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  1. Saturated liquid. After it is sealed, the container is shaken vigorously for at, least ,one minute. It is then allowed to sit on a flat surface for a day or so until
  2. Real knowledge on the running of trains. She notices, however,that he is the, least ,appreciated by his own bosses. *The Wet Nurse (Tony) is a young bureaucrat
  3. Aspects of Inuit culture on film. The 1983 Disney movie Never Cry Wolf was at, least ,partially shot in Alaska. The 1991 film White Fang, starring Ethan Hawks, was
  4. State for carbon (−4) is reached. Reaction with oxygen (if an amount of the, least ,is enough to meet the reaction stoichiometry) leads to combustion without any
  5. Is preserved today in Ethiopia. Both orders have therefore been stable for at, least ,3000 years. The historical order was abandoned in Runic and Arabic, although
  6. The analysis of variance was used informally by researchers in the 1800s using, least ,squares. In physics and psychology, researchers included a term for the
  7. Required, although service in the United States Air Force can exempt this. * At, least ,1,000 hours flying time as pilot-in-command in jet aircraft. Experience as a
  8. Of poetry by Louise Luck Namesakes *The name of Achilles has been used for at, least ,nine Royal Navy warships since 1744. A 60-gun ship of that name served at the
  9. At least three major strands, which appear to be largely independent, at, least , in their earlier stages: Chinese alchemy, centered in China and its zone of
  10. Police opened fire on the crowd and each other. Seven police officers and at, least ,four workers were killed. Eight anarchists directly and indirectly related to
  11. Eligible to vote. By 1903,only 2,980 had qualified to register, although at, least ,74,000 black voters were literate. Nearly all African Americans lost the
  12. Along with Pacific Northwest states Washington and Oregon, as being the, least ,religious in the U. S. According to statistics collected by the Association of
  13. She later revised to 1 %. Before Perey's discovery of francium, there were at, least ,three erroneous and incomplete discoveries. Eka-francium The next element below
  14. X3.4-1968). The X3 committee also addressed how ASCII should be transmitted (, least ,significant bit first),and how it should be recorded on perforated tape. They
  15. Viewers on average with an 18.66 % household rating, the lowest rated and, least ,watched ceremony to date, in spite of celebrating 80 years of the Academy
  16. Black and white images of the first lunar EVA were received and broadcast to at, least ,600 million people on Earth. Although copies of this video in broadcast format
  17. At least one symptom of qualitative impairment in communication, and at, least ,one symptom of restricted and repetitive behavior. Sample symptoms include lack
  18. The standards committee decided against shifting, and so ASCII required at, least ,a seven-bit code. The committee considered an eight-bit code, since eight bits
  19. At least two symptoms of qualitative impairment in social interaction, at, least , one symptom of qualitative impairment in communication, and at least one
  20. Lower tribunal. In most jurisdictions, the court system is divided into at, least ,three levels: the trial court, which initially hears cases and reviews evidence
  21. To an argument that blacks had freed themselves from slavery, or at, least ,were responsible for pressuring the government on emancipation. Despite the
  22. Their mutual influences and" genetic" relationships. One can distinguish at, least ,three major strands, which appear to be largely independent, at least in their
  23. Are powered by flexible microfilaments near the membrane. Microfilaments are at, least ,50 % of the cytoskeleton. The other parts are more stiff and are composed of
  24. Not cause or mechanism. Autism is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as exhibiting at, least ,six symptoms total, including at least two symptoms of qualitative impairment
  25. Cases and reviews evidence and testimony to determine the facts of the case; at, least ,one intermediate appellate court; and a supreme court (or court of last resort
  26. Not just to avoid injustice or for economic stability, but rather to allow at, least ,some citizens the possibility to live a good life, and to perform beautiful
  27. Napoleon on having the hardest-working animals in the country on the, least ,feed. Napoleon announces an alliance with the humans, against the laboring
  28. Seeds. While there has been some research on sustainability using GMO crops, at, least , one prominent multi-year attempt by Monsanto Company has been unsuccessful
  29. Lower than human. " It has also been argued that A Modest Proposal was, at, least , in part, a response to the 1728 essay The Generous Projector or, A Friendly
  30. PARK (Photorefractive keratectomy) and LAST, are now allowed, providing at, least ,1 year has passed since the date of the procedure with no permanent adverse
  31. Led to inconsistency and uncertainty in the numbering of all elements at, least ,from lutetium (element 71) onwards (hafnium was not known at this time). In
  32. Children all over the territory (with relatively few exceptions) had at, least ,some access to the Portuguese language. #In the same late colonial period, the
  33. Ancient times The use of bitumen for waterproofing and as an adhesive dates at, least ,to the third millennium BCE in the early Indus community of Merger where it
  34. Apparent ... that Proudhon Anarchism was to be found in the United States at, least ,as early as 1848 and that it was not conscious of its affinity to the
  35. KJ/MOL lower in energy (more stable) than the eclipsed conformation (the, least ,stable). This difference in energy between the two conformations, known as the
  36. Of resistance traits; some tomato cultivars that have gained resistance to at, least ,19 diseases did so through crossing with wild populations of tomatoes. Costs
  37. Engineering, biological science, physical science or mathematics, as well as at, least ,three years of related professional experience (graduate work or studies) and
  38. Over 29 % of adults obese, except for ten which exceeded 26 %. Residents were, least ,likely of any state in the nation to exercise. Alabama has one of the highest
  39. A decrease due to net migration of 5,469 people out of the state. Alaska is the, least ,densely populated state, and one of the most sparsely populated areas in the
  40. No further learning. In a 2007 poll,92 % of Alabamians reported having at, least ,some confidence in churches in the state. In the 2008 American Religious
  41. In the DSM-IV-TR as exhibiting at least six symptoms total, including at, least ,two symptoms of qualitative impairment in social interaction, at least one
  42. The 1970s. As of 2008 there were an estimated 400,000 DRC migrant workers, at, least ,30,000 Portuguese, and more than 20,000 Chinese living in Angola. Prior to
  43. A disability. The first recorded example of the use of a prosthesis dates to at, least ,1800 BC. and the modern, lightweight,steel, collapsible wheelchair was created
  44. Assault on Charleston. Lincoln became despondent when none of these plans, at, least , initially,succeeded. Hooker was routed by Lee at the Battle of
  45. Chick peas and flax. By 7000 BC, small-scale agriculture reached Egypt. From at, least ,7000 BC the Indian subcontinent saw farming of wheat and barley, as attested by
  46. Fall over. " Subsequent Apollo missions usually planted the American flags at, least ,from the LM to prevent its being blown over by the ascent engine exhaust. After
  47. States Census) live within the Anchorage metropolitan area. Alaska is the, least ,densely populated state of the U. S. Alaska was purchased from the Russian
  48. Typically, however,the one-way ANOVA is used to test for differences among at, least ,three groups, since the two-group case can be covered by a t-test. When there
  49. Each individual brick should be a layer of adobe mortar, recommended to be at, least ,an inch thick to make certain there is ample strength between the brick’s edges
  50. On the board of directors of Haggard Transcontinental. Deign considers him the, least ,bad of the government representatives, since he does have some real knowledge

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