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  1. And extended into parts of the modern-day French state. For more information, please ,see French Flemish.; Romance languages ** Anglo-Norman (extinct, but still
  2. 2010) * Arthur Miller 1962–2005,Christopher Bigamy (February 2011) please ,do not add an info box, per. Early life Diabetes was born in Matt see near
  3. For" on" and" off" or" Open the lights, please " for" Turn on the lights, please ,". This is however, openly acknowledged as incorrect grammar. Maritime Many in
  4. Bernardo is the hero of a Cantor de Vesta (chanson de get) written to, please ,the anarchical spirit of the nobles. What is known is that he maintained
  5. The general welfare of society for two reasons: because individuals know how to, please ,themselves best, and because if everyone were an austere altruist then general
  6. Thoughts enter his mind or influence his deliberation. They simply come as they, please , The agent does have some control after the chance considerations have occurred
  7. Song refrain:" Half an hour, Half an hour, Half an hour to Aberdeen - tickets, please , " Landmarks Virtually between the two former settlements, though actually part
  8. Of pronouns. " For example: ***"Pay close attention to this, I beg you (i.e., please ,pay. ) ". ***"Oh, mother,how handsome grandpa is (I've just realized! ) ".
  9. Brain juice" redirects here. For the R. L. Stine" Goosebumps" book, please ,see Brain Juice. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),Liquor cerebrospinal, is a
  10. In good faith if it is liable to break, considering that they can do as they, please , " High responds that the gods do not deserve blame for the breaking of the
  11. Man’s money, his house or his wife, knock him down and take it; do what you, please , As Berwick and the men ponder Jimmy’s philosophy, Fatty and Moses rush in with
  12. Problem of how to translate the phrase analogously or literally, and it should, please ,the audience as well. Dubbing the same language several times In the case of
  13. Third being maroon. Although this design featured gold strongly, it did not, please ,everyone as the jersey had to differentiate from the maroon and white of
  14. And impoverished artist. Zhukov sky remarked that his friend's paintings ", please ,us by their precision, each of them awakening a memory in our mind. " Friedrich
  15. While they are alert, respond well to food-reward training, and are eager to, please , they are easily bored or distracted. They are ranked 72nd in Stanley Coren's
  16. Not prohibit private property or prevent individuals from working where they, please , The government does not prevent firms from determining what wages they will
  17. Such as" open" and" close" for" on" and" off" or" Open the lights, please ," for" Turn on the lights, please ". This is however, openly acknowledged as
  18. Basenjis have an independent nature like a cat and do not do things simply to, please ,their owners. One theory explains that this is why they would do poorly on a
  19. State Institute, or some great public resort. Those desiring to purchase will, please ,address D. A. UNDERDOG, Wrecker,care of Virginian Office, Norfolk,Va. " It
  20. The fact that the Communist Party is not elected also relieves the pressure to, please ,people, increasing its independence. Governments generally have some degree of
  21. That content-filtering software allows private companies to censor as they, please , (See Religious or political censorship, below ). They further argue that
  22. Will be tired after running. "" Will you be going to the play tomorrow? " But, please ,note that a linking verb has nothing to do with these so-called" Be"- verbs (
  23. If the properties of the system's parts are given. (unsubstantiated citation:, please ,read the discussions page). In Weaver's view, complexity comes in two forms:
  24. True, according to the copy, they are welcome to sell it for a penny, if they, please ,: the pence, indeed,is the end of their works. " The practice of labeling the
  25. And Clarify.: The word Hanna redirects here. For the Austrian general, please ,see Julius Jacob von Hanna. Honor () is a small town in Legacy County
  26. A treatise on the astrolabe. Notes: For the author of the early Gospel synopsis, please ,see: Ammonium of Alexandria Ammonium Sacks (3rd century AD) () was a Greek
  27. ain't over till it's over, what goes around comes, and will the real x, please ,stand up? Morphology American English has always shown a marked tendency to use
  28. It as a" great album ... one they had to make to conquer fresh audiences and, please ,the fans who just can’t get enough ", while Rolling Stone was more critical
  29. Trying to get various businesspersons to ... stop writing things like 'Enclosed, please ,find the enclosed enclosures,' but ... eventually realized that it was
  30. The dummy hand at declarer's instruction (e.g., by saying" jack of hearts, please , partner ", or less frequently by touching or pointing at the card that
  31. Like a man '. In a letter to Gaelic from 1747,Linnaeus replied: It does not, please ,you that I've placed Man among the Anthropomorphic, perhaps because of the term
  32. For the Italian drama. "" In France ", continued the count," you can try to, please ,the public, but here in Italy it is the actors and actresses whom you must
  33. Mobbed all the way, and Presley was called upon to appear at scheduled stops to, please ,his fans. On the night of March 20,he entered RCA's Nashville studio to cut
  34. They have done so that England is the place where people can do more what they, please ,than in any other country in the world ... It is this practice of allowing one
  35. Taking drawing seriously, and without ever trying to attain a style that would, please ,the average comics' publisher. We drew comics for fun! " Carl Barks" Don Rosa
  36. Father, sibling,grandparent, aunt,uncle or children. (For complete listing, please ,go to
  37. Starts an oral argument to any appellate court with the words" May it, please ,the court. " After an appeal is heard, the mandate is a formal notice of a
  38. Of Figaro" ). (For the famous relationship between Mozart and Salary, please ,see below. ) Salary soon produced one of his greatest works with the text by
  39. People have spent so much of their time thinking about whom? Me? Get a life, please , It’s not something any one person should do about another. You’re not serving
  40. Power would have shown Augustus' favor for Agrippa, it was also a measure to, please ,members of his Caesarion party by allowing one of their members to share a
  41. Australia. Other uses of eh – for instance, in place of huh? Or what? Meaning ", please ,repeat or say again" – are also found in parts of the British Isles and
  42. Because of the circumstances of his accession, Claudius took great pains to, please ,the Senate. During regular sessions, the Emperor sat among the Senate body
  43. Which they invented for themselves, We did not prescribe for them but only to, please ,Allah therewith, but that they did not observe it with the right observance. "
  44. And the Australian Black fellow? There must be a line somewhere, and will I, please ,draw it? ... Not only does it seem to me the only conceivable way of
  45. He wrote his son, Diego,saying of Vespucci," It has always been his wish to, please ,me; he is a man of good will; fortune has been unkind to him as to others; his
  46. Macbeth. Shakespeare may have changed this aspect of his character in order to, please ,King James I, who was thought at the time to be a descendant of the real Ban quo
  47. Will enable us to see only by making it impossible to see; it will, please ,only by causing pain. " Sigmund Freud inaugurated esthetical thinking in
  48. Joined, etc.) would, under anarcho-capitalism, enjoy the freedom to do as they, please ,(provided, of course that they set up their operation on their own -or
  49. The king asked him where the MPs had fled. Lent hall famously replied," May it, please ,your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but
  50. Dismal, the more savage, the more hopeless a spot appeared, the more did it, please ,their rigid mood. But they came not merely as ascetics, but as improvers. The

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