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  1. To Cape Canaveral. Originally planned as a second Lunar Module/Command Module, test ,in an elliptical medium Earth orbit in early 1969,the mission profile was
  2. Single-factor ANOVA, statistical significance is test ed for by comparing the F, test ,statistic: F = \franc: FM where: \text \franc, I number of treatments and: \text
  3. In China around 500 BC. Much aerodynamic research was done with kites before, test ,aircraft, wind tunnels, and computer modelling programs became available. The
  4. On the basis of history and neurological examination. There is no diagnostic, test ,for MND. Investigations such as blood test s, electromyography (EMG),magnetic
  5. Could not justify risking a manned mission until additional unmanned, test ,flights proved that the Saturn V was ready. Teams from the Marshall Space
  6. Linear model, very similar to the textbook model discussed previously. The, test ,statistics of this derived linear model are closely approximated by the test
  7. Test Language for All Systems, a programming language used for automated, test ,equipment * Atlas, a Supercomputer installed at the Lawrence Livermore National
  8. For basic police training in early 2011. Approximately 17 percent of them, test ,positive for illegal drugs. In 2009,President Karma created two
  9. i) the lengths must not be 0,AND (ii) the subtraction must be“ proper ”,a, test ,must guarantee that the smaller of the two numbers is subtracted from the
  10. Rank of another. Some dojos do not allow students to take the, test ,to obtain a Dan rank unless they are 16 or older. The uniform worn for
  11. Used Van den Broek's hypothesis in his Bohr model of the atom),decided to, test ,Van den Broke and Bohr's hypothesis directly, by seeing if spectral lines
  12. Of urea application in a crop. Typically, however,the one-way ANOVA is used to, test ,for differences among at least three groups, since the two-group case can be
  13. Test statistics of this derived linear model are closely approximated by the, test ,statistics of an appropriate normal linear model, according to approximation
  14. Degrees of freedom. Using the F-distribution is a natural candidate because the, test ,statistic is the ratio of two scaled sums of squares each of which follows a
  15. A conclusion. For example," You could do with a new automobile. How about a, test ,drive? " The clause" You could do with" presents a statement with such wide
  16. Led to advertisements for services which read," Invest 500 rupees [for a sex, test ,] now, save 50,000 rupees [for a dowry] later. " In 1991,the male-to-female
  17. Career astronauts, the memorial includes the names of a U. S. Air Force X-15, test , pilot,a U. S. Air Force officer who died while training for a then-classified
  18. Are performed after looking at the data. Post hoc test s such as Tukey's range, test ,most commonly compare every group mean with every other group mean and
  19. Alternative that does not rely on an assumption of normality. And the Friedman, test ,is the nonparametric alternative for a one-way repeated measures ANOVA. The
  20. In order to assess which groups are different from which other groups or to, test ,various other focused hypotheses. Follow-up test s are often distinguished in
  21. Were selected for training in 1959. Early in the space program, military jet, test ,piloting and engineering training were often cited as prerequisites for
  22. Of its robustness against many alternative distributions. The Crustal–Wallis, test ,is a nonparametric alternative that does not rely on an assumption of normality
  23. Calculators with gears. " He went home one evening in 1937 intending to, test ,his idea ... When the tinkering was over, Stibitz had constructed a binary
  24. Availability of test s may precede adequate understanding of how to use, test ,results, given the complexity of autism's genetics. Metabolic and neuroimaging
  25. At 9 steps. The speed of" Elegant" can be improved by moving the B 0?, test ,outside the two subtraction loops. This change calls for the addition of 3
  26. It's absolutely no trouble to walk around ". Apollo 11 was an engineering, test ,of the Apollo system; therefore, Armstrong snapped photos of the LM so
  27. Popular designs use the following types of ANOVA: *One-way ANOVA is used to, test ,for differences among two or more independent groups (means),e.g. different
  28. Springs. Alternatively, although Bell had detected a slight sound on his first, test , the bullet may have been lodged too deeply to be detected by the crude
  29. Letter claiming the same friend spiked a drink. The ATP dropped the failed drug, test ,as a warning. He stated upon admitting to his drug use that the letter was a
  30. 1967,it was thought that the rocket would be used for an unmanned Earth-orbit, test ,flight carrying a boilerplate Command/Service Module. Apollo 6 had suffered
  31. The experiment is carried out. The objective random-assignment is used to, test ,the significance of the null hypothesis, following the ideas of C. S. Pace
  32. Requires many loop-throughs, on average much time is wasted doing a" B = 0? ", test ,that is needed only after the remainder is computed. Can the algorithms be
  33. Be required of all persons above the age of 12,and it was repeatedly used as a, test ,for the disaffected. In England, it was first imposed by statute in the reign of
  34. Telephone, but Bell was the first to write down the idea and the first to, test ,it in a telephone. The patent examiner, Zenas Fisk Wilbur, later stated in a
  35. 1,000 hours flying time as pilot-in-command in jet aircraft. Experience as a, test ,pilot is desirable. * Height must be 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 2 in (1.63 to 1.88 m).
  36. Agassi the Most Improved Player of the Year for 1988. He failed an ATP drug, test , but wrote a letter claiming the same friend spiked a drink. The ATP dropped
  37. All treatments have exactly the same effect) is recommended as a practical, test , because of its robustness against many alternative distributions. The
  38. Euclid's algorithms Do an algorithm do what its author wants it to do? A few, test ,cases usually suffice to confirm core functionality. One source uses 3009 and
  39. Then the assumption of unit treatment additivity is necessarily violated. To, test ,the hypothesis that all treatments have exactly the same effect, the F- test 's
  40. Bite ". Because of the alcohol content, it is possible to fail a breathalyzer, test ,after rinsing although breath alcohol levels return to normal after 10 mins; in
  41. For both America and Russia tended to be jet fighter pilots, and were often, test ,pilots. Once selected, NASA astronauts go through 20 months of training in a
  42. In existence first screened in 1917 – a two-minute clip of a samurai trying to, test ,a new sword on his target, only to suffer defeat. Early pioneers included
  43. The same effect, the F- test 's p-values closely approximate the permutation, test ,'s p-values: The approximation is particularly close when the design is
  44. Is supported by autistic children's atypical responses to the Sally–Anne, test ,for reasoning about others' motivations, and the mirror neuron system theory
  45. The proportion of beta decay to alpha decay in actinium-227. Her first, test ,put the alpha branching at 0.6 %, a figure that she later revised to 1 %.
  46. Software platforms and their algorithmic efficiency is eventually put to the, test ,using real code. Empirical test ing is useful because it may uncover unexpected
  47. Sources of variation. In its simplest form ANOVA provides a statistical, test ,of whether the means of several groups are all equal, and therefore
  48. 1968,he made more than 60 films, plus some 500 short black-and-white" screen, test ," portraits of Factory visitors. One of his most famous films, Sleep,monitors
  49. Via a hose to a hole drilled into the transmission. CBS did not acknowledge the, test ,results of involved government agencies, but did acknowledge the similar
  50. Science, most especially in biology, things he saw himself have stood the, test ,of time better than his retelling of the reports of others, which contain error

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