental armies overwhelm smaller British forces, as at the battles of
  2. Was forced into submission by the king of Spain. King El Felipe called for, help ,from the corsairs Hardin Barbarossa and RUC Was who previously help ed
  3. On the ground, there are lots of possibilities and opportunities that with the, help ,of the people in different parts of the country, we can attract them to the
  4. Sustained special education programs and behavior therapy early in life can, help ,children acquire self-care, social,and job skills, and often improve
  5. In September. Burgoyne's situation was desperate, but he now hoped that, help ,from Howe's army in New York City might be on the way. It was not: Howe had
  6. Medical student Jean IARD treated him with a behavioral program designed to, help ,him form social attachments and to induce speech via imitation. The New Latin
  7. The creation of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to, help ,maintain security in Afghanistan and assist the Karma administration. While
  8. Horses, mules,oxen, camels,llamas, alpacas,and dogs, are often used to, help ,cultivate fields, harvest crops, wrangle other animals, and transport farm
  9. Independence" ) in which the Netherlands gradually reduced its financial, help ,to the island each successive year. The exchange rate of the Aruba florin has
  10. Is essential in addressing skill areas such as organization, attending,self, help , following directions, following rules and modifying behavior. As a result, the
  11. In the human body at about 0.2 %. *Rubidium has no biological role but may, help ,stimulate metabolism, and can accumulate ahead of potassium in muscle. Rubidium
  12. Studio boss Louis B. Mayer as a professional honorary organization to, help ,improve the film industry’s image and help mediate labor disputes. The Oscar
  13. Established in 2002 under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1401 to, help ,the nation recover from decades of war and establish a normal functioning
  14. Paulo de Loanda ", and the region developed as a slave trade market with the, help ,of local Mandala and Mound peoples who were notable slave hunters. Trade was
  15. Childhood, they are sometimes missed; years later, adults may seek diagnoses to, help ,them or their friends and family understand themselves, to help their employers
  16. Subproblems are independent and there is no repetition, memoization does not, help ,; hence dynamic programming is not a solution for all complex problems. By using
  17. Remodeling and construction at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to, help ,accommodate the upsurge in tourism (in 2000–2001,the latest year for which
  18. Genuinely works for the good of the farm and the animals, and devises plans to, help ,the animals achieve their vision of an egalitarian utopia, but Napoleon and his
  19. Diagnoses to help them or their friends and family understand themselves, to, help , their employers make adjustments, or in some locations to claim disability
  20. Ceremonies were moved up to late February or early March starting in 2004 to, help ,disrupt and shorten the intense lobbying and ad campaigns associated with Oscar
  21. The Roman Catholic as well as some major Protestant denominations provide, help ,for the poor in the form of crop seeds, farm animals, medical care and
  22. Walmart provides companionship, reminds users to take medicine and calls for, help ,if something is wrong. * Telephone Reassurance: community based program that
  23. Sensors connected to an alarm system to help caregivers manage risk and, help ,vulnerable people stay independent at home longer. An example would be the
  24. Was awarded the ATP Arthur Ashe Humanitarian award in 1995 for his efforts to, help ,disadvantaged youth. He regularly is cited as the most charitable and socially
  25. According to tool types, such as Olduvai or Austrian or Levalloisian, help ,archaeologists and other anthropologists in understanding major trends in the
  26. With care and only when required. Sustainability Technological advancements, help ,provide farmers with tools and resources to make farming more sustainable. New
  27. System for the first time, as well as establishing some welfare institutions to, help ,its people. Alabama was officially restored to the Union in 1868. After the
  28. Assistance Force (ISAF) was established by the UN Security Council to, help ,assist the Karma administration and provide basic security to the Afghan
  29. In Brussels asking the international community to provide humanitarian, help ,to the people of Afghanistan. Recent history (2001–present) On 9 September
  30. He may be the most charitable athlete of his generation. Agassi's charities, help ,in assisting children reach their athletic potential. His Boys & Girls Club
  31. White on black, black on white, and black on yellow). * Embossed locator dots, help ,find the 'home' keys, F and J, on the keyboard. * Scroll wheels on mice remove
  32. Technology that use electronic sensors connected to an alarm system to, help ,caregivers manage risk and help vulnerable people stay independent at home
  33. On this point. In 1974/75,up to 250,000 Cuban soldiers arrived in Angola to, help ,the MPA forces during the decolonization conflict. Once this was over, a
  34. Significantly in the years following. The government started programs to, help ,reduce cultivation of poppy, and by 2010 it was reported that 24 out of the 34
  35. As a healer are" pain" ( παιών: touching)," epikourios" ( επικουρώ:, help ,)," Julius" ( ουλή: cured wound) and" limits" ( λοiμός: plague). In
  36. Deluge was the first man to allegedly swim across the Atlantic Ocean (with the, help ,of a kick board, from Cape Verde to Barbados). *In 1998,Benoit Become was
  37. And arm supports to ensure correct posture. Key guards fit over the keyboard to, help ,prevent unintentional key presses. Alternatively, Assistive Technology may
  38. Relevant phenotypes (observable traits) that can be viewed on brain scans, to, help , further neurogenetic studies of autism; one example is lowered activity in the
  39. Honorary organization to help improve the film industry’s image and, help ,mediate labor disputes. The Oscar itself was later initiated by the Academy as
  40. Observers and http://cbastro.org Center for Backyard Astrophysics, exist to, help ,coordinate these contributions. Amateur astronomers often contribute toward
  41. Agamemnon's theft, Achilles prayed to his mother Thesis to convince Zeus to, help ,the Trojans gain ground in the war, so that he may regain his honor. As the
  42. Following a spirited chase by Apollo, Daphne prays to her father, Peneus, for, help , and he changes her into the laurel tree, sacred to Apollo. Apollo had an
  43. Pediatrics. Newer technologies such as fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging can, help ,identify biologically relevant phenotypes (observable traits) that can be
  44. To travel to Europe and forge alliances with other European powers that could, help ,break the British naval blockade along the North American coast. Amanda invited
  45. Companies are coming into the country from China and surrounding nations to, help ,improve road surfaces. The road between Ubangi and Namib, for example, was
  46. For understanding, saying that" It was a period in my life where I needed, help , " He also revealed that he had always hated tennis during his career because
  47. Project that the Afghan government plans to start in 2012,it is expected to, help ,prevent major fraud in future elections and improve the security situation.
  48. Sequestration. Affordability The goal of modern agriculture practices is to, help ,farmers provide an affordable supply of food to meet the demands of a growing
  49. Assistive Technology is a generic term for devices and modifications that, help ,overcome or remove a disability. The first recorded example of the use of a
  50. Hydrochloric acid is a part of the gastric acid secreted within the stomach to, help ,hydrolyze proteins and polysaccharides, as well as converting the inactive

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