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  1. Until 1946 Zahid Shah ruled with the assistance of his uncle, who held the, post ,of Prime Minister and continued the policies of Nadir Shah. Another of Zahid
  2. Its troops from Afghanistan. *1991 – The Republic of Georgia introduces the, post ,of President after its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. *1994
  3. Scheme. The cereal. Com campaign lost momentum and disappeared, with the last, post ,to the now defunct cereal. Com blog—"AOL starts the shakedown" being made on
  4. Was exposed to their fury and resentment, remaining for that period tied to a, post ,and beaten. His right hand was cut off, his teeth and hair were pulled out, one
  5. Civil war against his grandfather, which first secured him recognition of his, post ,as co-emperor, and ultimately led to the deposition of Androids II in 1328.
  6. To power. In 1815 on the second restoration of the monarchy he obtained a, post ,as engineer in Paris, where he spent much of his life from that time onwards.
  7. Disobedience ". Around this time, the Alcott family set up a sort of domestic, post ,office to curb potential domestic tension. Abby May described her idea:" I
  8. Out its first edition in only six months. In 1778,Smith was appointed to a, post ,as commissioner of customs in Scotland and went to live with his mother in
  9. In Zurich. Marie Winter moved to Goldberg, Switzerland for a teaching, post , Einstein's future wife, Mileva Magic, also enrolled at the Polytechnic that
  10. Lightroom was released to assist photographers in managing digital images and, post ,production work. The product was intended as a competitor to Apple's Aperture
  11. Settled the Portuguese administration, reappointing Run de Araújo as factor,a, post ,assigned before his 1509 arrest, and appointing rich merchant Nina Chat to
  12. Mouthwashes, called " magic mouthwash" may be prescribed by dentists for, post ,oral surgeries. Variations are common, and some are done with over-the-counter
  13. Direct appeal. As such, the conviction is considered final. An appeal from the, post ,conviction court proceeds just as a direct appeal. That is, it goes to the
  14. It is" necessary to present something more than mere objects" said the major, post ,war German artist Joseph Buys. This time period saw the rise of such things as
  15. Republican Army, is still standing on Montage. During the Second World War this, post ,was rebuilt by the Irish Defense Forces as a Look-Out Post for the Coast
  16. Or post hoc. Planned tests are determined before looking at the data and, post ,hoc tests are performed after looking at the data. Post hoc tests such as Turkey
  17. Named Vincent Ferrari documented his account cancellation phone call in a blog, post , stating he had switched to broadband years earlier. In the recorded phone call
  18. The prisoners, pay for the damage, and asking to build a fortified trading, post , The Sultan eventually freed the prisoners, but was unimpressed by the small
  19. A salt mouthwash is a home treatment for mouth infections and/or injuries, or, post , extraction,and is made by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water
  20. General-in-chief of all the Union armies, but was subsequently relieved of that, post ,in favor of Maj. Gen. Henry W. Hillock),and the war began in earnest in 1862.
  21. Out of aluminum as test-beds for the technique. Drive layout In all its, post ,Volkswagen-era models, Audi has firmly refused to adopt the traditional
  22. Appearance drops dramatically down to the ocean. An old British observation, post , built during World War I to prevent the Germans from landing arms for the
  23. Even looking at the young architect. This work won Speer his first national, post , as Nazi Party" Commissioner for the Artistic and Technical Presentation of
  24. He returned, but was again appointed to the command of a province. This second, post ,he seems also to have left after a short interval, for he appeared again in
  25. Is adjustable, and is calibrated in hundreds of meters. The front sight is a, post ,adjustable for elevation in the field. Wind age adjustment is done by the armory
  26. Was Plato's successor at the Academy and who offered to resign to take up the, post , In the end, Philip offered the job to Aristotle, who accepted, and Philip
  27. Friendly terms with kingdoms in the South like Colas, Pandya, Keralputra,the, post ,Alexandrian empire, Tamraparni, and Suvarnabhumi who were strong enough to
  28. Are often distinguished in terms of whether they are planned (a priori) or, post ,hoc. Planned tests are determined before looking at the data and post hoc tests
  29. System by providing training for Fuller's instructors, but he declined the, post , in favor of his son. Traveling to Boston in April 1871,Bell proved successful
  30. Latin for" before noon" ( also written A. M.,a. m., and am),in contrast to, post ,meridian (p. m.," after noon" ) * Anna Funds, a Calendar era counting from
  31. This distant territory was a Democratic stronghold, and acceptance of the, post ,would have effectively ended his legal and political career in Illinois, so he
  32. Labialized velar approximate (a consonant) Astronomer Royal is a senior, post ,in the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. There are two
  33. The Kwanzaa River in the south. In this context, they established a small trade, post ,at the port of Mind, in Solo. The Portuguese explorer Paulo Dias de Novais
  34. That one quarter of all citizens must at one time in their lives have held the, post , which could be held only once in a lifetime. The Boyle also served as an
  35. In 1941,he became literary editor of The Capital Times newspaper in Madison,a, post ,he held until his resignation in 1960. His hobbies included fencing, swimming
  36. They had declined him. Unfazed, he went directly to Mather's, who still held the, post ,of chief and who agreed to initiate him into the Second Order. Now loyal to
  37. Involved the ACLU are the following: *The ACLU currently opposes, under the ex, post ,fact clause of the Constitution, the retroactive application of Megan’s Law (
  38. Offered Einstein the position of President of Israel, a mostly ceremonial, post , The offer was presented by Israel's ambassador in Washington, Abba Ban, who
  39. Einstein spent almost two frustrating years searching for a teaching, post , but a former classmate's father helped him secure a job in Bern, at the
  40. Organ failure, it is presumed from necrotic cell death, not apoptosis. A, post ,Morten reveals brick-red-coloured mucosa, owing to severe hemorrhage. Although
  41. world's first large-scale stone building,Djoser's mortuary complex, include, post , and lintel supports in the papyrus and lotus motif. The earliest preserved
  42. At the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with an audience of about 270 people. The, post ,Academy Awards party was held at the Mayfair Hotel. The cost of guest tickets
  43. S name are subsequently changed to Disneyland Paris. *1994 – Canter & Siegel, post ,the first commercial mass Usenet spam. *1998 – An earthquake in Slovenia
  44. A hail of protests from his friends, family and colleagues, he resigned his, post ,and re-entered the University as a student in a punishing seven-year course
  45. And promote harmonious social functioning, name Beyer stein /> and the, post ,hoc, ergo proper hoc fallacy. Patients can also be
  46. And his wife set off to establish a hospital near an already existing mission, post , The site was nearly 200 miles (14 days by raft) upstream from the mouth of
  47. S rights, especially what the ACLU sees as the First Amendment right to, post ,online profiles seeking pen pals during their incarceration and jobs upon their
  48. She retains nothing but the nominal possession, but which is, in fact ... a, post ,of annoyance to them. " Adams used Jackson's conquest, and Spain's own
  49. The President is the leader of the winning party. The only" relevant ", post ,that is not directly appointed by the President is the Vice-President, which is
  50. On Chill and eight churches in total. Education In Chill there are two, post ,primary schools MC Hale College and Soil Dominant. There are nine National

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