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  1. Opting for Spinoza's god over belief in a personal god. Albert Einstein, once ,pointed out that Buddhism was the tradition that he felt fulfilled the criteria
  2. To be de facto standards for the world, causing confusion and incompatibility, once ,other countries did begin to make their own assignments to these code points.
  3. Once per year. On the Arctic Circle those events occur, in principle, exactly, once , per year, at the June and December solstices, respectively. In fact, because of
  4. Of Pentagon, challenged Achilles by the river Salamander. He cast two spears at, once , one grazed Achilles' elbow," drawing a spurt of blood ". Also, in the
  5. When his son lost a point, screamed at officials and was ejected more than, once , In a passage from the book Open, Agassi details how his father made him play a
  6. Of the abacus with very useful modifications, it became widely used in Europe, once ,again during the 11th century Writing in the 1st century BC, Horace refers to
  7. The entire proceeds of the sale (which amounted to $900 million (US) ) at, once , and was later championed by Governor Jay Hammond and Kenji state
  8. Archives, and he excelled at the first school that he attended. His father, once ,showed him a pocket compass; Einstein realized that there must be something
  9. S son Antioch. When Demon, king of Ethiopia slew Antioch, Achilles, once , more obtained revenge on the battlefield, killing Demon. The fight between
  10. Of increased profits and a reduction of soil erosion. Across the province,the, once ,common grain elevator is slowly being lost as rail lines are decreasing;
  11. Only and was eventually destroyed during the civil war of the 1990s. It is, once ,again improving, which is due to the vaccination of children, training of
  12. Marched eastward into Mesopotamia (now northern Iraq) and defeated Darius, once ,more at the Battle of Gaugamela. Once again, Darius was forced to leave the
  13. House, and may cause cracking in the wall. The footing is dug and compressed, once ,again. Footing depth depends on the region and its ground frost level. The
  14. Black soldiers on the banks of the Mississippi would end the rebellion at, once ,". By the end of 1863,at Lincoln's direction, General Lorenzo Thomas had
  15. 20 regiments of blacks from the Mississippi Valley. Frederick Douglass, once ,observed of Lincoln:" In his company, I was never reminded of my humble origin
  16. Portion of the seed coat. * Most monocots are unable to thicken their stems, once ,they have formed, since they lack the cylindrical meristem present in other
  17. Arctic Circle, the sun is above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least, once ,per year and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year.
  18. The festivities through 1970,after which NBC resumed the broadcasts. ABC, once ,again took over broadcast duties in 1976; it is under contract to do so through
  19. Disambiguate a used word. For example," Biweekly" can mean" fortnightly" (, once ,every two weeks – 26 times a year),OR" twice a week" ( 104 times a year).
  20. Short his campaign and headed south with his army, but,while the other cities, once ,again hesitated, Thebes decided to resist with the utmost vigor. However, the
  21. Wherein an attack is met with confidence and directness. Morita Yeshiva, once ,remarked that one" must be willing to receive 99 % of an opponent's attack
  22. Usually contain a preservative such as sodium benzoate to preserve freshness, once ,the container has been opened. Many newer brands are alcohol-free and contain
  23. Away from it. This marked the first time humans could view the whole Earth at, once , Lunar trajectory Jim Lovell's main job as Command Module Pilot was as
  24. Guard. Lincoln directed his inaugural address to the South, proclaiming, once , again that he had no intention, or inclination, to abolish slavery in the
  25. Nilo-Saharan substratum. In other words, the Angola people would appear to have, once ,spoken a Nilo-Saharan language but then shifted to speaking a Cushitic language
  26. Payments. He explains this is not altruism; his motivation is to ensure that, once ,those espousing Galt's philosophy are restored to their rightful place in
  27. R. Derringer),was published in November 2009. In it Agassi admitted that his, once ,distinctive bushy mane actually was a wig, and that he used and tested positive
  28. Also known as" barbecue" roll. PTC involved the spacecraft rotating about, once ,per hour along its long axis to ensure even heat distribution across the
  29. But," nostalgia is not a fatal disease. " The American visitor ", once ,again is an alert spectator of Parisian life" and" the street noises and
  30. At. To the east of Aruba are Bonfire and Curaçao, two island territories which, once ,formed the southwest part of the Netherlands Antilles; this group of islands is
  31. Disorders such as depression. Clinical genetics evaluations are often done, once ,ASD is diagnosed, particularly when other symptoms already suggest a genetic
  32. Thrusters to" correct" the module's attitude. 16 months later, Lovell would, once ,again have to perform a similar manual re-alignment, under more critical
  33. While he was triumphantly campaigning north, the The bans and Athenians rebelled, once ,more. Alexander immediately cut short his campaign and headed south with his
  34. Years, but the British garrison stubbornly resisted and was resupplied twice:, once ,after Admiral Rodney's victory over Juan de Lángara in the 1780" Moonlight
  35. Evidence for this. Upon Alexander's death, anti-Macedonian sentiment in Athens, once ,again flared. Jurymen the heartfelt denounced Aristotle for not holding the
  36. The faulty Circular T or by errata in a subsequent Circular T. Aside from this, once ,published in Circular T the TAI scale is not revised. In hindsight, it is
  37. Commission has erected a historical marker near the entrance of what was, once ,his plantation. An adjacent marker was erected by the San Jacinto Chapter of
  38. Wholly without worldliness... There was always with him a wonderful purity at, once ,childlike and profoundly stubborn. " Scientific career Throughout his life
  39. The solution necessarily requires looking at every number in the list, but only, once ,at each. From this follows a simple algorithm, which can be stated in a
  40. Own ways to define quality, yet they all seem to agree in at least one point:, once ,their aesthetic choices are accepted, the value of the work of art is
  41. Per year. Angoras are shorn twice a year, unlike sheep, which are shorn only, once , Angoras have high nutritional requirements due to their rapid hair growth. A
  42. Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon and their regent Cisneros, once ,the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula was completed, several towns and
  43. Later becomes a police officer, exacting his revenge on Alex for the abuse he, once ,suffered under his command. *P. R. Deltoid: A criminal rehabilitation social
  44. These decisions have the power to settle more minor legal disputes, once ,and for all. If a party is dissatisfied with the finding of such a tribunal
  45. 1908,is Alberta's oldest and largest university. The University of Calgary, once ,affiliated with the University of Alberta, gained its autonomy in 1966 and is
  46. Berber kingdoms began to emerge, most notably Namibia. In 200 BCE, they were, once ,again taken over, this time by the Roman Republic. When the Western Roman
  47. Features in particular are unlikely to have evolved independently more than, once ,or twice, and together suggest the existence of the Kline: *Loss of the dual (
  48. At least once per year and below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least, once ,per year. On the Arctic Circle those events occur, in principle, exactly once
  49. A Cartesian product of a family of sets, where a same set can occur more than, once ,as a factor; however, one can focus on elements of such a product that select
  50. Happened to be present. Then Apollo struck the strings of his lyre. Tools at, once ,awarded the victory to Apollo, and all but Midas agreed with the judgment. He

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