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  1. Cooper Union speech of early 1860," Lincoln presented Americans a theory of, history ,that offers a profound contribution to the theory and destiny of republicanism
  2. Languages, only Khmer, Vietnamese,and Mon have a long-established recorded, history , and only Vietnamese and Khmer have official status (in Vietnam and Cambodia
  3. Role in arranging the text into the form we know. One major question in the, history ,of Aristotle's works, then,is how were the exoteric writings all lost, and
  4. Impose more control while reserving privileges for themselves. The pigs rewrite, history , villainizing Snowball and glorifying Napoleon. Squealer justifies every
  5. And the anthropology of industrialized societies. Controversies about its, history ,Anthropologists, like other researchers (especially historians and scientists
  6. Telecast. The Awards show holds the distinction of having won the most Emmys in, history , with 47 wins and 195 nominations. After many years of being held on Mondays at
  7. Increased after Fredericksburg. Lincoln brought in Joseph Hooker, despite his, history ,of loose talk about a military dictatorship. The midterm elections in 1862
  8. Rand acknowledged Aristotle as her greatest influence and remarked that in the, history ,of philosophy she could only recommend" three A's"—Aristotle, Aquinas,and AYN
  9. Kabyle and French, has been strongly influenced by the country's recent, history , Famous novelists of the 20th century include Mohammed Did, Albert Camus, Kateb
  10. Second being Roger Federer and the third being Rafael Nadal) male player in, history ,to have won all four Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces (clay
  11. Tradition. Ayn Rand accredited Aristotle as" the greatest philosopher in, history ," and cited him as a major influence on her thinking. More recently, Alasdair
  12. Has survived in some detail. Aristotle certainly did research on the natural, history ,of Lesbos, and the surrounding seas and neighboring areas. The works that
  13. September 1862. The ensuing Union victory was among the bloodiest in American, history , but it enabled Lincoln to announce that he would issue an Emancipation
  14. And curator ship, philology,etymology, genetics,regional analysis, ethnology, history , philosophy, and religious studies, it is difficult to characterize the entire
  15. To have achieved a singles Career Grand Slam in the Open Era (one of seven in, history ,). He was the first male player to win all four Grand Slams on three different
  16. University, where she studied in the department of social pedagogy, majoring in, history , At the university she was introduced to the writings of Aristotle and Plato
  17. Lucretius and Galen until the Renaissance. " Aristotle's ideas of natural, history ,and medicine survived, but they were generally taken unquestioningly.
  18. Death. *Mayor Mascot is the mayor of Rome, Wisconsin,who reveals part of the, history ,of the Twentieth Century Motor Company. *Bill Brent is the chief dispatcher for
  19. Institutionally, anthropology emerged from the development of natural, history ,(expounded by authors such as Buffoon) that occurred during the European
  20. July 1912. Flying A was one of the first motion pictures studios in California, history , On August 12, 2011,a plaque was unveiled on the Wolff building at Third Ave
  21. Isabel Paterson. Rand questioned the well-informed Paterson about American, history ,and politics long into the night during their numerous meetings and gave
  22. Was called by economist Ludwig on Miles as" the first anarchist in the, history ,of human thought ". Huangdi wrote," A petty thief is put in jail. A great
  23. When Lincoln emerged as one of the most venerated heroes in American, history , with even white Southerners in agreement. The high point came in 1922 with the
  24. Losing to Marcelo Ríos, who became World No. 1 as a result. Agassi entered the, history ,books in 1999 when he came back from two sets to love down to beat Andrei
  25. Used to refer to animals that live both in the water and on land. Evolutionary, history ,The first major groups of amphibians developed in the Devonian Period from fish
  26. Immanuel Kant, whom she referred to as a" monster" and" the most evil man in, history ,", although Objectives philosophers George Walsh and Fred Season have argued
  27. What we say here," the Address became the most quoted speech in American, history , The Gettysburg Address was delivered at the dedication of the Soldiers '
  28. Medalist. A multi-surface specialist, he is the first of two male players in, history ,to have achieved a singles Career Golden Slam, and one of four male players to
  29. Principles, as in many fields of psychology. Anthropology (like some fields of, history ,) does not easily fit into one of these categories, and different branches of
  30. His Gettysburg Address of 1863 became the most quoted speech in American, history , It was an iconic statement of America's dedication to the principles of
  31. Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858,the most famous political debates in American, history , The principals stood in stark contrast both physically and politically.
  32. To end the Russian's hopes to become the youngest World No. 1 in the, history ,of tennis. Agassi then lost to Gustavo Quarter in the final, allowing Quarter
  33. Mastering of the Qi, etc.). Alchemy as a subject of historical research The, history ,of alchemy has become a significant and recognized subject of academic study.
  34. Thus wrote that year in Le Revolt that" a structure based on centuries of, history ,cannot be destroyed with a few kilos of dynamite ". A variety of anarchists
  35. Greece and Classical Rome, specifically Herodotus, often called the" father of, history ," and the Roman historian Tacitus, who wrote many of our only surviving
  36. Through extensive reading, not fieldwork, mainly the Classics (literature and, history ,of Greece and Rome),the work of the early European folklorists, and reports
  37. Anthropology grew increasingly distinct from the biological approach of natural, history , on the one hand, and from purely historical or literary fields such as
  38. Connections between that discipline and other facets of Western cultural, history , such as the evolution of science and philosophy, the sociology and psychology
  39. It is the opposite of egoism. The notion of altruism The concept has a long, history ,in philosophical and ethical thought. The term was originally coined in the
  40. Of the first European colonization wave. The traditions of jurisprudence, history , philology, and sociology then evolved into something more closely resembling
  41. Arithmetic mean is used frequently in fields such as economics, sociology,and, history , though it is used in almost every academic field to some extent. For example
  42. Such as geology, physics,zoology, paleontology,anatomy, music theory, art, history , sociology and so on, belonging to professional societies in those disciplines
  43. BBC upon his retirement as" perhaps the biggest worldwide star in the sport's, history ,", Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam singles champion who competed in fifteen
  44. Players of all time, Agassi has been called the best service returner in the, history ,of the game. Described by the BBC upon his retirement as" perhaps the biggest
  45. Day, and continue to influence both the public and academic perceptions of the, history ,of alchemy. Today, numerous esoteric alchemical groups continue to perpetuate
  46. That" without Ayn Rand, the libertarian movement would not exist. " In his, history ,of the libertarian movement, journalist Brian Doherty described her as" the
  47. In the top three, often #1. A 2004 study found that scholars in the fields of, history ,and politics ranked Lincoln number one, while legal scholars placed him second
  48. Gender and sexuality became popular topics, as did the relationship between, history ,and anthropology, influenced by Marshall Sailing (again),who drew on
  49. And education (taught from primary school),due to Algeria's colonial, history ,and can be regarded as being the de facto co-official language of Algeria. The
  50. Experiments. The humanities generally study local traditions, through their, history , literature, music,and arts, with an emphasis on understanding particular

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