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  1. Known in colder regions on Earth, because more snow falls there, it is actually, much ,stronger in tropical regions which receive consistently more sunlight.
  2. For ASD other than autism, the association with mental retardation is, much ,weaker. *Anxiety disorders are common among children with ASD; there are no
  3. Higher plants The first plants on earth evolved from shallow freshwater algae, much ,like Chart some 400 million years ago. These probably had an isomorphic
  4. As in Gerald Echoing Boeing (US,1951),Yellow Submarine (UK,1968),and, much ,of the anime produced in Japan. Its primary use, however,has been in producing
  5. National forest in the United States. Interior The largest region of Alaska, much ,of it uninhabited wilderness. Fairbanks is the only community of any
  6. Cultures, rather than societies whose evolution could be measured by how, much ,or how little" civilization" they had. He believed that each culture has to
  7. Misrepresented conditions in the Soviet Union, portraying life there as being, much ,better and happier than it actually was. When asked about her feelings on the
  8. Textbooks and anthropology programs. At universities in the United Kingdom, and, much , of Europe, these " subfields" are frequently housed in separate departments
  9. The introduction of big-box stores in Anchorage, Fairbanks,and Juneau also did, much ,to lower prices. Walmart opened their first Anchorage store in 1993,and
  10. Come Yellow (1921). Bloomsbury set During the First World War, Huxley spent, much ,of his time at Arlington Manor, home of Lady Otto line Morrell, working as a
  11. Brown in summer, changing to white in winter. The Willow Ptarmigan is common in, much ,of Alaska. * State flower: wild/native Forget-Me-Not, adopted by the
  12. Was indeed practiced at this method. For this method, ards were thus, much ,more efficient than digging sticks. Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, farmers
  13. And hydrogen use in transportation increases, natural gas will become, much ,more expensive. If the Haber Process is unable to be commercialized using
  14. Benefits. Under diagnosis and over diagnosis are problems in marginal cases, and, much , of the recent increase in the number of reported ASD cases is likely due to
  15. Leaves after the rebellion, for all animals were supposed to be equal. However, much ,later in the novel he returns to the farm and continues to proclaim the
  16. Became a close friend of Rem sen Bird, president of Occidental College. He spent, much ,time at the college, which is in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  17. In Italy, the development of ethnology and related studies did not receive as, much ,attention as other branches of learning. Germany and Norway are the countries
  18. Which were referred to by alchemists of later years. Again like Flame, he did, much ,to change alchemy from a mystical philosophy to an occultist magic. He did keep
  19. Continued throughout Boumédienne's government. However, Boumédienne relied on, much ,more heavily on the army, and reduced the sole legal party to a merely symbolic
  20. Neo-Platonic, and Pythagorean philosophies; however, Hermetical science had so, much ,Aristotelian theory that his rejection of Gnosticism was practically
  21. The atmosphere comes from the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, and, much , of the methane emitted into the atmosphere is caused by the decomposition of
  22. Of technology, religion,mythology, and Greek philosophy, each with their own, much ,longer histories, combined to form the earliest known records of alchemy in the
  23. Developed in the Americas, as was extensive terracing of steep hillsides in, much ,of Andean South America. The Greeks and Romans built on techniques pioneered by
  24. Bryan McGee," it is doubtful whether any human being has ever known as, much ,as he did ". Aristotle was the founder of formal logic, pioneered the study of
  25. Unicode and the ISO/IEC 10646 Universal Character Set (UCS) have a, much ,wider array of characters, and their various encoding forms have begun to
  26. Of the Arabs in the 8th century. Middle Ages The Berber people controlled, much ,of the Maghreb region throughout the Middle Ages. The Berbers were made up of
  27. The first true alchemist in Medieval Europe was Roger Bacon. His work did as, much ,for alchemy as Robert Boyle's was to do for chemistry and Galileo's for
  28. Of North American anarchism. European anarchism of the late 20th century drew, much ,of its strength from the labor movement, and both have incorporated animal
  29. During the occupation: literacy plummeted, while land development uprooted, much ,of the population. Starting from the end of the 19th century, people of
  30. The manuscript pages were written. In 1954 Rand's close relationship with the, much ,younger Nathaniel Branden turned into a romantic affair, with the consent of
  31. Is heaviest in the northern part of eastern Algeria, where it reaches as, much ,as in some years. Farther inland, the rainfall is less plentiful. Prevailing
  32. S stone. Through the late Middle Ages (1300–1500) alchemists were, much ,like Flame: they concentrated on looking for the philosophers' stone and the
  33. It is maintained by telescope operators. Astronomers who serve as faculty spend, much ,of their time teaching undergraduate and graduate classes. Most universities
  34. Between diagnostic categories are necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Or on how, much ,support the individual requires in daily life; these subdivisions are not
  35. Habits" of the 19th century contrasted with the younger activists who are ", much ,more informed, among other elements, by indigenous, feminist,ecological and
  36. Fins that enabled them to crawl along the sea bottom. These amphibians were as, much ,as one to five meters in length. However, amphibians never developed the
  37. To learn about the human body. He rejected Gnostic traditions, but kept, much ,of the Hermetical, neo-Platonic, and Pythagorean philosophies; however
  38. Public Safety Officers" who have police training but do not carry firearms. In, much ,of the state, the troopers serve as the only police force available. In
  39. Around in Mobile and around in Birmingham. Although snow is a rare event in, much ,of Alabama, areas of the state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of
  40. On the Mall in Washington. In the New Deal era liberals honored Lincoln not so, much ,as the self-made man or the great war president, but as the advocate of the
  41. With the proper function (argon) of a thing. An eye is only a good eye in so, much ,as it can see, because the proper function of an eye is sight. Aristotle
  42. More tornado fatalities than any other state, even surpassing Texas which has a, much ,larger area within Tornado Alley. The state suffered damage in the Super
  43. Embraced the free shipping offers of some online retailers to purchase items, much ,more cheaply than they could in their own communities, if they are available at
  44. Anarchism is often considered to be a radical left-wing ideology, and, much , of anarchist economics and anarchist legal philosophy reflect anti-statist
  45. Very popular within and beyond the discipline. In keeping with the times, much ,of anthropology became politicized through the Algerian War of Independence and
  46. They will have enough capital to rebuild the world. Kept in the background for, much ,of the book, Danneskjöld makes a personal appearance when he risks his life to
  47. To curtail amphibian declines and extinctions over the next 5 years—and how, much ,this would cost. The Amphibian Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union
  48. Drawings using technological means, but animation did not really develop, much ,further until the advent of cinematography. There is no single person who can
  49. Level and beyond. While the number of professional astronomers worldwide is not, much ,larger than the population of a small town, there is a huge community of
  50. And conclusions in making scientific evaluations. Grossest also did, much ,work to bridge Platonic and Aristotelian thinking. Albert us Magnus (1193–1280

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