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  1. Young West Point graduate, railroad executive, and Pennsylvania Democrat, took, several , months to plan and attempt his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted.
  2. The fifteenth through 19th centuries. Other alchemists of Bacon's time-shared, several ,traits. First, and most obviously, nearly all were members of the clergy. This
  3. Provider AT&T, formerly BellSouth, also has a major presence in Alabama with, several ,large offices in Birmingham. The company has over 6,000 employees and more than
  4. New South Federal Savings Bank. Birmingham also serves as the headquarters for, several ,large investment management companies, including Herbert Management Corporation
  5. Other conditions are common in children with autism. And ASD is associated with, several ,genetic disorders. *Mental retardation. The fraction of autistic individuals
  6. For a time as the head of the costume department at RIO Studios. She made, several ,attempts to bring her parents and sisters to the United States, but they were
  7. To promote her philosophy, publishing her own magazines and releasing, several ,collections of essays until her death in 1982. In her philosophy of Objectives
  8. Music Sports Landscapes and monuments UNESCO World Heritage Sites There are, several ,UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria including Al Cal'a of Ben Hammed, the
  9. Tacitus, who wrote many of our only surviving contemporary accounts of, several ,ancient Celtic and Germanic peoples. Herodotus first formulated some of the
  10. Year. In the southern Gulf coast, snowfall is less frequent, sometimes going, several ,years without any snowfall. Demographics The United States Census Bureau, as of
  11. Of Alabama at Birmingham at 73). Sports Professional sports teams Alabama has, several ,minor league professional teams including four minor league baseball teams.
  12. Pathogenesis of one type of autism, Fragile X. Some data suggest an increase in, several ,growth hormones; other data argue for diminished growth factors. Also, some
  13. Prisoners. By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned two farms, several ,town lots, livestock,and horses. He was among the richest men in the county.
  14. Outside North America (if the awards are even televised). The Academy has for, several ,years claimed that the award show has up to a billion viewers internationally
  15. The relationship of neurochemicals to autism is not well understood;, several ,have been investigated, with the most evidence for the role of serotonin and of
  16. States, most strongly Barry Goldwater in 1964,whose candidacy she promoted in, several ,articles for The Objectives Newsletter. In 1964 Nathaniel Branden began an
  17. In epistemology, anthropology as a discipline has lacked cohesion over the last, several ,decades. Overview Anthropology is traditionally divided into four subfields
  18. Far fewer. In older classification systems, amoeboids have been divided into, several ,morphological categories based on the form and structure of the pseudopods.
  19. On a British colonial possession, he was effectively confined to New Guinea for, several ,years. He made use of the time by undertaking far more intensive fieldwork than
  20. Of UT2. At the time,UT2 as published by various observatories differed by, several ,centiseconds. The SI second was defined in terms of the cesium atom in 1967
  21. Elementary education consisted approximately of a year worth of classes from, several ,itinerant teachers; he was mostly self-educated and was an avid reader. He
  22. Into tribes, and again into subtribes. Each region of the Maghreb contained, several ,tribes (for example, Sanhadja, Houaras, Zenata, Masmouda, Kutama, Awarba, and
  23. One another. As such, anthropology has been central in the development of, several ,new (late 20th century) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive science
  24. i. e., one aimed at doing good rather than knowing for its own sake. He wrote, several ,treatises on ethics, including most notably, the Nicomachean Ethics. Aristotle
  25. S inheritance. The Wild Boy of Avalon, a feral child caught in 1798,showed, several ,signs of autism; the medical student Jean IARD treated him with a behavioral
  26. And publishes a book entitled Why Do You Think? He clashes on, several ,occasions with Hank Rear den, and twice attempts to blackmail Rear den into
  27. Regent Cisneros, once the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula was completed, several ,towns and outposts on the Algerian coast were conquered and occupied by the
  28. Novelty detection, language and face processing, and information storage;, several ,studies have found a preference for non-social stimuli. For example
  29. Chromosome and fragile X testing. As new genetic tests are developed, several ,ethical, legal,and social issues will emerge. Commercial availability of tests
  30. And property. " Individualist anarchism refers to, several ,traditions of thought within the anarchist movement that emphasize the
  31. Indicates that the Egyptian derivation may be valid. History Alchemy covers, several ,philosophical traditions spanning some four millennia and three continents.
  32. e. g., botany,zoology, physics,astronomy, chemistry,meteorology, and, several , other sciences. Aristotle's writings on science are largely qualitative, as
  33. Presided over the expansion of the federal government's economic influence in, several ,other areas. The creation of the system of national banks by the National
  34. Although heavily disputed. Conflicting claims to the area were held, first by, several ,Native American tribes (most notably the Chickamauga-Cherokee and Yahoo),by
  35. Science, global studies, and various ethnic studies. Basic trends There are, several ,characteristics that tend to unite anthropological work. One of the central
  36. Lincoln, who became a respected citizen of his rural area. He bought and sold, several ,farms, including the Sinking Spring Farm. The family attended a Separate
  37. Of one's fellowman is the same as hatred of God. Thomas Jay Word has argued in, several ,books that altruism is but one possible form of love. An altruistic action is
  38. Of the Maghreb region throughout the Middle Ages. The Berbers were made up of, several ,tribes. The two main branches were the Both and Barnes tribes, who were
  39. The war he published a brief expose and condemnation of the participation of, several ,American archaeologists in espionage in Mexico under their cover as scientists.
  40. To handle the PPA's decisions. The administrative divisions have changed, several ,times since independence. When introducing new provinces, the numbers of old
  41. While also advocating the repeal of all laws against it. She also endorsed, several ,Republican candidates for President of the United States, most strongly Barry
  42. Been active in sponsoring seminars about Rand and her ideas. Smith has written, several ,academic books and papers on Rand's ideas, including Ayn Rand's Normative
  43. And also many historians of science, have been strongly influenced by, several ,distinct and radically different interpretations. Hundreds of books including
  44. After the hearings, Rand described the process as" futile ". After, several ,delays, the film version of The Fountainhead was released in 1949. Although it
  45. During the Cold War provides detailed accounts of the pursuit and dismissal of, several ,anthropologists from their jobs for communist sympathies. Attempts to accuse
  46. Also came to seem increasingly speculative. Under the influence of, several ,younger scholars, a new approach came to predominate among British
  47. Has become a nation through various forms of public education (e.g., museums of, several ,kinds). In this scheme, Russia occupied a middle position. On the one hand, it
  48. Series of westerns and comedies, Dwan directed fellow Canadian Mary Pickford in, several ,very successful movies as well as her husband, Douglas Fairbanks, notably in
  49. Medal of the CNRS in 2004. He is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and, several ,foreign academies and societies, including the Danish Academy of Sciences
  50. Of Ayn Rand, a 1999 television adaptation of the book of the same name, won, several , awards. Political influence Although she rejected the labels" conservative "

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