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  1. Broadcasting Company) * ABC (Swedish news program),a regional news, programme , * Ash Broadcasting Corporation, a Japanese commercial television and radio
  2. To the received British spellings include" program" as opposed to ", programme ," and" jail" as opposed to" jail ". Single quotation marks and unspaced
  3. S Beach) during the summer months. Every summer in Alicante, a two-month-long, programme , of music, theatre and dance is staged in the Paseo del Puerto. Sport The two
  4. Formerly Grampians Television),which produces the nightly regional news, programme , STV News at Six, as well as local commercials. The station, based at Bradshaw
  5. The first two chapters of the novel were dramatized and broadcast on BBC TV's, programme , Tonight,1962 (now lost, believed wiped). *In the popular Comedy Central
  6. Action Plan (IPA) and its Partnership for Peace (PFP) linkages lay out the, programme , of cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO. The Azerbaijani government has
  7. A tribute band: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Abbacadabra * Albania – An ITV, programme , and tribute album to Swedish pop band ABBA released in 1999 * Absolutely – A
  8. In 1991 * See BMJ Group for Affinity (BMJ),a publishing partnership, programme , of the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd for independent journals In many legals
  9. Politician and doctor, and has five siblings. RTÉ's Who do you think you are?, programme , on Monday 6 October 2008 examined Ardal's family tree. He discovered that his
  10. In Algiers. With Algeria then under French colonial rule the official, programme , listed the venue as" Stade-Velodrome Municipal d'Alger" and the participants
  11. The K-3 assault rifle, but Jane's Infantry Weapons estimates that the, programme , has ceased, and the rifle is not in widespread service with the army. The AK-74
  12. Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum," The College of the Holy Spirit. The general, programme , was in line with the AWAY course of training, and included daily adoration to
  13. Know. " Nonetheless, the consensus remains that they were part of the Alfreda, programme , of translation. Simon Keynes and Michael Large suggest this also for Bald's
  14. Of flux and under discussion in Claude Chevalley's seminar; he outlined his, programme , in his talk at the 1958 International Congress of Mathematicians. His
  15. A British university. In the UK a course of study is likely to refer to a whole, programme , of study, which may extend over several years and be made up of any number of
  16. Forces on March 1,1961. An experimental V-1000 missile (part of the" A" ABM, programme , ) launched from the Sary-Shagan test range, destroyed a dummy warhead released
  17. Very differently, classical economists see in Smith's first sentences his, programme , to promote" The Wealth of Nations ". Taking up the physiocratic concept of
  18. Couples, and others across the UK. In 2005,she also appeared in a discussion, programme , on Five to discuss who had been England's greatest monarch since the Norman
  19. BBC Two showed six episodes of The Widdecombe Project, an agony aunt television, programme , Also in 2005,she presented the show Ann Widdecombe to the Rescue in which she
  20. Much better. *The University of Texas at Austin has an honours' computer science, programme , named the Turing Scholars. * In the early 1960s Stanford University named the
  21. Of Science in Aswan has six departments. Each department has one educational, programme , : Chemistry, Geology,Physics and Zoology. Except Botany Department, which has
  22. Its 93-year history in Beijing and Shanghai. This has brought their dealership, programme , to 120 dealers in 28 countries. On 1 September 2008,Aston Martin announced the
  23. 19th century Victorian England, which had little effect on AME (for example, programme , for program, manoeuvre for maneuver, skilful for skillful, cheque for check
  24. Formerly owned by the American Broadcasting Company) * ABC (Swedish news, programme , ),a regional news program * Ash Broadcasting Corporation, a Japanese
  25. In its 'Panorama' series about the controversial drug Seat. This, programme , entitled Secrets of the Drug Trials, focuses on three GSK pediatric clinical
  26. Arguably the most impressive, programme , to tackle these objectives. The plan gives preferential treatment to a series
  27. 1957 – The BBC broadcasts the spaghetti tree hoax on its current affairs, programme , Panorama. *1959 – Taboos is enthroned as Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America.
  28. Martin LMP cars, starting the season at Barcelona in early April. The 2009,program, got off to an unfortunate start at the pre-season Paul Richard test on March 8
  29. Algebraically; in this context he also introduced K-theory. Then, following the, programme , he outlined in his talk at the 1958 International Congress of Mathematicians
  30. The years 1980–1981,containing many of the ideas leading to the Esquire d'UN, programme , ( see below, and also a more detailed entry),and in particular studying the
  31. Conference, she was Chief Dragon in a political version of the television, programme , Dragons ' Den, in which A-list candidates were invited to put forward a policy
  32. Racing banner, Aston Martin used a slightly modified Lola LMP1 design for their, programme , the Lola-Aston Martin B09/60. Three Lola-Aston Martins were entered in the
  33. Shed for radio and Tern Television produces the Beech grove Garden television, programme , The city is also home to STV North (formerly Grampians Television),which
  34. Main Duncan Smith's Shadow Cabinet (although she indicated on the television, programme , When Louis Met ..., prior to the leadership contest, that she wished to retire
  35. With Naomi's mother. O'Hanlon plays the lead role in Irish comedy television, programme , Val Salva, TD on RTE One. He has recently performed in the Edinburgh Fringe.
  36. Meaning television broadcast, is not used in British English. A television, programme , would be broadcast, aired or shown. Levels of buildings There are also
  37. Name While in London eight years later to participate in the BBC News night, programme , Speer suffered a stroke and died on September 1,1981. Even to the end of his
  38. Several biographical programs have been made, such as the 2004 BBC television, programme , entitled Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures, in which she is portrayed by
  39. For example: Television In American television the episodes of a program (BRE, programme , ) first broadcast in a particular year constitute a season, while the entire
  40. Theory of Fabien Morel and V. Voevodsky in the mid 1990s. His Esquire d'UN, programme , The 1000-page autobiographical manuscript Revolves et females (1986) is now
  41. In algebraic geometry. He went on to plan and execute a major foundational, programme , for rebuilding the foundations of algebraic geometry, which were then in a
  42. On 19 November 1982,ABBA appeared for the last time in Sweden on the TV, programme , Nöjesmaskinen, and on 11 December 1982,they made their last performance ever
  43. In English. Alfred sought to remedy this through an ambitious court-centred, programme , of translating into English the books he deemed" most necessary for all men to
  44. Television, on the other hand, the word series may apply to the episodes of a, programme , in one particular year, for example," The 1998 series of Grange Hill ", as
  45. Introduced by Diocletian (284-305),seems to have engaged in a substantial, programme , of rebuilding and of road construction from Ankara westwards to Germ and
  46. That would be inconceivable in the risk-averse world of today ... The Apollo, programme , is arguably the greatest technical achievement of mankind to date ... nothing
  47. American club DJ In transportation * Asia Miles, a Cathay Pacific travel reward, programme , * Arkansas and Missouri Railroad, a short-line railroad headquartered in
  48. 1894. Most plays are performed in the Wrote Zeal (Great Hall). The normal, programme , of events encompasses all sorts of theatrical forms. The Stadsschouwburg is
  49. Dissolved. Their last public performance together as ABBA was on the British TV, programme , The Late, Late Breakfast Show (live from Stockholm) 11 December 1982. In
  50. Book IV, chapter II – and classical economists believe that Smith stated his, programme , how to promote the" Wealth of Nations" in the first sentences. Smith used the

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