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  1. In quantity; # locomotion, which is change in space; and # alteration, which is, change ,in quality. The coming to be is a change where nothing persists of which the
  2. The continued passivity of the Army of the Potomac, persuaded Lincoln that a, change ,in command was needed. General Ulysses S. Grant's victories at the Battle of
  3. He discovered a technique by accident which was to stop the camera rolling to, change ,something in the scene, and then continue rolling the film. This idea was later
  4. Amoeboids in general both derive their names from the ancient Greek word for, change , Structure Asteroids move using pseudopodia, which are bulges of cytoplasm.
  5. Manner of imitation – through narrative or character, through change or no, change , and through drama or no drama. Aristotle believed that imitation is natural to
  6. Demographic change s to Algeria. Village traditions underwent significant, change ,as urbanization increased. New industries emerged and agricultural employment
  7. Drivers of environmental pressures, particularly habitat change , climate, change , water use and toxic emissions. Agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of
  8. And modification, over-exploitation,pollution, introduced species, climate, change , endocrine-disrupting pollutants, destruction of the ozone layer (ultraviolet
  9. Orbit mission at Webb's direction. No public announcement was made about the, change ,in mission until November 12,three weeks after Apollo 7's successful Earth
  10. Versa, although not in the same way or function, the one is as the beginning of, change , the other as the goal. (Thus Aristotle first suggested a reciprocal or
  11. Groups have become increasingly concerned about the global peak oil and climate, change ,problem in recent years due to by-products that are released into the
  12. For Standardization TC 97 SC 2 voted during October to incorporate the, change ,into its draft standard. The X3.2.4 task group voted its approval for the
  13. As over-development of former farm lands, rising transportation costs, climate, change , growing consumer demand in China and India, and population growth) to cause
  14. He distinguishes the coming to be from: # growth and diminution, which is, change ,in quantity; # locomotion, which is change in space; and # alteration, which is
  15. Appellate courts. Until 1994,no Republicans held any of the court seats. This, change ,also began, likely in part, due to the same perception by voters of Democratic
  16. Growth and diminution, which is change in quantity; # locomotion, which is, change ,in space; and # alteration, which is change in quality. The coming to be is a
  17. Referred to by alchemists of later years. Again like Flame, he did much to, change ,alchemy from a mystical philosophy to an occultist magic. He did keep alive the
  18. Where nothing persists of which the resultant is a property. In that particular, change ,he introduces the concept of potentiality (dynamic) and actuality (
  19. See the alkane heat of formation table for detailed data. The standard enthalpy, change ,of combustion, ΔcHo, for alkanes increases by about 650 kJ/MOL per CH2 group.
  20. To the subjects of the experiment to see if the response variable values, change , This allows the experimenter to estimate the ranges of response variable
  21. Among multiple genes, the environment, and epigenetic factors which do not, change ,DNA but are heritable and influence gene expression. Studies of twins suggest
  22. Haystack were used and put in the news release, but the crew lately decided to, change ,them. The command module was named Columbia after the Columbia, the giant
  23. Is a tendency which rejects the use of violence in the struggle for social, change , Its main proponents included Leo Tolstoy, Dorothy Day, Ammon Tenancy, and
  24. Posits radical trade unions as a potential force for revolutionary social, change , replacing capitalism and the state with a new society, democratically
  25. Something is supposed to serve, or it is that from which and that to which the, change ,is. This also covers modern ideas of mental causation involving such
  26. Remarked that moving from sunlight into Eagles shadow produced no temperature, change ,inside the suit, though the helmet was warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in
  27. Could be reunited with God. In the 14th century, these views underwent a major, change , William of Occam, an Oxford Franciscan who died in 1349,attacked the Thomism
  28. In both developing and developed countries, GMO seeds legally bind farmers to, change ,their seed saving practices to buying new seed every year. Introducing GMOs and
  29. Indirect effect (the particles act as cloud condensation nuclei and thereby, change ,cloud properties) is less certain. As per Other types of albedo Single
  30. End of the potentiality. Because the end (tells) is the principle of every, change , and for the sake of the end exists potentiality, therefore actuality is the
  31. Of the most important drivers of environmental pressures, particularly habitat, change , climate change , water use and toxic emissions. Agriculture accounts for 70 per
  32. Is" the primary source ", or that from which the change or the ending of the, change ,first starts. It identifies 'what makes of what is made and what causes change
  33. So suggests all sorts of agents, nonliving or living, acting as the sources of, change ,or movement or rest. Representing the current understanding of causality as the
  34. His agency in support of the new mission, Webb eventually approved the mission, change , The mission was officially change d from a" D" mission to a" C-Prime" Lunar
  35. Carried out nationalist uprisings. After most of these attempts at systematic, change ,ended in failure, conservative elements took advantage of the divided groups of
  36. He introduced the fundamental notion that nature is composed of things that, change ,and that studying such change s can provide useful knowledge of underlying
  37. Before the Oscars, marked the first time it was moved to a Friday and a, change ,of venue to L. A. Live, the newly built entertainment complex developed in
  38. Exist. *The efficient cause is" the primary source ", or that from which the, change ,or the ending of the change first starts. It identifies 'what makes of what is
  39. That gives the differential is the account of the form. With regard to the, change ,(kinesis) and its causes now, as he defines in his Physics and On Generation
  40. Differ in their manner of imitation – through narrative or character, through, change , or no change , and through drama or no drama. Aristotle believed that imitation
  41. And the Classical elements. Between the time of Bolus and Cosmos,the, change ,took place that transformed this metallurgy into a Hermetic art. Philosophy –
  42. Mind than Eastern religions and philosophies. The practice of Alchemy seemed to, change ,the mind and spirit of the Alchemist. Conversely, spontaneous change s on the
  43. Rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other, change , Flip books are often illustrated books for children, but may also be geared
  44. Change first starts. It identifies 'what makes of what is made and what causes, change ,of what is change d' and so suggests all sorts of agents, nonliving or living
  45. Into its draft standard. The X3.2.4 task group voted its approval for the, change ,to ASCII at its May 1963 meeting. Locating the lowercase letters in columns 6
  46. Constant. The property of unit-treatment additivity is not invariant under a ", change ,of scale ", so statisticians often use transformations to achieve
  47. Not catch up to a tortoise with a head start, and therefore that motion and, change ,were impossible. As a student of the monist Parmenides and a member of the
  48. In space; and # alteration, which is change in quality. The coming to be is a, change ,where nothing persists of which the resultant is a property. In that particular
  49. Less plentiful. Prevailing winds that are easterly and north-easterly in summer, change ,to westerly and northerly in winter and carry with them a general increase in
  50. As agricultural progress has been a crucial factor in worldwide socio-economic, change , Division of labor in agricultural societies made commonplace specializations

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