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  1. Terminates and in such manner that from the outcome we can read a definite, answer ," yes" or" no," to the question," is the predicate value true? "" (
  2. The despairing citizens might accomplish, he laughed and gave his celebrated, answer ,:" The thicker the hay, the easier mowed! " After much bargaining, the
  3. 1977,officially discontinuing it. As Wozniak was the only person who could, answer ,most customer support questions about the computer, the company offered Apple I
  4. Are involved: that of a symbol space in which the work leading from problem to, answer ,is to be carried out, and a fixed unalterable set of directions. His symbol
  5. Acceptable an American may answer ," I don't care" while a British person may, answer ," I don't mind ". Either sounds odd to the other. In BRE the phrase I can't
  6. Faster mental calculation. Using visual imagery of a Saroyan can arrive at the, answer ,in the same time (or faster) as obtainable with a physical instrument. Korean
  7. An arbitrary degree of accuracy, while specifying the limits within which the, answer ,lay. This technique is known as the method of exhaustion, and he employed it to
  8. Infinity, and vectors. Music * Musical analysis – a process attempting to, answer ,the question" How does this music work? " Philosophy * Philosophical analysis
  9. we're clear for landing - proceed ... or delay 3.0; -- timeout - if no, answer ,in 3 seconds, do something else Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" in
  10. It occurred to me to ask, why do some die and some live? And the, answer ,was clearly, on the whole the best fitted live ... and considering the amount
  11. With perpendicular rays and 'weak' lights with oblique ones. The obvious, answer ,to the problem of multiple rays and the eye was in the choice of the
  12. A finite number of boxes i.e., INPUT being marked with a stroke. Likewise, the, answer ,i. e., OUTPUT is to be given in symbolic form by such a configuration of marked
  13. Or objection, or a correct solution of a problem. In the common law,an, answer ,is the first pleading by a defendant, usually filed and served upon the
  14. The payment of tribute to shah Ismail I from Persia. He was sent back with the, answer ,that the only tribute would be in cannon-balls and guns, thus beginning the
  15. Evidence to support this practice, and it may in fact delay healing. To try to, answer ,this question more definitely, a randomized double-blind study was started in
  16. Godfrey Evans. 1954 to 1971 In 1954–55,Australia's batsmen had no, answer ,to the pace of Frank Tyson and Stat ham. After winning the First Test by an
  17. As having made a mechanical automaton in the form of a brass head that would, answer ,questions put to it. Such a feat was also attributed to Roger Bacon. In The
  18. Capital punishment. " Those who would like to abolish it should be given the, answer ,: 'First remove murder from the world, and then capital punishment ought to
  19. To anyone who is having trouble with alcohol I say: try A. A. first; it's the, answer ,for most people ". Even so Cain thought that AA had become the domain of
  20. A retaliation, or a response that is relevant to the said question. In law,an, answer ,was originally a solemn assertion in opposition to someone or something, and
  21. Of Kan. Then U = V (I (U) ) if and only if U is a Zariski-closed set. The, answer ,to the second question is given by Hilbert's Nullstellensatz. In one of its
  22. This version of the problem was first solved by A. Author in 1880,and the, answer ,is a very large number, approximately 7.760271. *The Sand Reckoned: In this
  23. What is the nature of all our reasoning concerning matter of fact? The proper, answer ,seems to be, that they are founded on the relation of cause and effect. When
  24. Through concepts and that (2) reason seeks the unconditioned or ultimate, answer ,to" why? "). Schopenhauer said that Kant's mistake regarding perception
  25. In Britain and throughout the continent (the generic form becoming Angles in, answer ,). The country remained Anglia in Latin. Meanwhile, there are several
  26. No human intervention beyond inserting the question and (later) reading the, answer , All three definitions are equivalent, so it doesn't matter which one is used.
  27. Must file an answer to the complaint or risk an adverse default judgment. The, answer ,establishes which allegations (cause of action in civil matters) set forth by
  28. Each step of which is precisely determined and which is certain to produce the, answer ,in a finite number of steps. With this special meaning, three different precise
  29. Immaculata" ( Serene virgin, pious,clean and spotless),and the diagrammatic, answer ,to Pilate's question," Quid est merits? " (What is truth? ), namely," Est
  30. S statement about the benefits of" an invisible hand" is certainly meant to, answer ,Mandeville's contention that" Private Vices … may be turned into Public
  31. Gradually became authoritative. In music an ", answer ," (also known as countersubject) is the technical name in counterpoint for
  32. To ask are: * Given a set S of polynomials, when is S = I (V (S) )? The, answer ,to the first question is provided by introducing the Paris topology, a
  33. About what to do. One of the things the court has to do is figure out how to, answer ,new questions, and that is what happened in this case. " Name" Barksdale
  34. Raised whether his work is autobiographical. There is no clear, answer ,to this question. There has only been one biography, written by Paul Allen, and
  35. Assemble forces quickly enough to intercept mobile Viking raiders, the obvious, answer ,was to have a standing field force. If this entailed transforming the West
  36. Large classes of such algorithms: ## Monte Carlo algorithms return a correct, answer ,with high-probability. E.g. RP is the subclass of these that run in polynomial
  37. Through the offering of a libation. In the latter interpretation, the queen's, answer ,reveals her determination not to let the wound opened by the killing of her
  38. Some U. S. jurisdictions the mandate is known as the remitting. Generally,an, answer ,is a reply to a question or is a solution, a retaliation, or a response that is
  39. Or demurrer; if such a motion is unsuccessful, the defendant must file an, answer ,to the complaint or risk an adverse default judgment. The answer establishes
  40. Was that" we cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, and he should, answer ,us, we should despise him for it. Therefore, we must take a man whose opinions
  41. Even though they must live with the certainty that they cannot win? Camus's, answer ,is clearly the latter, embodied in the characters of Room, Rambert, and Narrow
  42. These curious researches? He is immediately at a loss, and knows not what to, answer ,... a Tyrrhenian cannot expect, that his philosophy will have any constant
  43. That run in polynomial time) ## Las Vegas algorithms always return the correct, answer , but their running time is only probabilistically bound,e.g. ZPP. # In
  44. Constitutes all things. While each pre-Socratic philosopher gave a different, answer ,as to the identity of this element (water for Thales and air for Ximenes)
  45. The principle he proposed is that if it is possible to determine what the, answer ,to a position or momentum measurement would be, without in any way disturbing
  46. Of Whom Wants to be a Millionaire? Contest" Amitabh Bachchan" was the correct, answer ,to the question" Who was the star of Reindeer? Fer oz Abbas Khan performed as
  47. Made in a previous stage. It is not exhaustive, and does not give an accurate, answer ,to many problems. But when it works, it will be the fastest method. The most
  48. Tea or coffee? ", if either alternative is equally acceptable an American may, answer ," I don't care" while a British person may answer ," I don't mind ". Either
  49. The October Revolution. At the end of chapter 15,he writes that Jews must, answer ,for the" revolutionary cutthroats" in their ranks just as Russian Gentiles
  50. Stance. Reynolds said the designers don't promote a single" right ", answer , instead giving each value choice positive and negative consequences. This

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