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  1. In 1062,when papal legates arrived in England to hold a council and make, sure ,that Alfred relinquished Worcester. This happened at Easter in 1062. Alfred
  2. Duke, therefore,called off the attack against Offs and Autre-Eglise. To make, sure ,that Orkney obeyed his order to withdraw, Marlborough sent his
  3. Further reduced to, especially after palatals, so that cure, pure,mature and, sure ,rhyme with fir. * Dropping of is more extensive than in RP. In most North
  4. Rather than a Roman from elsewhere in the empire, though it is impossible to be, sure , The second question is the meaning of the word Anita: as Gilda's could have
  5. Sequential analysis) to assist in breaking naval Enigma," though I was not, sure ,that it would work in practice, and was not in fact sure until some days had
  6. Littranwale the HOL" which indicates whenever it's played,it's for, sure ,to shake the ground as he is; Mr. Ground shaker. Other important percussionists
  7. Expressed her ideas about the existence of Bigfoot. First stating" I'm, sure ,they exist ", she later went on to say, chuckling," Well,I'm a romantic, so
  8. This to a misunderstanding: because of the Academy's arcane rules, no one was, sure ,whether Ran qualified as a Japanese film, a French film (due to its financing
  9. Got a little nervous and brought us home a day early, I think, just to make, sure ,we could have some ample time to fix any problems. " There were no problems
  10. Three-Chapter Controversy ". In Lombard territory, churchmen were at least, sure ,to avoid imperial religious persecution. In the view of Pierre Rich, the
  11. More convenient to use than CRLF. Thus, brainfuck implementations should make, sure ,that Brainfuck programs that assume newline=10 will run properly; many do so
  12. He told them that he heard shots fired in the middle of the night and was, sure ,these were clandestine executions, but the others maintained that it was only
  13. As the user stories pass their acceptance criteria, the business owners can be, sure ,of the fact that the developers are progressing in the right direction about
  14. If the dealer's first card is an ace or ten, the hole card is checked to make, sure ,there is no blackjack before surrender is offered. This rule protocol is
  15. Ferries himself as well. The highest level is that of the shepherd, who makes, sure ,that all his sheep arrive safely ahead of him and places their welfare above
  16. The people of Panther (and Taker) remain realistic however:" We are very, sure ,that if they the Taliban come back they will not leave one man in Panther
  17. Substance was iodine monochloride (ICL),but after failing to do so he was, sure ,that he had found a new element and named it Murine, derived from the Latin
  18. Any other identified user group must be involved in the design process to make, sure ,that the design is accessible and usable. In the example above, a voice message
  19. On the Coast to Coast AM paranormal radio show and announced that he was" 98 %, sure ,that his group will be able to capture a Bigfoot which they have been tracking
  20. Not by those who fought, but by those who delayed fighting until they were, sure ,of being on the winning side. " Historians such as Adams and Horror believe
  21. At the car, but missed. It injured some people nearby and Franz Ferdinand made, sure ,they were given medical attention before the convoy could carry on. Gavrilo
  22. Jimmy Carter received 5 %. 26 % of respondents chose" none ", and 5 % were not, sure , Public image As the first baby boomer president, Clinton was the first
  23. Under Paolis's nephew, but the nephew had secret orders from Pauli to make, sure ,the expedition failed. The leader was now a conservative, had opposed the
  24. Camps be built near the Euronews' villages. Each centurion was ordered to make, sure ,the food supplies were delivered to the Roman soldiers. This created resentment
  25. The staple billboards, large corporations like NIKE and Champion fought to make, sure ,that their logos were seen on the clothing and shoes worn by athletes on the
  26. At their local baseball park. Major League Baseball, as it always did, made, sure , that it controlled rights and fees charged for the broadcasts of all games
  27. Of Kafka and all of them drew with some skill. Their aunt tried to make, sure ,the girls knew how to run a household, but their minds were more inclined to
  28. As a man of about 45. Goldstein's book comments:" We may be reasonably, sure ,that he will never die, and there is already considerable uncertainty as to
  29. And New England during his western exile. He" praised 'the sensible and, sure ,process of grassroots democracy, in which the local population solves most of
  30. 2000's 'Oops! ... I Did It Again. ' Spears is no technical singer,that's for, sure , But backed by Martin and Dr. Luke's wall of pound, her vocals melt into a mix
  31. The perfect environment to connect with gamers in an unexpected way, and we made, sure ,to push the platform to its limits with the new Audi Space. " Audi TDI As part
  32. To the" Hills" and bought up the Silver Dollar City" bank" just to make, sure ,he had a controlling interest in the Competes' money. One running gag was
  33. Where h is Planck's constant. He does not say much more, because he is not, sure ,how the particles are related to the wave. But he does suggest that this idea
  34. As Al-Sayib (" the Lady" ), was entrusted with his education. She made, sure ,that ABD ar-Rahman's education was conducted with some rigorousness. Accession
  35. Go along with the exercise: Lastly, the third thing mentioned is sleep; to make, sure ,that you do not sleep during the days, and do not stay awake during the nights.
  36. Though I was not sure that it would work in practice, and was not in fact, sure ,until some days had actually broken ". In July 1942,Turing devised a technique
  37. From OK and cool to nerd and 24/7),while others have not (have a nice day, sure ,); many are now distinctly old-fashioned (swell, groovy ). Some English words
  38. Who were ill beyond hope and gave back youth to fading old age. " One thing is, sure ,though, Indian alchemy like every other Indian science is focused on finding
  39. 1,000 flights to inspect wire bundles over three days in April 2008 to make, sure ,they complied with government safety regulations. This caused significant
  40. Be to cross the sea to landaus, where ABD Brahman could not have been, sure ,whether he would be welcomed. Following the Berber Revolt of the 740s
  41. Argument, his tenacity where his own views or claims were in debate, with a, sure ,underlying insight into the real situation. In the agreement, the relations
  42. On the team, organizes the team's offense by controlling the ball and making, sure ,that it gets to the right player at the right time # shooting guard: creates a
  43. Or the Virgin Mary, but since it is turned away from the viewer, we are not, sure ,what it truly is. At the bottom of the tree, a tiny figure of a seated man
  44. Off danger, an incantation to the angels of heaven to descend .... I was not, sure ,the magic worked outside the church walls ... in the open air of Mississippi.
  45. Excuse for pursuing a line of questioning.:" To this day Harold is not quite, sure ,what made him suddenly pour out the whole story to a little man to whom he had
  46. Humans, some species are dangerous. Arachnophobia will spare no effort to make, sure ,that their whereabouts are spider-free, hence they would have had a reduced
  47. 206 -j ACCEPT # Multiport variant of the neatly ports above. # I'm not quite, sure ,why 427 is missing. -A USAF -m multiport -s -p TCP --sports
  48. Backwards as I'm backing up in the dark, looking with a flashlight, making, sure ,I'm not stepping on somebody ". Debris from the Pentagon were taken to the
  49. Abdulaziz al-Omari was visiting the country, although they say they are not, sure ,that this was the same person. In the autumn of 2001,after September 11,all
  50. All are responsible. " *"Remember that there is a meaning beyond absurdity. Be, sure ,that every little deed counts, that every word has power. Never forget that you

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