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  1. High levels of MSG to enhance the flavor. The symptoms of a so-called Chinese, restaurant ,syndrome or" Chinese food syndrome" have been attributed to a glutamate
  2. Line. *1952 – The maiden flight of the B-52 Stratofortress *1955 – McDonald's, restaurant ,dates its founding to the opening of a franchised restaurant by Ray Kroc, in
  3. Tax may cause the price to differ slightly). Beer may only be purchased from a, restaurant , bar, licensed beer store, or distributor. Six and twelve packs, along with
  4. Hospital, Zagreb,Croatia (former Yugoslavia) *1934: Torso theater, restaurant ,interior, Zürich,Switzerland *1936–1938: Maelstrom Sunil Pulp Mill, Housing
  5. Then seemingly started to lead the trend itself, in,for example, the popular, restaurant ,Chen Panics in Berkeley. Examples of the Chen Panics phenomenon, chefs who
  6. Several chefs, including ATL Kochab and Rick Stein, cooked meals in a pop-up, restaurant ,in London to help raise funds for the organization's efforts in Haiti. Love
  7. Of the village enjoying the traditional story-ending feast at a McDonald's, restaurant , * Version 4.0 of the operating system OpenBSD features a parody of an Asterix
  8. It, but not at all. Two nights after it opened, I ran into Noel Coward in a, restaurant , and he walked over, and he said," Dear boy, it is hanged, not hung. " I said
  9. As it does in the rest of Belgium. Train is available in almost every bar or, restaurant , Economy Serving as the center of administration for Europe, Brussels ' economy
  10. Of the band as well. Aside from music, Lifeson is part owner of the Toronto, restaurant ,The Orbit Room, and is a licensed aircraft pilot. Along with his bandmates
  11. Downtown area and around the University of Michigan campus. Aside from a large, restaurant ,scene in the Main Street, South State Street, and South University Avenue areas
  12. Example, the total sales tax rate in Mobile is 10 % and there is an additional, restaurant ,tax of 1 %, which means that a diner in Mobile would pay an 11 % tax on a meal.
  13. In Southern dining. In the last decade, Atlanta has emerged as a sophisticated, restaurant ,town. Many of the restaurant s that have opened within the city's gentrifying
  14. Of foodstuffs and manufactured goods: vehicles and automobile parts; hotel, restaurant , and medical supplies; and computers and electronics. Bahamian tastes in
  15. Colloquial for" honey" or" darling" in German. In 1998,he sold his, restaurant , Planet Hollywood investment Schwarzenegger was a founding celebrity investor
  16. Popular. A relatively new profession is that of the beer homelier, who informs, restaurant ,patrons about beers and food pairings. Beer is considered to be a social
  17. Or Get Together were common, where users of the board would gather at a local, restaurant , the SysOps home or similar venue and meet face to face. As the use of the
  18. And a cabin is located. A flag on the tower signals whether the cabin’s, restaurant ,is open. Natural monuments The Baden-Württemberg State Institute for
  19. Instructional tapes. Restaurant In 1992,Schwarzenegger and his wife opened a, restaurant ,in Santa Monica called Schatz On Main. Schatz literally means" little
  20. Neighbors the city's old Michigan Central Depot, which was renovated as a, restaurant ,in 1969. Sister cities Ann Arbor has seven sister cities: The Act of Settlement
  21. Of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This campaign came to an end after the Mykonos, restaurant ,assassinations, because a German court publicly implicated senior members of
  22. Which commands a magnificent view over the whole city and also has a revolving, restaurant ,at the top where the complete panorama can be enjoyed in a more leisurely
  23. T-Mobile and Deutsche Post have their head office in Bonn. There is a local, restaurant ,and brewpub, Brauhaus Bosch, which produces Kölsch style beers. International
  24. Is The Varsity, a long-lived fast food chain and the world's the largest drive-in, restaurant , Mary Mac's Tea Room, where every morning workers shuck bushels of corn, wash
  25. Restaurants Areas and Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn) as well as the only, restaurant ,in Germany that has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 1966. At
  26. Hanks, who portrayed Lovell in the movie Apollo 13,and now is on the wall of a, restaurant ,in Chicago owned by Lovell's son. Successful experiments Despite its failure
  27. Many highly ranked Belgian restaurant s can be found in the most influential, restaurant ,guides, such as the Michelin Guide. Belgium is famous for beer, chocolate
  28. That included William S. Burroughs. Gain lost the business in 1958,and the, restaurant ,closed permanently. That same year, Gysin returned to live in Paris, taking
  29. Career attempts to fail spectacularly, as when he decided to open a" topless ", restaurant ,(" The Happy Gizzard" ), where the waiters and waitresses were hatless. The
  30. As a run-stopping defensive lineman in a news conference at Duke Zeibert's, restaurant , Andre the Giant never signed, though. In wrestling **IRA World Tag Team
  31. Fresh dairy products and meat rolls/kebabs made on charcoal, at a traditional, restaurant ,(Merkel Lokantası, Central Restaurant),cafés and other establishments
  32. Those of the different ethnic groups within the nation. Notable American, restaurant ,chefs include Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Grant Schatz, Alfred Portable
  33. Tower after extensive renovations has been re-opened. It features a revolving, restaurant ,with panoramic views from the top. * The Two Level Bridge in Mariyah (ISR
  34. Engaged in 2000 after a reporter took a photo of them together in a Florida, restaurant ,where Sure supposedly asked Kournikova to marry him. As the story made
  35. Chefs like Jeremiah Tower and Wolfgang Puck, both former colleagues at the, restaurant , Puck went on to describe his belief in contemporary, new style American
  36. Golf Club was built in 1860 and is located just south of town near the Rob Roy, restaurant , Aberfoyle is also part of the Lock Lomond and The Transacts National Park.
  37. A line or queue; for example, standing on a sidewalk waiting for a table at a, restaurant , Elsewhere in AME, one waits" in line ". Throughout AME, going " online" (
  38. Centers and malls. The most central one being Forum Aveiro with clothes stores, restaurant ,zone, a bookshop and a cinema. Tourism There are several attractions in the
  39. Venue. * The Vanity Fair after-party, historically held at the former Morton's, restaurant , is now for the 2nd year at the Sunset Towers. Actress (Catalan: Actresses)
  40. McDonald's restaurant dates its founding to the opening of a franchised, restaurant ,by Ray Kroc, in Des Plaines, Illinois *1957 – White Rock, British Columbia
  41. Absent from traditional Chinese food. Ming Tsai, the owner of the Blue Ginger, restaurant ,in Wellesley, Massachusetts,said that American Chinese restaurant s typically
  42. Chew up the hat; he got away with it. In the second scene, the players go to a, restaurant , where Babe sees a side of beef cooking and jokes," Well,I'll have one of
  43. Has been exported around the world, both through the global expansion of, restaurant ,chains such as T. G. I. Friday's and McDonald's and the efforts of individual
  44. 1926. It is the only observation tower which stands on insulators, and has a, restaurant ,and an observation deck above ground, which is reachable by a windowed elevator
  45. Roads commemorating White and Chaffee are still in existence, however a local, restaurant ,purchased the entire length of Frisson Drive, and renamed it against the
  46. California Cuisine and the overall American culinary revolution. Meanwhile,the, restaurant ,that inspired both Puck and Tower became a distinguished establishment
  47. And restaurant s have opened their doors, including the casual fine dining, restaurant ,Diamond Grill, located in the renovated Schnack's Building; Finnegan's Wake
  48. Purposes, such as the tower of Navy Most bridge in Bratislava, which features a, restaurant , Other suspension bridge towers carry transmission antennas. A bridge can carry
  49. Well after the restaurant s' founding in 1971,this new cookbook from the, restaurant ,seemed to perfect the idea and philosophy that had developed over the years.
  50. Always made it a point to send me champagne whenever he happened to see me in a, restaurant ,..." ( from Frank Sinatra, My Father by Nancy Sinatra,1985). On the other

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