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  1. Under Union control in two states . Once the abolition of slavery in the rebel, states ,became a military objective, as Union armies advanced south, more slaves were
  2. The Copperheads. Lincoln was re-elected in a landslide, carrying all but three, states , and receiving 78 percent of the Union soldiers' vote. On March 4,1865
  3. The Union: Lincoln had over and over again made clear that he wanted the, states ,to emancipate the slaves (which they officially did in 1865 by ratifying the
  4. By the Constitution, which before 1865,committed the issue to individual, states , He argued before and during his election that the eventual extinction of
  5. For the freedmen. Lincoln stated that his Louisiana plan did not apply to all, states ,under Reconstruction. Shortly before his assassination Lincoln announced he had
  6. U. S. territory. At the beginning of the war, he also sought to persuade the, states ,to accept compensated emancipation in return for their prohibition of slavery (
  7. President in 1860. Following declarations of secession by southern slave, states , war began in April 1861,and he concentrated on both the military and
  8. The Constitution, which had passed in Congress and protected slavery in those, states ,where it already existed. A few weeks before the war, he went so far as to pen
  9. 20,000 western recruits stationed in the Trans-Mississippi West territories and, states ,to fight American Indians. President Lincoln had planned to reform federal
  10. From the American Civil War until World War II, Alabama,like many Southern, states , suffered economic hardship, in part because of continued dependence on
  11. In the southern United States but had been generally outlawed in the northern, states , such as Illinois. Lincoln disapproved of slavery, and the spread of slavery to
  12. Education system has improved, it lags behind in achievement compared to other, states , According to U. S. Census data,Alabama's high school graduation rate – 75 %
  13. Redefining the republic and republicanism The successful reunification of the, states ,had even grammatical consequences for the very name of the country. The term "
  14. Control, with exemptions specified for areas already under Union control in two, states , Once the abolition of slavery in the rebel states became a military objective
  15. To two other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassandra. In his Politics, Aristotle, states , that only one thing could justify monarchy, and that was if the virtue of the
  16. An average of about 36 % nationwide. Alabama is also one of the few remaining, states ,that levies a tax on food and medicine. Alabama's income tax on poor working
  17. This. St Thomas Aquinas in the Summat Theological, I: II Question 26,Article 4, states , that we should love ourselves more than our neighbor. His interpretation of
  18. Fire the first shot; they did just that. " On April 15,Lincoln called on the, states ,to send detachments totaling 75,000 troops to recapture forts, protect
  19. Vespasian Johnson as the vice-presidential candidate. Delegates from 11 slave, states ,walked out of the Democratic convention, disagreeing with Douglas's position
  20. Which, in his view, still existed intact despite the actions of the seceding, states , This call forced the states to choose sides. Virginia declared its secession
  21. Sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America. The upper South and border, states ,(Delaware, Maryland,Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee,Kentucky, Missouri
  22. Valley creating numerous creeks, streams,rivers, mountains,and lakes. The, states ,bordering Alabama are Tennessee to the north; Georgia to the east; Florida to
  23. Measure, on January 1,1863,all persons held as a slave in the Confederate, states ,will thenceforward, and forever, be free. " Privately, Lincoln concluded at
  24. Was never a national holiday, but it was at one time observed by as many as 30, states , The Abraham Lincoln Association was formed in 1908 to commemorate the
  25. His cabinet revealed Lincoln planned short term military control over southern, states , until readmission under the control of southern Unionists. Redefining the
  26. Prosperity. And the Voting Rights Act of 1965. DE sure segregation ended in the, states ,as Jim Crow laws were invalidated or repealed. Under the Voting Rights Act of
  27. Associates anticipated questions of how to reintegrate the conquered southern, states , and how to determine the fates of Confederate leaders and freed slaves.
  28. And West, no ballots were cast for him in ten of the fifteen Southern slave, states , and he won only two of 996 counties in all the Southern states . Lincoln
  29. To analyze societies that were not as 'differentiated' as European nation, states , Two works by Mass in particular proved to have enduring relevance: Essay on
  30. Run in Los Angeles until mid-2009,thus qualifying for the 2010 awards. Rule 2, states , that a film must be feature-length, defined as a minimum of 40 minutes, except
  31. Mistreated Union prisoners, and would sign an oath of allegiance. As Southern, states ,were subdued, critical decisions had to be made as to their leadership while
  32. Believed it was not within Congress's power to free the slaves within the, states , he approved the bill in deference to the legislature. He felt such action
  33. American tribes (most notably the Chickamauga-Cherokee and Yahoo),by other, states ,(e.g. South Carolina); and by the US federal government; Britain and Spain.
  34. 588,789 votes. Turnout was 82.2 percent, with Lincoln winning the free Northern, states , as well as California and Oregon. Douglas won Missouri, and split New Jersey
  35. Had to contend with reinforcing strong Union sympathies in the border slave, states ,and keeping the war from becoming an international conflict. The war effort was
  36. And a receptiveness to certain kinds of cultural relativism. In the successor, states ,of continental Europe, on the other hand, anthropologists often joined with
  37. Bridge in Foley. In March 2011,Alabama ranked among the top five" Worst ", states ,on the American State Litter Scorecard, for overall poor effectiveness and
  38. The grounds that it was not within their power, and it would upset the border, states ,loyal to the Union. On June 19, 1862,Congress passed an act banning slavery on
  39. Definitions of" cause" as either the agent or agency or particular events or, states ,of affairs. More simply again that which immediately sets the thing in motion.
  40. To cooperate. Under his leadership, the Union took control of the border slave, states ,at the start of the war and tried repeatedly to capture the Confederate capital
  41. S morality and that Douglas represented a conspiracy to extend slavery to free, states , Douglas said that Lincoln was defying the authority of the U. S. Supreme Court
  42. That he had no intention, or inclination, to abolish slavery in the Southern, states ,: The President ended his address with an appeal to the people of the South: "
  43. 1862,and put into effect on January 1,1863,declared free the slaves in ten, states ,not then under Union control, with exemptions specified for areas already under
  44. The Republicans did maintain their majorities in Congress and in the major, states , except New York. The Cincinnati Gazette contended that the voters were "
  45. And Phenix City),as well as sixty learning sites in seventeen other, states ,and eleven other countries. The oldest institutions are the public University
  46. Southern slave states , and he won only two of 996 counties in all the Southern, states , Lincoln received 1,866,452 votes, Douglas 1,376,957 votes, Breckinridge
  47. Hypothesizes that autistic behavior arises from an inability to ascribe mental, states ,to oneself and others. The theory of mind hypothesis is supported by autistic
  48. That child care problems will greatly affect parental employment. US, states ,increasingly require private health insurance to cover autism services
  49. Mississippi, Alabama,Georgia, Louisiana,and Texas followed. Six of these, states ,then adopted a constitution and declared themselves to be a sovereign nation
  50. Existed intact despite the actions of the seceding states . This call forced the, states ,to choose sides. Virginia declared its secession and was rewarded with the

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