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  1. Movements; and Islamic integrates. Both groups protested against one-party, rule ,but also clashed with each other in universities and on the streets during the
  2. To the plague in 1620–21,and again in 1654–57, 1665,1691,and 1740–42. French, rule ,On the pretext of a slight to their consul, the French invaded and captured
  3. Capital city of Alexandria. The city showcased the power and prestige of Greek, rule , and became a seat of learning and culture, centered at the famous Library of
  4. Which ended with the kingship of Nectanebo II. A brief restoration of Persian, rule , sometimes known as the Thirty-First Dynasty, began in 343 BC, but shortly
  5. Sixth satrapy of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. This first period of Persian, rule ,over Egypt, also known as the Twenty-Seventh dynasty, ended in 402 BC, and from
  6. Spanish enclaves The Spanish expansionist policy in North Africa began with the, rule ,of the Catholic monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon and
  7. Knowledge. Phrygia rule was succeeded first by Lydian and later by Persian, rule , though the strongly Phrygia character of the peasantry remained, as evidenced
  8. Western alchemist. They wrote in Greek and lived in Egypt under Roman, rule , Mythology – It is claimed by Cosmos of Panoplies that alchemy dated back to
  9. Countries to boycott Angola's" conflict diamonds ". Iron Under Portuguese, rule , Angola began mining iron in 1957,producing 1.2 million tons in 1967 and 6.2
  10. Psi) \to (\psi \to \phi). Each of these patterns is an axiom schema,a, rule ,for generating an infinite number of axioms. For example, if A, B,and C are
  11. More freely than they could do in medieval Christian Europe. Under Islamic, rule , there was a Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain that lasted until at least
  12. The boiling point rises 20 - 30 °C for each carbon added to the chain; this, rule ,applies to other homologous series. The melting points of branched-chain
  13. Montgomery, Shelby,and Tuscaloosa) in the state have little to no home, rule , Instead, most counties in the state must lobby the Local Legislation Committee
  14. From 1928 to 1930 and again in 1934–1936,the maximum weight permitted was,a, rule ,diametrically opposed to current racing regulations. Extensive use of aluminum
  15. Of Missouri to the Union that led to the Missouri Compromise of 1820. A gag, rule ,prevented discussion in Congress of petitions for ending slavery from 1835 to 1844
  16. Our enemies are about to take possession of the Government, that they intend to, rule ,us according to the caprices of their fanatical theories, and according to the
  17. Military as well as logistical significance lasted well into the long Byzantine, rule , Although Ankara temporarily fell into the hands of several Arab Muslim armies
  18. Signing of the Japan–Korea Annexation Treaty, beginning a period of Japanese, rule ,of Korea that lasted until the end of World War II. *1914 – World War I: in
  19. And forced many of the locals to revert to an agrarian rural society. Mongol, rule ,continued with the Khanate in the northwest while the Chili dynasty
  20. Independence, these tendencies continued, and were even strengthened, under the, rule ,of the MPA which has its main social roots exactly in those social segments
  21. Were ingrained in ancient Egyptian civilization from its inception; Pharaonic, rule ,was based on the divine right of kings. The Egyptian pantheon was populated by
  22. Who defeated Data and burned the holy book of the Zoroastrians, Avesta. The, rule ,of Iranians on Iran was considered to be revived many years later by Hardship
  23. A linear relationship with the size (molecular weight) of the molecule. As a, rule ,of thumb, the boiling point rises 20 - 30 °C for each carbon added to the chain
  24. S output. Most of the oil along its coast was discovered under Portuguese, rule ,by the Cabinet Gulf Oil Company (CABG OC) from 1968 onwards. Ever since
  25. Is declared leader of Filing Eternal, a secret organization to overthrow Ottoman, rule ,over Greece. *1831 – Soldiers marching on the Brought on Suspension Bridge in
  26. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),and sometimes genetic testing are useful to, rule ,out other disorders that may mimic MND. However, the diagnosis of MND remains a
  27. NK) began in 1988 when Armenian demonstrations against Azerbaijani, rule ,broke out in both Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Supreme
  28. Is in particular the case if the number of bins is finite, or if a selection, rule ,is available: a distinguishing property that happens to hold for exactly one
  29. NK) began in 1988 when Armenian demonstrations against Azerbaijani, rule ,broke out in both Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Supreme
  30. Of the priesthood which shaped the destinies of the nation under Persian, rule , a different ideal of the priest was formed, as is learned from Malachi 2:4–7;
  31. By a party-opponent are admissible through an exception to the hearsay, rule , Some types of motions will not be accepted by the court unless accompanied by
  32. Proximity of European and Arab civilizations and 700 years of Muslim/Moorish, rule ,in some parts of the Iberian Peninsula (see Landaus). Arabic has also
  33. However, in deference to the observed chemical properties, he violated his own, rule ,and placed tellurium (atomic weight 127.6) ahead of iodine (atomic weight
  34. 43,61,and all elements numbered 83 or higher have no stable isotopes. As a, rule , there is, for each element, only a handful of stable isotopes, the average
  35. From both camps in autumn 1988 forced Bendjedid to concede the end of one-party, rule , Political events (1991–2002) The first round of elections were held in 1991.
  36. To legally incorporate as cities did not come about until 1900,and home, rule ,for cities was extremely limited or unavailable until statehood took effect. U.
  37. Environmental risk factors cannot be rule d out. The available evidence does not, rule ,out the possibility that autism's true prevalence has increased; The risk is
  38. Previously Roman Catholic city of Amsterdam joined the revolt against Spanish, rule , late in comparison to other major northern Dutch cities. In line with
  39. Guarantees and for bills of rights was a reaction against arbitrary, rule ,and the nonobservance of old customs by kings. Opportunity cost The opportunity
  40. Of democracy. He denounced secession as anarchy, and explained that majority, rule ,had to be balanced by constitutional restraints in the American system. He said
  41. Shifted to a pro-U. S. stance based on substantial economic ties, under the, rule ,of President Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe's ties with the West soured in the late
  42. Far older, which accords with present archaeological knowledge. Phrygia, rule ,was succeeded first by Lydian and later by Persian rule , though the strongly
  43. To 1648,where they allied with local peoples, consolidating their colonial, rule ,against the remaining Portuguese resistance. In 1648,a fleet under the command
  44. Exercised. For them,Bakunin's predictions about the consequences of Marxist, rule ,that the rule rs of the new" socialist" Marxist state would become a new elite
  45. Such behavior may simply have been a practical attempt at strengthening his, rule ,and keeping his empire together. And Stature II, a Persian princess and
  46. As" containing all things necessary to salvation," and as being the, rule ,and ultimate standard of faith.: (b) The Apostles' Creed, as the Baptismal
  47. Of Liberia in a coup d'état, ending over 130 years of minority Americo-Liberian, rule ,over the country. * 1980 – Terry Fox begins his" Marathon of Hope" at St.
  48. And 19th century, when large swaths of Arab-inhabited lands were under Ottoman, rule , Arabic and Islam Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur'an. Arabic is
  49. An athlete from that event, as in the case of Jim Thorpe. In the Olympics, this, rule , remains in place for boxing. Many amateurs make valuable contributions in the
  50. In the repressive constitution of 1976. Comedienne died in 1978,but the, rule ,of his successor, Chadli Bendjedid, was little more open. The state took on a

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