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  1. Book, in an ode composed in Altaic stanzas on the subject of an almost fatal, accident ,he had on his farm, he imagines meeting Antaeus and Sappho in Hades:: :Guam
  2. European rally races ended in 1903 when Marcel Renault was involved in a fatal, accident ,near Angulate in the Paris-Madrid race. Nine fatalities caused the French
  3. Reason supposes that it came originally from a foreign mythology, and that the, accident ,of its numerical value in Greek merely caused it to be singled out at
  4. Sphere of influence, which Apollo 13 had already done at the time of the, accident , *There was no practical way to get electrical power for the guidance computer
  5. In the patient and has resulted in the death of one person via this type of, accident , Blue argon lasers are used in surgery to weld arteries, destroy tumors, and to
  6. Went to President Lyndon Johnson and asked that NASA be allowed to handle the, accident ,investigation and direct the recovery from the accident . He promised to be
  7. Of any Nobel literature laureate to date, having died in an automobile, accident ,just over two years after receiving the award. Although often cited as a
  8. Schwartz had started their training for AS-278 in CM-101 when the Apollo 1, accident , occurred. Mission insignia Grissom's crew received approval in June 1966 to
  9. Allowed to handle the accident investigation and direct the recovery from the, accident , He promised to be truthful in assessing blame and pledged to assign it to
  10. Became the first Israeli to fly in space, although he died during a re-entry, accident , Age milestones The youngest person to fly in space is German Tito, who was
  11. Massachusetts. They attended St. Monica's Catholic Church. Son in serious, accident ,Schwarzenegger's 13-year-old son Christopher Schwarzenegger was seriously
  12. Was not the only pressure vessel that failed during this mission. Prior to the, accident , the crew had moved their scheduled entry into the Lunar Module forward by
  13. Simulation but had not been considered a likely scenario. Without the LM,the, accident ,would certainly have been fatal. Crew survival and return journey The damage to
  14. A movie—was never to be fulfilled. Death and posthumous works Following his, accident ,in 1995,Kurosawa's health began to deteriorate. While his mind remained sharp
  15. This as the instant of the actor's injury and the ensuing publicity of the, accident , Politics: 1984–87 In 1984,Bachchan took a break from acting and briefly
  16. 1915 – US Navy salvage divers raise F-4,the first U. S. submarine sunk in, accident , *1916 – The United States passes the Philippine Autonomy Act. *1918 – Baumé
  17. Been in intensive care after suffering a collapsed lung and broken bones in the, accident , Infidelity and divorce On May 9,2011,Shiver and Schwarzenegger separated
  18. Of the city. Theories abound whether this was the result of a drunken, accident , or a deliberate act of revenge for the burning of the Acropolis of Athens
  19. In Paris. The interior components were removed during the investigation of the, accident ,and reassembled into BP-1102A,the water egress training module; and were
  20. Also taken up the sport, notably Wayne Rainy, who was paralyzed in a racing, accident ,and now races a hand-controlled kart. As one of the cheapest ways to go racing
  21. As chairman of an Apollo 13 Review Board to investigate the cause of the, accident , A second memorandum to Copyright from Paine and Low on April 21 established
  22. Like Reg Park and Steve Reeves. " In 1971,his brother Mansard died in a car, accident , Barbara Baker, his first serious girlfriend, has said he informed her of his
  23. Hugh (born 1763) and Robert (born 1764). Jackson's father died in an, accident ,in February 1767,at the age of 29,three weeks before his son Andrew was born
  24. In a shooting spree in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. *1986 – A nuclear reactor, accident ,occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine)
  25. First people to use animation with his technique. He discovered a technique by, accident ,which was to stop the camera rolling to change something in the scene, and then
  26. Vega car, Michel Hallmark, his publisher and close friend, also died in the, accident , In August 2011,the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera reported a theory that
  27. Son Christopher Schwarzenegger was seriously injured in a boogie-boarding, accident ,in Malibu, on July 17, 2011. In a joint statement, Schwarzenegger and estranged
  28. Was proved right as Pace and several porters were subsequently killed in an, accident , Returning from this expedition, he met up with Rose and Lilith in Kolkata
  29. The Tenth Doctor, Rose,and Mickey Smith visited the alternate Earth by, accident ,in" Rise of the Cybersex" and" The Age of Steel ". The second season finale
  30. The live transmission of the first Apollo moonwalk. Although the dramatic, accident ,of Apollo mission 13 was a well-known event, many people from around the world
  31. Work in 1995,Kurosawa slipped and broke the base of his spine. Following the, accident , he would use a wheelchair for the rest of his life, putting an end to any
  32. Skill-set and preferences. When Warhol was 13,his father died in an, accident , Commercial art (1949–61) Warhol showed early artistic talent and studied
  33. Of the tank impossible. The tank contained several components relevant to the, accident ,: * a fan to stir the tank contents for more accurate quantity measurements; The
  34. Trip 19 crashes near Gloversville, Virginia. The CAB investigation of the, accident ,is the first investigation to be conducted under the Bureau of Air Commerce act
  35. In Basque),Spain is bombed by German Luftwaffe. *1942 – Bench Colliery, accident ,in Manchu leaves 1549 Chinese miners dead. *1944 – Georgios Papandreou
  36. Conflict will later be known as the First Opium War. *1858 – The Round Oak rail, accident ,occurs in Briefly Hill in the Black Country, England. It is 'Arguably the
  37. Merchant vessel M/S Finn clipper in the Danish straits. *1968 – Nerve gas, accident ,at Skull Valley, Utah. *1970 – Soviet submarine K-8,carrying four nuclear
  38. The director, Manmohan Desi, altered the ending of Coolie after Bachchan's, accident , Bachchan's character was originally intended to have been killed off but
  39. Wiring of the Command Module; while the determination of responsibility for the, accident ,was complex, the review board concluded that" deficiencies existed in Command
  40. Him for four years until 2002,when it was discovered that he had died in an, accident ,in 1989. In a ceremony in Philadelphia on April 27, 2002,Walter Day of Twin
  41. 1,200 Germans were killed in action and 6,354 died from illness or, accident , About 16,000 of the remaining German troops returned home, but roughly 5,500
  42. Of the Apollo 13 Review Board to Thomas Paine on 15 June 1970. Review board, accident ,analysis The oxygen tank failure was caused by an unlikely chain of events, as
  43. Shortly after her pregnancy was confirmed, Isaakiy was killed in a hunting, accident , Aleksandr was then raised by his widowed mother and aunt in lowly
  44. Film was released in 1983,and partly due to the huge publicity of Bachchan's, accident , the film was a box office success. The director, Manmohan Desi, altered the
  45. A 1967 launch of AS-205/208 would have been impossible even absent the Apollo 1, accident , as problems with the LM delayed its first unmanned test flight until January
  46. Used to start a race),these are generally accepted. Accidents For the worst, accident ,in racing history see 1955 Le Mans disaster. (See also Deaths in motorsports)
  47. Dedicating it to his older brother Jack, who had been killed in a mill, accident ,when they were boys in Dress, Arkansas. Cash and his family sang it to
  48. 75,not as a result of exposure, but of a heart disease which he had before the, accident , Astatine (or) is a radioactive chemical element with the symbol At and
  49. Record. In 1986,Audi formally left international rally racing following an, accident ,in Portugal involving driver Joaquim Santos in his Ford RS200. Santos swerved
  50. What had been installed in the spacecraft or what was in it at the time of the, accident , The review board identified five major factors which combined to cause the

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