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  1. This is a lesson that Lambert learns. At first, he insists that he does not, belong ,in Oran, and his only thought is returning to the woman he loves in Paris. He
  2. Fought over the division of his legacy, specifically which vassal kings would, belong ,to which brother. As a consequence they were divided, defeated and scattered
  3. A taxon is not in healthy condition without their endosymbiosis. Zooxanthellae, belong ,almost entirely to the genus Symbiodinium. The loss of Symbiodinium from the
  4. Some fertile valleys and plains. Of the main islands in the Aegean Sea, two, belong , to Turkey – Bozcaada (Tends) and Godhead (Bros); the rest belong to
  5. Population, there are 51 individuals (or about 0.33 % of the population) who, belong ,to the Christian Catholic i.e. Old Catholic faith. Government Legislative In
  6. Several gigantic specimens have been attributed to Allosaurus, but may in fact, belong ,to other genera. The closely related genus Saurophaganax (BMNH 1708) reached
  7. Of the family Homicide () and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong ,to the order Hymenoptera. Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the
  8. Genetic analysis indicates that male Ones and Caracas almost exclusively, belong ,to Haplotype D, which is also found in Tibet and Japan, but is rare on the
  9. The historic role of both the battle cavalry, light cavalry and dragoons, and, belong , to the armored branch. History Ships The first ships protected by iron armor
  10. Including the smelts and galaxies *** Super order Stenopterygii (may, belong ,in Protacanthopterygii) **** Order Stomiiformes, including the bristle mouths
  11. The bristle mouths and marine hatchet fishes *** Super order Cyclosquamata (may, belong ,in Protacanthopterygii) **** Order Aulopiformes, including the Bombay duck and
  12. Terminus, were going to prove the permanent seat of business and wealth that, belong ,to such enterprises. But It's glory, after enduring in great splendor for a
  13. Compounds) without any cycles (or loops; i.e., cyclic structure). Alkanes, belong ,to a homologous series of organic compounds in which the members differ by a
  14. In Magdeburg Cathedral in Germany. It was confirmed in 2010 that these remains, belong ,to her — one of the earliest members of the English royal family. Ancestry
  15. Electric),mandolin, banjo,or zither. Like the harp these instruments do not, belong ,to the violin family and are not homogenous with the string choir. In modern
  16. Of the soil. Termites, though sometimes called white ants, are not ants and, belong ,to the order Opera. Termites are actually more closely related to
  17. Astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element among those that do not, belong ,to the transuranium elements series, with the total amount in Earth's crust
  18. From the governor's job in July 2009. Alaska's United States Senators, belong ,to Class 2 and Class 3. In 2008,Democrat Mark Begins, mayor of Anchorage
  19. Two belong to Turkey – Bozcaada (Tends) and Godhead (Bros); the rest, belong ,to Greece. Between the two countries, there are political disputes over several
  20. দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, of India while a small number at the north of the archipelago, belong ,to Burma. History The name" Andaman" first appears in the work of Arab
  21. The Dina rides (see Alpine geology). Geographically, the Jury Mountains do not, belong ,to the Alps; geologically, however,they do This was one of the most celebrated
  22. To a given block have this common feature: their highest-energy electrons all, belong ,to the same \ell-state (but the n associated with that \ell-state depends upon
  23. Formally adopted the Christian faith in 301 A. D. Over 90 % of Armenians, belong ,to the Armenian Apostolic Church, a form of Oriental (Non-Chalcedonianism)
  24. Prize has been awarded to, for example, Dario FO and José Santiago, who do not, belong ,to the camp of literary idealism. There was room for interpretation by the
  25. Crete, Kasos, Karpathos and Rhodes. The Aegean Islands, which almost all, belong ,to Greece, can be divided into seven groups: #Northeastern Aegean Islands
  26. England will not wage war for" any dominions or territories which do not, belong ,to the Crown of England, without the consent of Parliament. " This was
  27. Has not changed since he went off to war; however, he finds that he does" not, belong ,here anymore, it is a foreign world. " He feels disconnected from most of the
  28. West, or towards the basin of the Atlantic Ocean. To the main African rivers, belong ,: Nile (the longest river of Africa),Congo (river with the highest water
  29. Insularity of these tribes. The only other group that is known to predominantly, belong ,to haplogroup D are the Ainu aboriginal people of Japan. Male Great Andaman
  30. Not settled. In his view, there were three possibilities: (1) Korean did not, belong ,with the other three genealogically, but had been influenced by an Altaic
  31. By their singular collocation of vowels and consonants give evidence that they, belong ,to some mystic dialect, or take their origin from some supposed divine
  32. Sold as Amaryllis and described as 'ready to bloom for the holidays' actually, belong ,to the allied genus Hippeastrum, despite being labeled as 'Amaryllis' by
  33. Two out of a sample of sixteen (or 12.5 %) Ainu men have been found to, belong ,to Haplogroup C3,which is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup among the
  34. Constitute the 's-block '. The outermost electrons of Li and Be respectively, belong ,to the 2s subshell, and those of Na and Mg to the 3s subshell. The following is
  35. And determined that since the Milky Way had no parallax, then it does not, belong ,to the atmosphere. In 1858,Muhammad Walk in Muhammad JA'far, in his
  36. Among those mysterious expressions discussed by Adolf von Barack,“ which, belong ,to no known speech, and by their singular collocation of vowels and consonants
  37. From straight to wavy. Genetic testing of the Ainu people has shown them to, belong ,mainly to Y-haplogroup D2. Y-DNA haplogroup D2 is found frequently throughout
  38. Minorities. Nearly one-fourth of the populations of Calgary and Edmonton, belong ,to a visible minority group. Aboriginal Identity Peoples make up 5.8 % of the
  39. 22 indigenous languages, known locally as" native languages ". These languages, belong ,to two major language families: Eskimo–Aleut and Nadine. As the homeland of
  40. 1970s it has been organized into formal factions, to which some party members, belong ,and often pay an additional membership fee. The two largest factions are Labor
  41. The Milky Way had no parallax, it was very remote from the earth and did not, belong ,to the atmosphere. " He wrote that if the Milky Way was located around the
  42. Of a vowel sound with one or more consonant sounds. Origins All known beads, belong ,to the Semitic family of scripts. These scripts are thought to derive from the
  43. He is a better hunter than Artemis: Further materials, including fragments that, belong ,with the Hesiodic Catalog of Women and at least four Attic tragedies
  44. Churches are Anglo-Catholic with highly ceremonial liturgical practices. Others, belong ,to a more Evangelical or low church tradition and tend to support the
  45. The only Gnostic term found in the accompanying legends which is not known to, belong ,to other religions or mythologies. The present state of the evidence therefore
  46. Brazil and Cuba through bilateral agreements; in general, these students, belong ,to the Angolan elites. Culture Portugal has been present in Angola for 400
  47. S elicitation of a German identity politics to which they technically do not, belong , This cultural binary illustrates that rap has taken different routes in
  48. The Rhymer: 'I'm not the Queen of Heaven, Thomas,That name does not, belong ,to me; I am but the Queen of fair Defame Come out to hunt in my
  49. Health care practitioners and some traditional/lay acupuncturists that, belong ,to voluntary professional associations. Closely related practices *Medical
  50. Families in his honor. About 30 % to 35 % of the bodies in the asteroid belt, belong ,to dynamical families each thought to have a common origin in a past collision

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