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  1. Gershwin did not particularly like Walter Damrosch's interpretation at the, world ,premiere of An American in Paris. He stated that Damrosch's sluggish, dragging
  2. Up their project by theoretical emphasis, anthropologists typically divide the, world ,up into relevant time periods and geographic regions. Human time on Earth is
  3. And John Salt. Salt marks the pinnacle of everything Deign seeks in the, world ,and is the kind of man alluded to in her youth when she imagines a man standing
  4. Official numbers, currently (since 1983) they are: the tenth largest in the, world , Average annual non-hydrocarbon GDP growth averaged 6 percent between 2003 and
  5. Investigator Harold Tankers. Religious viewpoints Most, if not all, of the, world ,'s religions promote altruism as a very important moral value. Buddhism
  6. To Aristotle, the form of apple exists within each apple, rather than in the, world ,of the forms. Biology and medicine In Aristotelian science, most especially in
  7. To southern parts of the state. Alabama is one of the few places in the, world ,that has a secondary tornado season in November and December, along with the
  8. He sticks it out with the railway to the bitter end, even when the old, world ,is obviously collapsing and Deign has shifted her attention and loyalty to
  9. To destroy her husband. She compares being Rearden's wife with owning the, world ,'s the most powerful horse. Since she cannot comfortably ride a horse that goes too
  10. Is willing because it would mean the end of the war and an alliance with the, world ,'s the greatest warrior. But while Priam is overseeing the private marriage of
  11. Alchemy. The Franciscan ideals of taking on the world rather than rejecting the, world ,led to his conviction that experimentation was more important than reasoning: "
  12. The United Kingdom, and gathers millions of viewers elsewhere throughout the, world , The 2007 ceremony was watched by more than 40 million Americans. Other awards
  13. Philosophy" is a branch of philosophy examining the phenomena of the natural, world , and includes fields that would be regarded today as physics, biology and other
  14. Biruni's tradition of comparative cross-cultural study continued in the Muslim, world ,through to In Khaldun's work in the 14th century. Most scholars consider
  15. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea; it is also the tenth-largest country in the, world , The country is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, in the east by Libya, in
  16. Reduced to an arcane philosophical system, poorly connected to the material, world , it suffered the common fate of other esoteric disciplines such as astrology
  17. Center of Contemporary Societies). The same approach of focusing on" modern, world ," topics by Terrain, was also present in the British Manchester School of the
  18. Pay attention to a wide variety of issues pertaining to the contemporary, world , including globalization, medicine and biotechnology, indigenous rights
  19. Was ratified in 1901. At almost 800 amendments and 310,000 words, it is the, world ,'s the longest constitution and is roughly forty times the length of the U. S.
  20. View," that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the, world ,rather than how they act in it ". In the study published in the February 2007
  21. Hate it because it deprives our republican example of its just influence in the, world ,..." In late 1854,Lincoln ran as a Whig for the U. S. Senate seat from
  22. The AMH. Canada Canadian anthropology began, as in other parts of the Colonial, world , as ethnological data in the records of travelers and missionaries. In Canada
  23. Of the Greco-Roman knowledge of alchemy is now lost. Alchemy in the Islamic, world ,After the fall of the Roman Empire, the focus of alchemical development moved
  24. S sexual theory. Reign Danneskjöld One of the original strikers, he is now, world ,famous as a pirate. Reign attended Patrick Henry University and became friends
  25. Results suggest that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the, world ,rather than how they act in it. " We believe that the ability to perceive other
  26. Science and agriculture crisis Agriculture sciences seek to feed the, world ,'s population while preventing biosafety problems that may affect human health
  27. Alchemy itself was derived from the Arabic word الكيمياء Alicia. The Islamic, world ,was a melting pot for alchemy. Platonic and Aristotelian thought, which had
  28. Of the strike, John Salt, describes the strike as" stopping the motor of the, world ," by withdrawing the minds of the individuals most contributing to the nation
  29. Time that Khalid In Yazidi sparked its migration from Alexandria to the Islamic, world , facilitating the translation and preservation of Greek alchemical texts in the
  30. Rather than nature. Influenced by the German tradition, Boas argued that the, world ,was full of distinct cultures, rather than societies whose evolution could be
  31. 1290. From China, the use of gunpowder spread to Japan, the Mongols, the Arab, world , and Europe. Gunpowder was used by the Mongols against the Hungarians in 1241
  32. Next major novel, The Fountainhead. It presents a vision of a dystopian future, world ,in which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to such an extent that even
  33. Mother, all of whom he supports. Hank Rear den knows something is wrong with the, world ,but he is unable to define the problem. His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps
  34. Their rightful place in society, they will have enough capital to rebuild the, world , Kept in the background for much of the book, Danneskjöld makes a personal
  35. Then he did to either optics or physics. Other alchemists of the Western, world ,who were eminent in their other studies include Roger Bacon, and Tycho Brahe.
  36. Major role. Today's philosophy tends to exclude empirical study of the natural, world ,by means of the scientific method. In contrast,Aristotle's philosophical
  37. Such as Maurice Godlier and Françoise Verifier. They proved influential in the, world ,of French anthropology. Much of the distinct character of France's
  38. The awards are presented is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in the, world , and is televised live in more than 200 countries annually. It is also the
  39. Impede that goal. It is not until she sees the man most important to her in the, world ,- John Salt - strapped to a torture machine, about to be killed by the looters
  40. To the actress Kay Ludo; their relationship is kept hidden from the outside, world , which only knows of Ludo as a film star who retired and dropped out of sight
  41. And the sensitive soul with all animals, but only humans of all beings in the, world ,have a rational soul. For Aristotle, the soul (psyche) was a simpler concept
  42. Center has shifted over the millennia from Greco-Roman Egypt, to the Islamic, world , and finally medieval Europe. Chinese alchemy was closely connected to Taoism
  43. He adopted the persona of a worthless playboy, by which he is known to the, world , as an effective cover. However, he is forced to give up Deign, knowing that
  44. Battlefield cemetery on November 19. Defying Lincoln's prediction that" the, world ,will little note, nor long remember what we say here," the Address became the
  45. Handful of semi-sacred texts by which Americans conceive their place in the, world ,". Lincoln said: Reconstruction began during the war, as Lincoln
  46. And languages in addition to alchemy. The Franciscan ideals of taking on the, world ,rather than rejecting the world led to his conviction that experimentation was
  47. Of the central characters in Atlas Shrugged, and owner by inheritance of the, world ,'s the largest copper mining empire. He is a childhood friend, and the first love
  48. Results in a careful attitude towards people, animals,and other things in this, world , This concept was emphasized by Sufi mystics like Arabia al-Adawiyya who paid
  49. Disagreed with Plato about the location of universals. As Plato spoke of the, world ,of the forms, a location where all universal forms subsist, Aristotle
  50. Within a year of this death, his image began to be disseminated throughout the, world ,on stamps, and he is the only U. S. President to appear on a represents the

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