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  1. S caveat. Bell pointed to a variable resistance device in Bell's previous, application ,in which Bell described a cup of mercury, not water. Bell had filed the mercury
  2. System Mac OS X Server; Apple Remote Desktop, a remote systems' management, application ,; NetObjects, Java EE Web application server; and San, a Storage Area Network
  3. About half of the production is consumed in water treatment. The next major, application ,is in the manufacture of paper. It is also used as a mordant, in fire
  4. Benefited from the French government's confiscation of communal land and the, application ,of modern agricultural techniques that increased the amount of arable land.
  5. Serve as fining agents, aiding in the removal of microscopic bubbles. This, application ,is mainly used for TV screens. Niche application s Microelectronics In tiny
  6. Between Relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance. His first, application ,of the analysis of variance was published in 1921. Analysis of variance became
  7. Compositing application Shake, as well as Magic for their music productivity, application ,Logic, which led to the development of their consumer-level GarageBand
  8. Can take many forms and serve many purposes. Although the, application ,of scientific knowledge to derive a new scientific theory involves skill and
  9. S Royal Albert Hall. Tickets for these two shows were available only by mail, application ,and it was later revealed that the box-office received 3.5 million requests for
  10. A particular act),unless clearly erroneous, and so will focus on the court's, application ,of the law to those facts (such as whether the act found by the court to have
  11. This is usually done on the basis that the lower court judge erred in the, application ,of law, but it may also be possible to appeal on the basis of court misconduct
  12. Are both 1° from it, and 179° from 180°,the putative average). In general, application ,such an oversight will lead to the average value artificially moving towards
  13. The wall frieze. In 2010,The Base Factory and Books released Animalia as an, application ,for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. Websites to Animalia (Book): *
  14. Content in the manufacturing of organ pipes. Other application s The second main, application ,is as a catalyst for the production of the polymer polyethyleneterephthalate.
  15. As evidence, thus helping to curb frivolous appeals. In some cases,an, application ,for trial de Nova effectively erases the prior trial as if it had never taken
  16. Methods can be used to create faience, but typically production involved, application ,of the powdered materials in the form of a paste over a clay core, which was
  17. High school students. It is anticipated that remote guided ultrasound will have, application ,on Earth in emergency and rural care situations, where access to a trained
  18. Is 114.7 mW/g for 241Am and 6.31 mW/g for 243Am Another proposed space-related, application ,of americium is a fuel for spaceships with nuclear propulsion. It relies on
  19. A number of fires resulted. This discontinuation thus illustrates one failed, application ,of the otherwise highly useful metal. In 2008,the price of aluminum peaked at
  20. That used a water transmitter. That same morning,Bell's lawyer filed Bell's, application ,with the patent office. There is considerable debate about who arrived first
  21. And plants for human use. Agriculture concerns techniques, including the, application ,of agronomic research. *Agronomy is research and development related to
  22. And therefore was not exempt under the McCarry Act. So, he withdrew his, application , Nevertheless, he remained in the country, and in 1959 he turned down an offer
  23. Were made in most major countries, but when Bell had delayed the German patent, application , the electrical firm of Siemens & False (S&H) managed to set up a rival
  24. Objects, and it thus seems likely that the name itself was expressive of this, application , From the Greek, the word passed into late Latin, and thence into French ("
  25. Metal. Niche compounds Given the scale of aluminum compounds, a small scale, application ,could still involve thousands of tons. One of the many compounds used at this
  26. Logic, which led to the development of their consumer-level GarageBand, application , iPhoto's release the same year completed the life suite. Mac OS X, based on
  27. Caused by cosmic-ray protons. Aluminum isotopes have found practical, application ,in dating marine sediments, manganese nodules, glacial ice, quartz in rock
  28. Desktop, a remote systems' management application ; NetObjects, Java EE Web, application ,server; and San, a Storage Area Network file system. For the professional
  29. In 2002 Apple purchased Nothing Real for their advanced digital compositing, application ,Shake, as well as Magic for their music productivity application Logic, which
  30. Examples to be found at Busy beaver),trial and error, cleverness,insight, application ,of inductive reasoning, etc. Observe that steps 4,5 and 6 are repeated in
  31. Copper above, cyproconazole, and propiconazole. Although discontinued, this, application , is also one of the most concern to the public. The vast majority of
  32. Among two or more independent groups (means),e.g. different levels of urea, application ,in a crop. Typically, however,the one-way ANOVA is used to test for
  33. Of the telephone was raised by the Examiner before he approved Bell's patent, application , He told Bell that his claim for the variable resistance feature was also
  34. Documents and oral agreements is often of paramount importance. Intentional, application ,Philosophers (and other users of logic) spend a lot of time and effort
  35. Before World War II, and surmises that the secret to I lies in timing and the, application ,of the whole body's strength to a single point. Uniforms and ranking Aikido
  36. Graphical user interface (GUI) and windowing systems, ESC generally causes an, application ,to abort its current operation or to exit (terminate) altogether. The
  37. Are revealed in court. *To obtain a declaration on a legal document, such as an, application ,for voter registration, that the information provided by the applicant is
  38. Of algorithms are sometimes patentable. For example, in Diamond v. Die hr,the, application ,of a simple feedback algorithm to aid in the curing of synthetic rubber was
  39. Office In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic telegraph and drew up a patent, application ,for it. Since he had agreed to share U. S. profits with his investors Gardiner
  40. To 75.6 kg for 241Am and 209 kg for 243Am. Scarcity and high price yet hinder, application ,of americium as a nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors. There are proposals of very
  41. Of program correctness by use of mathematical induction: Knuth demonstrates the, application ,of mathematical induction to an" extended" version of Euclid's algorithm
  42. In which Bell described a cup of mercury, not water. Bell had filed the mercury, application ,at the patent office a year earlier on February 25, 1875,long before Elisha
  43. Strike or an immobilizing grab) are needed to study correct and effective, application ,of technique. * a control using one hand on the elbow and one hand near the
  44. Polyethyleneterephthalate. It is an additive in some glasses. In the latter, application , antimony oxides serve as fining agents, aiding in the removal of microscopic
  45. Realizing they had glimpsed a basic principle which would one day find its, application ,in the tape recorder, the hard disc and floppy disc drive and other magnetic
  46. Research, all branches of anthropology have widespread practical, application ,in diverse fields. This is known as applied anthropology. Thus military
  47. After the Second World War, Huxley applied for United States citizenship. His, application ,was continuously deferred on the grounds that he would not say he would take up
  48. Were also used to provide passive diagnosis of thyroid function. This medical, application ,is however obsolete. Health issues As a highly radioactive element, americium
  49. Alpha particles which kill cancer cells in the body. The major difficulty with, application ,of 225Ac was that intravenous injection of simple actinium complexes resulted
  50. The fathers of chemistry. Paracelsus iatrochemistry emphasized the medicinal, application ,of alchemy (continued in plant alchemy, or satyric). Studies of alchemy also

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