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  1. That could hardly be named but which seemed to them to be the most desirable, thing ,on Earth. Some called it peace. Room numbers Narrow among such people
  2. Creation. Other fictional depictions of androids fall somewhere in between. One, thing ,common to most fictional androids, though,is that the real-life technological
  3. i.e. the arrangement of that matter. It tells us what a thing is, that any, thing ,is determined by the definition, form,pattern, essence,whole, synthesis or
  4. Thus, a colonial bishop and colonial diocese was by nature quite a different, thing ,from their counterparts back home. In time bishops came to be appointed locally
  5. Modern art or chemistry, notwithstanding all its surreptitious claims, has any, thing ,in common with Alchemy. " Atwood's work influenced subsequent authors of the
  6. With the intent of having one thing take place, but with the result of another, thing ,(not intended) taking place. For example: A person seeks donations. That
  7. Cause is its form,i.e. the arrangement of that matter. It tells us what a, thing ,is, that any thing is determined by the definition, form,pattern, essence
  8. Leary: Should be encouraged. Ginsberg: He feels it's the one uniting, thing , He feels a monopolistic unitary thing about it. Watts: I'll tell yo
  9. Of the Phoenix-Durango railroad. Running a railroad is just about the only, thing ,he knows. When the Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule is used to drive his business out of
  10. Gives, or adds existence to an essence. To do so, the cause must be an existing, thing ,and coexist with its effect. Avicenna’s consideration of the essence-attributes
  11. The two right angles.:; Common notions:: # Things which are equal to the same, thing ,are also equal to one another.: # If equals are added to equals, the wholes are
  12. Of those who were ill beyond hope and gave back youth to fading old age. " One, thing ,is sure though, Indian alchemy like every other Indian science is focused on
  13. To fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one, thing , or all the other. " The speech created an evocative image of the danger of
  14. Was influenced by Thales' theory that every thing is derived from water. One, thing ,that is not debatable is that even the ancient Greeks considered Anaximander to
  15. Exaggerated. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post he says that" the one, thing ,you can't say is that France is an anti-Semitic country. " Norway In 2010,the
  16. Kings: Ptolemy and Cassandra. In his Politics, Aristotle states that only one, thing ,could justify monarchy, and that was if the virtue of the king and his family
  17. Own good. " (Fable by Anatole France. ) *" If 50 million people say a foolish, thing , it is still a foolish thing . " *" The people who have no weaknesses are
  18. Takes place by chance if a person sets out with the intent of having one, thing ,take place, but with the result of another thing (not intended) taking place.
  19. One can say" couch" and" sofa ", or " soda" and" pop ", to mean the same, thing , As in English, such variants can reveal where a signer grew up or went to
  20. Events or states of affairs. More simply again that which immediately sets the, thing ,in motion. So take the two dominoes this time of equal weighting, the first is
  21. Universal forms subsist, Aristotle maintained that universals exist within each, thing ,on which each universal is predicated. So, according to Aristotle, the form of
  22. Of the sun into his television work. It was Coppola who said of Kurosawa," One, thing ,that distinguishes him is that he didn't make one masterpiece or two
  23. Of Krishna in every direction? Snyder: Why,it's a lovely positive, thing ,to say Krishna. It's a beautiful mythology, and it's a beautiful practice.
  24. Work through an example ". But what about a simulation or execution of the real, thing , The programmer must translate the algorithm into a language that the
  25. Have such interest, that in the whole world no thing is found whereunto any, thing ,created can say,'I need thee not. '" This, and related statements, reflect
  26. Etc. He also gives a diet to go along with the exercise: Lastly, the third, thing ,mentioned is sleep; to make sure that you do not sleep during the days, and do
  27. Or a retired detective as the needs of the immediate case required. One, thing ,that is consistent about Poirot's retirement is that his fame declines during
  28. Aristotle taught that virtue has to do with the proper function (argon) of a, thing , An eye is only a good eye in so much as it can see, because the proper
  29. Influence of cause upon effect). Moreover, Aristotle indicated that the same, thing ,can be the cause of contrary effects; its presence and absence may result in
  30. Environmental ethic which is in accordance with Leopold's view that" A, thing ,is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability,and beauty of the
  31. Ginsberg: He feels it's the one uniting thing . He feels a monopolistic unitary, thing ,about it. Watts: I'll tell to why I think he feels it. The mantras, the
  32. Element. They affirm that“ not being able to see or hold some specific, thing ,does not necessarily negate its existence,” as in the case of gravity, entropy
  33. Created no thing simply for itself, but each thing in all thing s, and of every, thing ,each part in others have such interest, that in the whole world no thing is found
  34. Was from Krause that Schopenhauer learned meditation and received the closest, thing ,to expert advice concerning Indian thought. Most noticeable, in the case of
  35. Cause. *The final cause is its purpose, or that for the sake of which a, thing ,exists or is done, including both purposeful and instrumental actions and
  36. France. ) *" If 50 million people say a foolish thing , it is still a foolish, thing , " *" The people who have no weaknesses are terrible: there is no way of
  37. With the matter and the form. Referring to potentiality, this is what a, thing ,is capable of doing, or being acted upon, if the conditions are right, and it is
  38. The potential being (matter) and the actual one (form) are one and the same, thing , Universals and particulars Aristotle's predecessor, Plato,argued that all
  39. Working side by side, Einstein wrote to a friend," For me the most beautiful, thing ,is to be in contact with a few fine Jews—a few millennia of a civilized past do
  40. Julian wrote, I believe his blindness was a blessing in disguise. For one, thing , it put paid to his idea of taking up medicine as a career ... His uniqueness
  41. Argued along these lines, saying that" By making good choices, doing the right, thing , we thicken the stack of universes in which versions of us live reasonable
  42. Spurred on by some gamesmanship by his opponents, refused to give in. " This, thing ,can be done," he declared. Spofforth went on to devastate the English batting
  43. Of love of our neighbor is to share in eternal beatitude, a more desirable, thing ,than bodily well-being. Comte was probably opposing this Thomistic doctrine
  44. For instance, wrote that" God hath created no thing simply for itself, but each, thing ,in all thing s, and of every thing each part in others have such interest, that
  45. Does one of the activities that plants do. " For that for the sake of which a, thing ,is, is its principle, and the becoming is for the sake of the end; and the
  46. Come unmotivated, as one appreciates art, music or poetry. " The most beautiful, thing ,we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and
  47. A substantial portion of any aikido curriculum consists of throws, the first, thing ,most students learn is how to safely fall or roll. Roles of use and age Aikido
  48. For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; one, thing ,befalls them: as one dies, so dies the other. Surely, they all have one breath;
  49. Was to ensure the elimination of what he termed" the single most hated, thing ,on the show" – overly long and embarrassing displays of emotion. The Academy
  50. Denotations of American. Portuguese has Americano, denoting a person or, thing ,from the Americas and, also secondarily uses this word to mean a U. S. national

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