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  1. Only to Federer, Sampras and Naval to date. He also earned more than US$25,a million , a year through endorsements, during his career and fourth in all sports at the
  2. Which data is available,2.4 million total arrivals to Alaska were counted,1.7,a million , by air travel; 1.4 million were visitors). Regular flights to most villages
  3. Also known as Hamito-Semitic, The phylum is spoken by 200 to 300,a million , people primarily spread throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of
  4. As Union armies advanced south, more slaves were liberated until over three, million , of them in Confederate territory were freed. Lincoln's comment on the signing
  5. Of agriculture in the UK determined total external costs for 1996 of £2,343,a million , or £208 per hectare. A 2005 analysis of these costs in the USA concluded that
  6. The state, including from Canada, England,Germany and Japan. In 2006,22.3,a million , tourists spent $8.3 billion providing an estimated 162,000 jobs in the state.
  7. Of Niger, Libya and Mali; Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, with 18,a million , native speakers; Somali, spoken by around 12 million in Greater Somalia; and
  8. The Mediterranean Sea. Its size is almost with an estimated population of 36.3,a million , as of 2011. Algeria is a member of the African Union, the Arab League, OPEC and
  9. Network is not connected to Outside. In 2000,the U. S. Congress authorized $6,a million , to study the feasibility of a rail link between Alaska, Canada,and the lower
  10. Would spend the entire proceeds of the sale (which amounted to $900,a million , ( US) ) at once, and was later championed by Governor Jay Hammond and Kenji
  11. The Rings: The Return of the King (pre-telecast box office earnings of US$368,a million , ) received 11 Awards including Best Picture drew 43.56 million viewers. The
  12. Language is Arabic, including all its colloquial varieties, with 230,a million , native speakers, spoken mostly in the Middle East and North Africa. Other
  13. Was able to release a revised version in 1959 that has since sold over three, million , copies. Without Rand's knowledge or permission, the novel was made into a pair
  14. a million total arrivals to Alaska were counted,1.7 million by air travel; 1.4,a million , were visitors). Regular flights to most villages and towns within the state
  15. But several areas in Canada have larger tides. ) Alaska has more than three, million , lakes. Marshlands and wetland permafrost cover (mostly in northern, western
  16. Of 22.91 %. In 2008,the 80th Academy Awards telecast was watched by 31.76,a million , viewers on average with an 18.66 % household rating, the lowest rated and least
  17. According to Robert Davis, from the 16th to 19th century, pirates captured 1,a million , to 1.25 million Europeans as slaves. These slaves were captured mainly from
  18. With a pre-Oscar gross of US$53.4 million ) generated an audience of 38.64,a million , with a household rating of 22.91 %. In 2008,the 80th Academy Awards telecast
  19. Tiny, well-to-do economy, accounts for roughly 80 % of GDP. An estimated 10.2,a million , tourists visit annually, Andorra is not a member of the European Union, but
  20. Mainly because of its tourism industry, which services an estimated 10.2,a million , visitors annually, and also because of its status as a tax haven. It is not a
  21. Box-office hits are favored to win the Best Picture trophy. More than 57.25,a million , viewers tuned to the telecast for the 70th Academy Awards in 1998,the year of
  22. Purchase (also known as Seward's Folly) with the Russians in 1867 for $7.2,a million , Alaska was loosely governed by the military initially, and was administered as
  23. Crop production is not feasible because of climate or soil, representing 30-40,a million , pastoralists. Landless systems rely upon feed from outside the farm
  24. Regional Argentina ... it grew quickly to a membership of nearly a quarter of a, million , which dwarfed the rival social democratic unions. " By the 1880s,the slogan "
  25. For example, in 2003 Alabama had an annual budget deficit as high as $670,a million , Local and county government Alabama has 67 counties. Each county has its own
  26. In Springfield. Visits to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington peaked at 4.3,a million , in 1987 and have since declined. However, crowds at Ford's Theatre in
  27. Which includes a regional headquarters, a operations center campus and a $400,a million , dollar data center. Nearly a dozen smaller banks are also headquartered in the
  28. Robert Davis, from the 16th to 19th century, pirates captured 1 million to 1.25,a million , Europeans as slaves. These slaves were captured mainly from seaside villages in
  29. Academy Awards in 1998,the year of Titanic, which generated close to US$600,a million , at the North American box office pre-Oscars. The 76th Academy Awards ceremony
  30. Low-budgeted, independent film Crash (with a pre-Oscar gross of US$53.4,a million , ) generated an audience of 38.64 million with a household rating of 22.91 %. In
  31. Trade unions founded in 1922,with delegates representing two, million , workers from 15 countries in Europe and Latin America. In Latin America in
  32. The size of its inland waterways. The state ranks 23rd in population with 4.7,a million , residents in 2009. From the American Civil War until World War II, Alabama
  33. The CNT was the major force in Spanish working class politics, attracting 1.58,a million , members at one point and playing a major role in the Spanish Civil War. The CNT
  34. Elsewhere throughout the world. The 2007 ceremony was watched by more than 40,a million , Americans. Other awards ceremonies (such as the Emmys, Golden Globes, and
  35. A memorable retirement speech. Earnings Agassi earned more than US$ 30,a million , in prize-money during his career, fourth only to Federer, Sampras and Naval to
  36. And started Republicans on the road to political dominance in the state. One, million , voters cast ballots in the 1986 Democratic primary. The then-incumbent
  37. In tourism (in 2000–2001,the latest year for which data is available,2.4,a million , total arrivals to Alaska were counted,1.7 million by air travel; 1.4 million
  38. Resulted in a landslide vote for complete independence from France. Over one, million , people,ten percent of the population, then fled the country for France in just
  39. Founder of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which has raised over $60,a million , for at-risk children in Southern Nevada. In 2001,the Foundation opened the
  40. Of US$368 million ) received 11 Awards including Best Picture drew 43.56,a million , viewers. The most watched ceremony based on Nielsen ratings to date, however
  41. Inhabit the Sahara desert are mainly concentrated in oases, although some 1.5,a million , remain nomadic or partly nomadic. More than 25 percent of Algerians are under
  42. Have publicly stated that the country has an immediate shortfall of 1.5,a million , housing units. Women make up 70 percent of the country's lawyers and 60
  43. Alabama's greatest natural disaster ". A -wide meteorite hit the area about 80,a million , years ago. In 2002,Christian Robert with the Institute of Geochemistry
  44. Tribune writer produced a pamphlet that detailed Lincoln's life, and sold one, million , copies. Presidency 1860 election and secession On November 6,1860,Lincoln was
  45. Of Ethiopia, with 18 million native speakers; Somali, spoken by around 12,a million , in Greater Somalia; and Hausa, which serves as a lingua franca in large parts
  46. After the Bible. Rand's books continue to be widely sold and read, with 25,a million , copies sold as of 2007 and another 800,000 sold in 2008. (This includes
  47. U. S. Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867,for $7.2,a million , ( $ in today's dollars) at about two cents per acre ($4.74/km²). The land
  48. And Hausa, which serves as a lingua franca in large parts of the Sahel, with 25,a million , speakers. Bonny Sands (2009) believes the most convincing proposal is by Save
  49. Civilization possible. The total world population probably never exceeded 15,a million , inhabitants before the invention of agriculture. Ancient origins The Fertile
  50. Her to get a revised version published in 1946,which has sold more than 3.5,a million , copies. The Fountainhead and political activism During the 1940s,Rand became

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